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Old 07-16-2009, 10:16 PM
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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Astronut, you ask why the Moon still exists if UV could destroy every single bond it has? You may be a keen amateur astronomer keen on educating others but your knowledge of science is just awful. For a start the Moon could still exist in elemental form,
"Elemental" form? So the moon has no chemical bonds, it's just a bunch of unbound atoms? It should be rapidly eroding away under the radiation pressure of the solar wind (not to mention what would happen every time a major collision occurs with the moon) if that's the case, so now whose science is awful? In fact, when LCROSS strikes the moon in october, if it's just a bunch of unbound atoms, that should become immediately obvious in the morphology and spectrum of the dust (or unbound atom) plume.
however you misread or ignored what I clearly stated in my original post. UV light only affects the surfaces of solid objects such as the Moon.
Umm, contradict yourself much? If UV affects the surface of solid objects such as the moon in the way you describe, then my points about the moon stand... In truth, light can affect any phase of an element (heat it, etc). Also, as stated, many bonds, like that of titanium-titanium bonds, are far greater in energy than UV light.
You claim to have websites with your pictures of the ISS on but where are they? The first picture you show us of the ISS you took has no text at all attached to it.
I thought the picture I showed was pretty self-explanatory. I didn't come here to plug my own website, I came to counter your misinformation about what you can see when you look at the space station with a proper telescope at an appropriate magnification with proper technique. Not that it matters, but here's my flickr page with some of my best photos. Some are of ISS, some are of the shuttle, many are just general astrophotography, and a few are from my lame attempt at game modding:
Flickr: astroferg's Photostream

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