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Old 10-06-2009, 12:46 AM
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Default Re: George W. Bush: The Bible Is "Probably Not" Literally True

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

How absurd.

Bush is a Christian and doesn't believe the Bible is "literally" true.

He is then not a Christian because Christians believe the Bible word for word.

If I believe the Bible, Jesus walked across water.

I wasn't there, but they say that he did in the Bible, so I guess I should believe it if I want to be a Christian.

Maybe part of the water was frozen.
Oh my god.

I was starting to get the feeling like you were the voice of reason around here until this blasphemy.

How can you guys believe in conspiracy theories and then turn around and say you believe in god.

Religion was invented in a time of no technology. Therefor there is no logical way to police a nation. By fear mongering and scaring the daylights out of people who do "immoral" actions will one curve the crime rate.

Religion is invented as a form of control... the ultimate in brainwashing. We used religion as a scape goat to murder mass amounts of people. Religion is our crutch, the day we make it illegal to practice the worship of god, and make it illegal to acknowledge the hypothetical existence of satan, is the day human beings will become peaceful.

Almost ever major war through the history of all time was primarily lead by "religion." Even till this day.

Lets look at what it means to be christian for one second.

It means that you accept non empirical data as fact. So you believing the bible is akin to you believing I can fly. Since there is no evidence to back up either claim, both arguments are 100% equal.

It's just silly.

Oh yeah, Frozen water in the proximity of Egypt? Highly unlikely bud. You also believe Jonah was swallowed by a massive leviathan, live in it's stomach, had god speak to him -- and then have god regurgitate up Jonah where he magically lands on dry land ignoring physics all together?

How? Well it's simply really, you would suffocate inside the belly of another living creature. If you didn't suffocate, you would most definitely drown in body fluids/ocean water. Lets completely ignore the process of digestion and the fact that the purpose of a stomach is to break down the objects inside it with ACID.

Oh, but the bible is literally true? Fuck you it is. The bible is FICTION, as in 100% false. It CAN be used to learn some basic principles of civilization (I.E. The Ten Commandments) but the actual practices found in the bible are more than likely to land you in jail with lethal injection of 500 year life sentences. (Since ya know people lived to 950 in the bible.)

The only people who could ever take something with non empirical evidence as an absolute fact, are people who just simply aren't intelligent. Border lining on mentally retarded. There is a study out there right now proving that people who are religious extremest have lower IQ's than non believers. Some of these people are senators and congressmen. I most definitely advise anybody questioning my post here to watch the movie Religulous staring Bill Mahr. He sits down with one particular congressmen who happens to be a religious extremist... and this particular congressmen calls himself stupid. He says and I quote "Thank god you don't have to have an IQ test to be voted congressmen."

You people who vote based on religion are the enemy. The four fathers of america said in order to be prosperous we as a nation must separate religion from state. Meaning religion has NO PLACE IN GOVERNMENT.

Yet you stupid people keep voting for these morons that claim they have spoken to the lord. This is the ONLY reason why our government was ever able to pull any "conspiracy" to begin with. Bush won his election by swaying the christian vote. As a good christian he was, he declares war on another country... him being directly responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people. All you republic religious extremists allowed for this to happen and rooted him on. We lost more people during the war than we would of in 25 terrorist attacks. Not to mention, we haven't had any new ones, and this isn't because they "stopped" them either.

Get a fucking clue.
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