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Old 04-17-2005, 03:10 PM
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Default Newbie from the UK: my story + views on social engineering

Hi everyone, I'm a new poster here (a British gal, no less!), and since I love to hear other people's "waking up" stories I thought I should have a bash at presenting my own. I find that being aware of the enormity of the NWO agenda is quite alienating sometimes, and I don't tend to talk to people about it. Those that I do try broach the subject with often fail to take it on board. That is their choice of course, but I would find it enormously helpful to share experiences and views with other people who are conscious of what is happening :-)

Please note (before I launch into things) that I realise that quite a few posters here are Christians, so some of you will probably not agree with some of what I have to say. However, I do not claim by any means to have "all the answers" and would be very interested to hear what any of you guys have to say about my suggestions.

Anyhow, to introduce myself, I'm 22, I live in England and graduated from university last year [Would be great to hear from some more Britishers on here by the way!]. I've always been quite interested in "mysteries" and the nature of the unseen world, and since the age of about 16 started to develop a real thirst for "the truth" about life and the universe etc. I'd read about many events that were inexplicable to mainstream scientists and felt strongly that there was more to the world around us than the usual 5-sense reality. I also felt deep in my heart that were all here for a reason and that there was a higher purpose to our lives. By the age of 18, I started to find out more about the explanations given by the major world religions. Above all, Christianity offered the most coherent worldview and seemed to respond to a deep need within human beings: namely for love, forgiveness and redemption. To me, Jesus was quite simply a perfect example of how to live one's life, and I accepted that Christianity's historical origins in this respect were unquestionably well-documented.

One thing that did disturb me about Christianity was the idea of all non-Christians going to hell for an eternity. Because of the deep unease I felt about this, I decided to some research into Christianity's origins and read a number of books on the subject such as The Jesus Mysteries by Freke and Gandy, as well as many non-Christian and Christian apologist websites. I soon began to feel that there was little or no evidence for the historical Jesus, and from looking at the evidence it appeared to me that there had been a plethora of (often remarkably similar) dying saviour god-man myths stretching back thousands of years in the Mediterranean and Near East.

Something that kept recurring in this research was the role that the Mystery Schools played in hoarding and transmitting the esoteric meanings of these dying saviour god-man myths. It was clear to me that the Bible (what has been presented to the people as historical fact) was in fact a repackaged version of the old symbolic stories whose deeper meanings were often only revealed to neophytes. It was from these Mystery School links that began to read about the history of secret societies like the Freemasons, and from thereafter I was soon very much aware of the New World Order agenda.

Thanks to people like Alex Jones, David Icke and Henry Makow, I now know that much of what we are told about all those apparently unconnected issues and events is simply a farce. Like Henry Makow, I used to be left wing and a feminist; I was also pro-immigration and multiculturalism and thought that people who wished to preserve nationhood and traditional values were simply bigots. Indeed, my university was so dominated by multi-culti globalist leftists that it's quite frightening to realise the extent to which we were indoctrinated. I guess very few of the blinkered leftist sheeple ever really consider why the political elites who promote wars and support exploitative globalist capitalism (i.e. Bad Things) are the same ones who are constantly ramming multiculturalism and "diversity" (i.e. Good Things) down our throats through the media, education and statute book....! Whilst "diversity", "hybridity" and the "vibrancy" of non-Western cultures were celebrated, anything Western and/or Christian was regarded as responsible for all the world's woes. (N.B. It is like this in pretty much all public institutions in the UK now).

You might be surprised to hear me refer to the denigration of Christianity, and I admit that this one is quite a conundrum for me. After all, I just openly suggested that Christianity is a cynical repackaging of pagan myths, used to keep the masses in fear and in ignorance. However, to see it as a black and white partisan-type issue is perhaps rather simplistic when we are dealing with an elite which consistently uses the dialectic technique. The explanation that I have arrived at is that the NWO consider contemporary institutional Christianity to have served its strategic purpose in many areas of the world (particularly in Europe), and are now intent on destroying it from both within and without. This is because it is irreconcileable with the NWO's attempts to promote homosexuality and feminism as a means of undermining traditional family structures. A return to traditionally "Christian" values such as honesty and compassion would pose a further threat to the NWO, as would the shift in emphasis from materialism and consumption to the spiritual integrity of the self and the wider community.

As an aside, it is worth noting that although the numbers of people attending Church of England (i.e. Anglican) services in the UK have seriously dwindled over the last few decades, the Archbishop of Canterbury (and many other CofE clerics) sounds suspiciously "on-message" about issues such as homosexuality, immigration and Islam. For instance, the Archbishop (Dr Rowan Williams) does not reflect the Bible's unequivocal rejection of homosexuality, says opposing mass immigration into Britain is simply "racist" and says that he believes that Muslims will get into heaven, just as Christians do. As such, Dr Williams is very much reinforcing the messages we (in the UK) are fed day-in, day-out that homosexuality is just as "normal" as heterosexuality, that anyone who objects to massive Third World immigration to Britain is automatically racist, and that the demands and sensibilities of the rapidly-burgeoning Muslim population should be indulged at whatever cost.*

* Please note that I have no personal wish to outlaw homosexuality or to ban Islamic religious belief. For me, these are issues of personal choice. However, I do object to the fact that these issues are now taboo (at least in British society) and that Islam and homosexuality are being cynically exploited by the NWO as a means of breaking down the traditional fabric of Western societies.

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