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Default Fiction

The following would be widely assumed to be a work of fiction. Things like this don't really happen, to anyone.

Of course, none of it is true.

This story takes place in Australia.

This is a story about the criminal underworld, murder, paedophile cults, government, media, finance etc. This story is about me and will not be in perfect chronological order, and will be quite disjointed.

My sister was kissed on the forehead by the Pope when a few months old on his official visit to Australia.

I remember in pre-school having a teacher/child carer named Miss Lily. Her name was Eli Lilly, and she referred to herself as a company. People would come to the preschool to watch her and talk to her from said company and would say things of how amazing it was, how she wasn't actually the company just that the owner was bored and had a spare slave savant and programmed it in to thinking it was the company. She was just an automaton in their line of thinking.

I also recall a woman coming to our house after this, and talking to and hypnotising my mother. Telling her she runs a company etc, but never in my family was any sort of richness or high wealth openly displayed. For a while she was then Astra Zeneca, and she even had a legitimate drivers license with this name on it. She was in a similar situation to Miss Lily.

I can also recall having DVD's and a DVD player years before they became publicly available. I have been told they were available since the 70's, but even going back to WW2 clandestinely. Some of the DVD's we would watch were stage shows with songs such as 'Gitarzan' and 'Transfusion'. The song 'Transfusion' in itself is slightly odd, but the movie shows someone in post hypnotic suggestion cutting arteries on thighs, collecting blood, taking a wine glass and drinking a glass of 'claret' and then transfusing the blood back in the the person. It is blood letting and about trust. The person will often stand up and walk around for a short while with no blood in their system for some kind of 'high'. I have also seen this done in front of me and had this done to me when very young.

So anyway, around the age of 4 or so I recall being told by my father than I had one more year of freedom and after that he would have to start telling me what to do and moulding me.

Then rape began, overtly. Some disjointed individuals might like to call it 'love'. It had happened well before that though, however with the age I was I was unaware of the connotation or what was happening.

At the age of 5, in kindergarten at primary school (private Catholic school), I was greatly out performing my peers, like exceptionally so. My teacher was impressed and I was scheduled to see some kind of specialist. I was shown cards with pictures on them and told to describe what was happening, I was also to do counting of things, adding, subtraction, spelling, the alphabet etc as well as some general creativity. This was with a female. Another person was brought in to the room, a male and they were both excited and appeared pleased, they told me I was very smart but we couldn't tell anyone.

I recall a bit of suggestive behaviour done after that, low voices, calm voices, etc, giving me instruction.

We went out of the room and my teacher, mother and sister, who were all there, amongst others, were told I was nothing special and was very normal, to which I agreed. My teacher left the area at the end of that school year. I don't want to remember much of that year after going to the education specialist.

The next year, first grade, I recall doing maths in the 6+ digit range, this was as a 6 year old, I could do maths say 8 digits +14 digits or 24 digits – 17 digits. This was on the first day of learning subtraction. My books were taken to the staff room for the teacher to show off and I wasn't even mentioned.

Later that week I am on an army base.

There is someone walking around with an air of authority and lackeys following him around. My dad is there to do some kind of job.

I am told this guy is the 'boss of the army', which was incorrect. He didn't seem to want to correct anyone in regards to this false statement, and instead was happy to bask in the glow of impressionable children.

I recall saying something along the lines of “Does he protect us from the Japs?” and “I wish he was my dad.” or something similar. He then picked me up on his shoulder. Whilst we were there my dad was trying to say things and he was unable to, he would stop and start, and when given words he would often say something completely off topic, out of context and in the wrong tone.

The person who was referred to as the boss of the army then said something akin to, “Ah, an automaton, thank you for your service.” And went on about having served with similar people or in fact, my father.

So anyway, in regards to the lackeys hanging around, I recall playing armies in the office with some of them, like finger guns etc, making noises, and asking one of the girls there to marry me, she didn't accept or decline, but wasn't very happy, and I assume had to follow orders. I then often ask women in the street to marry me, what I am actually saying is “Can I suck your cock?” but I am hypnotised in to thinking I am saying otherwise.

I then recall in a room off to the side of the office, her having to lie down on a table, naked, and me being present in the room, my dad having intercourse with her and me having to watch, him insisting on me to look at what was happening. I didn't understand the situation at the time. I do recall calling her “Mummy!” afterwards though, however my mother she was not.

We then had a wedding of sorts outside the military building where we got married, once again she was not too thrilled about it. I was 6 years old. Satan was at the wedding in the form of someone either dressed up as Satan or someone in normal clothes and I was hypnotised. Military personnel were there for this.

A few days/weeks pass, and my dad teaches me how to act hypnotised. He then tells me the doctor is coming to visit and that I have to act hypnotised.

A person who I am introduced to as the doctor arrives at our house with someone else. They go to work hypnotising me. I am put in a trance and instructed that when I see a ball on a string move back and forth 3-4 times to return to the state of trance I am in. The ball would be similar, or almost identical to one of those metallic ones that you see in offices, a whole bunch lined up on strings and when you pull one of to the side and let it go it hits the rest and the last one on the line flies off and then bounces back to repeat the act until there has been too much energy dispersed.

Such things I remember being said and done are along the lines of, “What animal is your favourite?” and I responded with a puppy and when asked why I said something along the lines of because puppies are friendly and playful and big dogs aren't the same.

I was then put under and told that the spirit of a puppy was entering me, and that I was now a puppy and would be forever. I then recall acting like a puppy, the puppy is placed in a box and not allowed to come out, the puppy is told that it is always nice, friendly and does what anyone says because it wants to make them happy, and also that the puppy has to be trained so it has to learn everything.

I then recall my original self being placed in on top of the puppy, and feeling normal, however being instructed that the puppy has overall control, but it wants to make me happy. That was essentially it for the first two visits. The first visit was most unsuccessful due to being able to act hypnotised as instructed by my father.

Some time later, weeks or days, not months or years, the doctor and the other person return, along with some people in military uniform as well as the person referred to as the boss of the army.

I am told that I can go anywhere in the world I desire, they have a time machine and a teleporter. They asked me where I wanted to go, and I said Disneyland. They laughed, the doctor and the other person and said “They always say Disneyland”. My dad said something along the lines of “Just say down the road to the corner shop.” and the doctor and his friend laughed and said “We can take him there too, it doesn't matter.”

So anyway, I am innocent and naïve and very trusting, and am told that for the teleporter to work I have to take my clothes off or the machine can break, and to bend over and close my eyes, which I do.

Next thing I know I have a massive amount of pain coming and don't realise what it is, I am screaming and breathing heavily, obviously I am being sodomized. The doctor to crouched down looking up at me in my eyes, and says “Go to Disneyland.” and I'm like “How!?” and he's all like imagine you are there in Disneyland and I start chanting “I'm in the happiest place on earth.” Next thing I know I feel/see a swirl in my bind, like it's hard to explain, but when you visualise something happening, it was similar/identical to that. Then I think I am in Disneyland. I can feel no pain, I don't know where I am and think I am actually in Disneyland. Disassociation.

The person who didn't object to being called the boss of the army is then shocked at what is happening, to which he is told something like, “You said you knew how it was done, how we make them, you said you knew what was going to happen.” to which he responded with something similar to “I didn't know it would be like this.” Everyone in the room was not happy about this and not happy with him and he left the house with the uniformed personnel.

The doctor then says some stuff like we are putting some more spirits in to you, there were probably 20 or so, but I can't recall all of them. Some of them had bizarre names that were perhaps mythological others had names like Sarah, Steve, etc. I can remember Sarah and Steve. They were each instructed on how they act, how they talk, what their interests are etc. There is also someone called Mitchell who was put in at 7 years old, and thinks he was the first one in there, and wants to go live in the Amazon rainforest. Sometimes they come out, and they have different voices and personalities and when they are in control it is like you are watching and have no control over what they are doing. My name was also changed to Joker (this isn't the puppy, and Joker can be whoever Joker wants, Steve, Sarah, Mitchell, me, but not the puppy). When Joker comes out you can't remember it. When Joker was put in I was instructed to remember the time I felt the most proud for doing something, like getting an award at school, a birthday, doing something good at home, to hold that feeling and that was inserted as a 'spirit' called 'Joker'. I also had another person in there called Mitchell who appeared the year before this, so when it all started I can't be too sure, possibly even before I went to school.

I can then recall being back on base a short time later, Wifey is there, and she is lying on a table, tied down, and there is, for want of a better word, a sex machine, with a long, hard rubber, yet flexible dildo going in and out of her. She doesn't look happy. I am told by my father and the false boss of the army that it is a Footy Frank (hotdog frankfurt) and she likes it. She tells me she does, perhaps so as to not give in.

My father and this other person laugh.

I can also recall on other occasions going there and seeing her tied up on the wall, naked, getting electro shocks, sodomized and just being left there for hours.

I can also recall going with this 'boss of the army' in civilian clothes to buildings with his friends, who all dressed in white robes and hats (looked like the KKK sort of) and getting 'training' (raped). And him saying to his friends “God creates these Angels for us to do this to, because we have been good people.”

I can also recall receiving military training and instruction from a very young age involving a wide variety of weaponry, technology, tactics and other gear. This was often with other people a similar age to myself as well as those substantially older and acknowledged members of the military.

I can also recall access to classified military equipment that this country is not supposed to acknowledge it has.

I can also recall being given a book called “The Joy of Sex” which is a sexually explicit with text, photos and drawings, sex instruction book.

This book would make me feel nauseated and sick, and I was still put to read and study it, I didn't quite understand what it was about I was very young.

Also such things as when using a toilet having to leave the door open and having an older person, family or otherwise, stand above you and glare at you menacingly whilst doing natural things, make you feel intimidated or fearful for what you were doing. Things also such as having to be naked, laying down, having your sphincter/rectum digitally penetrated and being told it was a vagina.

A game called 'split' where two people yell at each other until one of them disassociates and escapes to another world. It is not a fun game, not many people can play split, you have to be highly sensitive.

When someone is acting by what is deemed by these people to be arrogant, cocky or slightly grandoise, a conversation will be initiated such as;

“Sure, Joker.”


“I'm you, you're looking in to a mirror. Dig”

Then the person goes in to a hypnotic trance, and the other person will say, “Do what thou wilt.” to which the other person will grumble and repeat the cycle at them, eg I'm you, you're looking in to a mirror, do what thou wilt etc.

There are also savants, not in the sense of rainmain, or autistic savants, but savants who are highly sensitive, creative, kind, smart etc. What they do is put an idea in someone, tell them what they want, then split them and the split is working on the project. Eg, the puppy could be working on something, Steve could be working on something, Sarah another etc. The person presented does not appear dumb in any way, and quite bright, but when the inner person is unlocked it can play various instruments, do poetry, amazing art, sing (the front might be a horrible singer), science, mechanics, philosophy etc.

I can also recall at a very young age making pyramids out of lego, perfect dimensions, and sealed with those legos that you can't stick any more legos on, and they could not be opened by anyone, and were very, very tough, able to withstand amazing amounts of pressure and force.

Anyway, I used to be really good at sports, all types of academic work and creative work. This stopped after the visit to the military base.

I can recall getting injections that made me act very feminine, these were oestrogen injections.

I can also recall differing phrases said to me that would make me act in various different ways, sometimes I could be a cleaner, sometimes a sexual dynamo, sometimes a killer, sometimes a guard, sometimes a dancer, sometimes a singer etc. The list is very long and I can't remember all of them.

I remember the year after the maths and going on a military base that I became shit at sports and even began to stutter and was dyslexic. This didn't last too long though, however the athletic prowess never came back to the extent of how easy it used to be.

I can recall the next year (my mother and father had seperated) my mother getting a boyfriend. He was an accountant and involved in auditing. He is now a Chartered Accountant and works as a financial general manager of a rather large financial institution, and has access to an essentially infinite amount of money via perhaps the IMF and an unlimited credit line. He has commented that he has an interesting job where he can just do slight things with that line of credit and watch what happens to the world.

I can also recall the next year, or perhaps even sooner, things would happen one year, a pause would be put on, and people would be met again later, anyway, I was babysit after school by a certain family. The father of that family had a video of me involving the whole Disneyland thing. It was revealed he worked for ASIS, at later stages by various people, what is perhaps similar to the CIA. It was also revealed he is allowed in to Pine Gap. Whether any of that is true I don't know 100%, in regards to ASIS and Pine Gap, but it seems plausible.

I can also recall bringing that book 'The Joy of Sex' to school and staff saying it is educational.

Lots of other things happened, I recall a year or two after that in a new classroom, being ostracised and isolated by the teacher and being referred to as 'not that smart', however it appeared she didn't want to be like this. Later that year her father had a heart attack, I was informed perhaps it was an aneurysm shot, and it was done to get her back for what she did to me, regardless of the fact that she was coerced and extorted in to doing such things. It didn't impress me.

On holidays met people such as those involved in soap opera productions, tv film productions, music recording people, etc. Politicians, rich business people, etc.

There are people who are ventriloquists in the sense that they can throw their voices, they look at the shape of a room or outside, and figure out what to bounce the sound waves off, and can throw their voices around outside or in a room. Sounds such as gun shots, helicopters, people talking, music can all be done, even consecutively (eg sounds of helicopters and machine guns, and rifles, and pistols can be done at the same time, appearing to be from different directions). One of the 'spirits' put in is called 'Shotty' and it is a single gun shot sound, and it can talk, but only in the sound of shots, and it has to be translated in to English (or a variety of other languages) by another 'spirit' within the person.

There are lots of significant details that have been left out, I don't have time to include them here, this would end up turning in to a many word life story if I did.

I can recall meeting Italian crime syndicates, Greek, Lebanese, Australian, Romani/Gypsy, Asian etc etc, as well as corrupt media, police, politicians.

I was also told I was a Nazi (National Socialists.....) and when I,and other Nazi's were asked if we were Nazi's we would say “Yes Comrade.” I was also told I was Aryan and in the 'Master Race', and that my mother may be the reincarnation of Hitler, due to sharing a birthday. However, my mother has often mistaken her own birthday and year of birth in the past.

Was always good at academic work without hardly any effort, this used to infuriate teachers and less intelligent peers.

Got accepted in to an academically selective high school. Not much detail needs to be gone in to in regards to that, however, I was flirted with by teachers who informed me that had friends in politics.

Kids would be 'sick' and found in secret locations on the school, such as what appeared to be basements, but they would often be caged or tied up. Bestiality porn was manufactured there, well it was and it wasn't, naturally no one knew about it.

I could write all day about the bizarre antics at the two schools (not every person appeared to be involved, staff and students, however this could be false, appearances can be deceiving).

Father died, some people were over, hypnosis was undertaken, I was unlocked, I was astounded and was like, I know everything (subconscious was unlocked in part, not completely as I was locked again for not desiring to partake in the bullshit), am I God? They laughed and said, no, you're illuminated. I asked again if I was God and was told, yes you are, Satan. It was bizarre.

They then went on about crap and tried to convert me to ancient Egyptian religions, I declined and decided to remain Christian, they didn't like this. They then started going on about how it's all false, they made it, going on for thousands of years etc. At this point I could speak a vast array of languages, English, European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern as well as the dialects. Conversations would be held not in one language, eg word 1 might be French, word 2 might be Thai, word 3 Russian, 4 Hebrew etc, it was easier to convey a clear meaning that way. I can't speak multiple languages at whim presently. Ancient Egyptian is a language I can also speak, however whether it is or is just a language given that name is another issue entirely. There are also not publicised languages, nameless, that are used, as a clandestine and covert way of communicating. Their syntax can be all over the place and bizarre so as to not make them easily decipherable. Also, there is this thing, joining the circle, where people sit in a circle or oval or around a table etc, and when you join the circle someone does a little hand signal on their breast and then you are unlocked to that language, however recollection of the partakings is slightly vague. Anyway, one of the people there was discussing about CIA, French Foreign Legion, Mossad etc, saying he was in the Mossad, however he had served with the FFL, about how they were in south east Asia covertly with the CIA etc, things like that. They then were reading from a book the Wizard of Ezda or something and it was triggering my dad and making him agitated, remembering things like being in a pot, child sacrifices, cannibalism, blood sacrifices, things like that. I was also told I am Nephilim and descended from Satan and I am going to hell anyway so to do what I want. I was also instructed the reason I had high availability of firearms was because they wanted me to pull a Columbine. They also used to make me listen to Everclear, suicide music, constantly when I was younger.

After school went to join the military. I had had an aversion to killing my whole life, eg if someone would step on ants when I was a kid I would start crying. I don't even like loud noises.

Regardless, passed all the tests, told I was only allowed to apply as an officer or special forces, which is not what I wanted to do, was told that is about what the army wants, not what I want. I refused.

I then have hazy memories of being on base shortly after receiving various training.

After that got a job with a federal government organisation, not something super secret like you are thinking, however there were people there who held clearances and worked for such things as the ONA (Office of National Assessments, analysts). Met a necrophiliac porn star whilst there.

Blah blah blah.

Um, met other people who went to a home for troubled youth, or juvenile gaol, who may have known my father. Were ventriloquists, don't talk about the war (Vietnam and others), were recorded as being in gaol when it happened.

Such things as being told they were going rabbit hunting, given these fandangled guns, there were these new feral rabbits in Australia the size of people (living in the jungle, of course), that had to be killed. They then ate them. Due to the hypnosis apparently they were highly visible even in the undergrowth and scrub, as they would appear as rabbits and not camouflaged enemy, something as the brain being able to recognise them easily via subconscious rather than purely relying on sight and movement, shape etc.

I can recall 'rabbit' hunting like this however when quite young. I recall a 'virtual reality' game in the middle east where it was most real, yet very hazy involving guns and shooting people.

Of course, I am mentally ill.

I also run in to people who know about me when I have never met them and often catch them out at it, it is rather disconcerting. One of them would pose philosophical questions to me which I would answer. Shortly later he was overheard discussing how he can now make his own religion, the 44 degrees would help him.

Went another time to rejoin the army when I really have no desire to do so. Can recall clearly being sprayed in the face with pheromones (I had a large vomeronasal organ, I had it surgically removed due to me being taken advantage of far too often), delivering some kind of message. Key words I can recall are Illuminati, Freemasons, 99 degrees, black and white, I was head programmer of the Illuminati (that was my dad's voice, I doubt it, he could have been programmed to say it), that I'm also a suicide bomber who can be triggered, I don't know, lots of other things. At the end of it I heard my dads voice say ok, you're done, wipe, and all recollection of it was gone after that.

I also have weird things such as my sister, father, mother, brothers etc, sometimes they will have no recollections of certain happenings, appear vague and even slightly different in appearance, such as height, weight, eyes, facial structure.

Of course, I'm mentally ill.

Get rather good jobs seemingly too easily, often meet people who when discussing cults such as Freemasonry will say things like “I've got mates in that.” and look off to the side and appear a bit pissed off. One job I was at there were heaps, the vast majority, were like that.

Shortly after that job I am at home, watching TV, some of them arrive, as well as some family, and instruct me to watch a program. They get me with some post hypnotic suggestion, and I can't move and am glued to a program full of symbolism. I also get dosed with ELF.

I almost die and am then determined to be mentally unwell.

There's a lot more, but that's just the gist of it, and the really bad stuff hasn't been included. Being intentionally electrocuted and burnt with cigarettes at a young age is probably very tame compared to the rest of it.

There are boxes which can be attuned to brainwaves and such and can make you walk, talk, open doors, eat, digest, defecate, get physiologically aroused (but not mentally, well they don't use the mental one ofen). This isn't super clandestine knowledge, it is semi acknowledged but not to the extent of what they can do.

Anyway, it started with paedophiles and rapists, who seem to be connected to higher level stuff, so excuse me for not holding them in high regard and desiring them to be done away with.

Anyway I've met famous musicians, athletes, Hollywood personalities, Royalty, media, business people etc. Tried reporting rape gangs to no apparent avail.

Some other things of interest, perhaps keywords that might mean something to those in the know, 'the star', 'a star', 'the stars', 'existential blues', 'poppies', 'aquarian', 'shackled',

Other things;
shaking the belly of a highly pregnant woman, lifestyle BDSM, never land, raggy dolls, the box, patting people, whispering in your ears

Oh by the way, this is just fiction, and even if it wasn't, I'm nuts/crazy/mentally ill etc. And even then it might just be some coincidence.

But yeah, I don't like paedophiles.

'Dolly' Dunn dies in jail

'Dolly' Dunn?

Like 'Raggy Dolls'?
I'm your dolly. You're my doll rock and roll... ...Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please. I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees.

-lyrics from the song Barbie Girl by Aqua
Some other things of interest, perhaps keywords that might mean something to those in the know, 'the star', 'a star', 'the stars', 'existential blues', 'poppies', 'aquarian', 'shackled',

Other things;
shaking the belly of a highly pregnant woman, lifestyle BDSM, never land, raggy dolls, the box, patting people, whispering in your ears
Meet the stars. We are porno stars, sucking big cigars.

-lyrics from Back from Mars by Aqua
I'm a Mesobarbie, I'm from Barbie World, it's in Japan! Seriously, no one believes me!
Conversation I had with an amazingly good looking girl who was acting highly interested in me for no apparent reason. Mesobarbie, implying mesomorph Barbie.

There are GM men, women and children, as well as all kinds of hybrids out there and organisms unknown in the wild.

Of course, I'm mentally ill.

What about this one?

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Cruising through the gulf stream last night?

Piece of Pisces
Or how about

Aquarius, was born the night
The shining stars, needed brighter shining light
Aquarius, was my savior
It came along, like a blast from out of sight

When I was weak, you came along
Enlightened me, covered the sun
You seduced me, I can never ever run

Cause I, can only lose
When I'm, Aquarius
You're the power that I need
To make it all succeed, can hear me call?

Aquarius, is the stardust
It kills the faith, and the only one I trust
It calls your name, and you listen
It steals your soul, and your hunger and your lust

I wish the stars would turn you in, and leave me standing in the wind
I wish the devil gave you up, and all the snow would melt and stop

Extracted from the song Aquarius by Aqua
So what do you know about paedophile rings, Satanic cults and the underworld?

Have a look at that, with the whole yelling at herself in the mirror, living sparsely, staying fit and shadow sparring. Very similar situation to what many people have been in. Bizarrely, that song has been on repeat when I've been put on hold trying to talk to mental health at their consumer advocacy service.

Doctor can you please prescribe me something, a day in the life of someone else, cause I'm a hazard to myself, don't let me get me
Oh and these people are meant to be mental health professionals, and they put that sort of neurolinguistic bullshit in to your subconscious when on call wait.

Now have a look at this film clip:

Yeah, surely just coincidences. Also, I'm the crazy one.

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Default Re: Fiction

This post is too long. I'm not reading all of this. What is it about?
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