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Old 04-19-2005, 01:09 AM
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Default Re: Religion / Illuminati / ET's

Just one further note...i read some of the links Drak.

Tesla death ray?

Germany's top secret weapons division was claiming they were close to perfecting a "laser" type weapon capable of knocking aircraft out of the sky.

There are several anomalies to WW2...actually ALL of WW2 is an anomaly. I hope I live long enough to read the authentic history...but i digress...

The "broad front" strategy promulgated by the top U.S and British staff... Patton and even Montgomery were dead against it and considered it ridiculous but on went Eisenhower with it.

Patton wanted narrow deep thrusts as the Germans had proven so effective. Effectively giving the Soviets vast tracks of land and also handing Berlin on a platter though most agreed, Germans would have given up hand over fist to the Allies had they been allowed to race for it....BUT...allowing for this meant the Allies could focuss on the many production facilities in the Ruhr and also on many of the top secret weapons facilities in the South.

It was considered ludicrous by many that Eisenhower gave serious consideration to the possibility of "Wolf Packs" forming a redoubt in the hills in the south of Germany...however, maybe thats where the Allies wanted to go.

The German high command was so full of traitors to Hitler and indeed Germany I dont even believe the stories of "Ultra" intercepts - "Enigma".

Though it existed, to say they could decode on the SAME DAY was ridiculous...i believe it's a cover for the many spies (including Georing!) who were feeding vast amounts of info to the Allies through an agent called "Lucy" connected to Switzerland and Allen Dulles.

This probably included vast amounts of info on secret weapons.
On the subject of Western Australia and the Japanese cult.

Meanwhile, Geologist, Harry Mason, was gathering information that made him pause for thought. Intriguingly, just a few kilometres from Banjawarn, is a military facility located at Laverton.

I used to work outside Laverton/Leonora on "Granny Smith" and "Mt Morgans" gold mine. I dont recall ever of hearing of a military facility nearby? Not to say there is'nt...i left in 1990.

In addition there have been other unexplained “fireball” events - notably a 1st May 1995 explosion above Perth, estimated to have been in excess of 1 megaton of TNT energy equivalence.

I live in Perth...cant say I recall any 1mt explosions though I may have been very drunk at the time and possibly indisposed...ahhh...she said the Earth moved... 8-)

That being said...
What he says I GENERALLY agree with. Watch Oz in the next few years.

I've also heard a B2 wing will be stationed here.

My intuition tells me Australia will be the 'new' NWO headquaters for some time to come.

Their plan probably calls for a quick population reduction, benvolent police state crackdowns all over, with "Barrons" controlling various regions...all answering to the new King based in Oz...yes, my prediction.

After the lock down is complete and the remaining peasants under control, they will reach out into the solar system to colonise the various nearby planets using highly advanced technology nicely locked away in Rothschilds garage.

New space launch facilities are on the way in Oz..probably based in the North of Queensland.

At the end of the day, to control the world you must have control of the resources that you make things with. Shuffling money back and forth does not count and the NWO stooges in London must keep a firm grip on Johnny Howard and Australia in general.

Although i claim there is NO NWO split i am willing to concede their is pretty strong anecdotal evidence for this...no less the BIG metal traders out of Switzerland fighting tooth and nail for access to Oz yellowcake over British and Oz interests.
I just rang the Perth Observatory regarding that authors claims about a 1mt (estimated) fiery ball of light over Perth.

Peter Birch told me he was woken by the event and it was very loud.

It passed South/North over Perth and broke up over Toojay (a small town to the north of Perth).

There were 300 calls by people in one day to the observatory...strangely none from the East of the event...possibly due to clouds?

People with a great vantage point (Kings Park-popular night spot at 2am ;-)) reported a fiery ball of light which is a little different from the 'streak of light' you might expect from a meteor.

When I asked Peter about reports that the object flew much slower than a meteor he was non-committal.

He stated they get reports 5-7 times a year of "satellites" of 3-4 moving in formation. He stated equivocally they were military aircraft of which we would not here about.

When I asked him to comment on 'secret' military bases that I had heard of for the last 5 years (new ones) he wrapped up the conversation pretty fast.

Perhaps he was sick of 'kooks' ringing him up? I thought I was being pretty level headed about it all. Maybe he had a bus to catch?

Apparently he and his team are working on the "Deep Impact" project whereby they are landing a probe on a comet?

He obviously loves Arthur C Clarke (who wrote about it 40 years ago)...NWO man and paedophile extraordinaire.

I think the author has taken a few liberties but even Peter Birch at the Observatory was'nt that convincing with the 'meteor' theory.

As for Nexus? They mix so much good stuff with bad i really dont like them and question there motives. Ruppert loves them and keeps in contact with them so who knows.

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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