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Old 06-08-2009, 12:20 PM
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Lightbulb Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

I am an author who has explained the true origins of the Atlantis story in my book “Atlantis, the Origins of a Legend”. Despite the credibility of my new theory however none of the mainstream publishers will take it on and the press I have contacted regarding my new theory never reply. Instead we are treated to the endless piffle regarding sunken ruins being discovered off the coast of whatever. This has left me thinking this must be some kind of orchestrated cover up but I cannot work out exactly why this should be.

My theory goes that Plato’s account of the story is unreliable and that Diodorus’ account of the ‘Atlantians’ in Africa is far closer to the original. The word ‘Atlantis’ is most certainly derived from ‘Atlas’ and in Greek mythology Mount Atlas is situated in Africa. Diodorus goes on to tell us that it was actually a lake containing an inhabited island that disappeared during an earthquake and that the island was inhabited by Amazons and not their closest rivals the Atlantians, living at the base of Mount Atlas. Diodorus also tells us that it was the Amazons who defeated the Atlantians and then went on to challenge the might of the Greeks. This accords well with Greek mythology where the Amazons were said to have fought with the Greeks in Asia Minor and not the inhabitants of Atlantis as Plato claimed.

I managed to self-publish my book at some cost and despite much advertising very few copies have ever sold. Its available at Amazon Books (no pun intended!) if you want to read more or see my website at Atlantis, the Origin of a Legend.

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