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Old 10-09-2009, 06:23 AM
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Default Best Evidence for aliens

I think that we should start a Best Evidence for aliens Thread on here, Can one of the Admin/Mods class it as a Sticky if possible, so everyone can put there photos of them in here.

Eyewitness testimony from people that saw something strange and unidentified in the air. Radar returns, video clips and pictures... But that is all we have so far. To me thats not enough. I need better evidence!!

This is where science comes in.

In science, there is no reasonable doubt. You can either verify an experiment, repeatedly according to the model of the hypothesis, or you cannot. When it comes to ET, you cannot. No one can. There isnt a space agency on the planet, that I know of, that has found any proof of ET life, intelligent or other, dead or alive, anywhere in the universe.

Roswell, the DSP detection, the Belgian incident of 1990, Shag Harbor, The Iranian UFO Dogfight, Battle of LA, etc,... We even have people posting pictures that they claim are alien artifacts on the moon and Mars.

Yes, some of these UFOs could be alien crafts and alien artifacts. But we need to be 100% sure, and if we cant exclude everything else...well, then all of a sudden, we arent 100% sure, are we!?


I might say, however, that as an investigator of pseudoscientific topics for over twenty years my experience has taught me that the first things to suspect and look for are fraud, forgery, deception, misrepresentation, sophistry, and specious reasoning, and if these are not in evidence, I then look for illogical reasoning, self-deception, misreading, inadvertently fudged data, and willful misunderstanding, and if these are not in evidence, I then look for ignorance, innocent mistakes, misinterpretations, equipment errors, out-of-date references, overlooked results or causes, etc. Unfortunately, ALL of these items MUST be examined FIRST when investigating any pseudoscientific topic, BEFORE one begins looking for presumed new or unusual natural phenomena.--Steven Schafersman.

Can anyone honestly say he examined and eliminated all the above items before he convinced himself UFOs are Alien star ships?

Sure, Scientist and Engineers, Commercial and military aircrews, Radar experts, Senior military and intelligence officials around the world, Astronomers, Astronauts and cosmonauts, Presidents, Kings, and many other credible folks around the world have all observed strange things in the sky... But, in the end, they merely describe objects observed which defy identification based upon standards which we know regarding aerodynamic performance or characteristics.

UFOs are observed unidentified flying objects. There is nothing else attached to them. Evidence is not something you can observe. That is called an observation.

UFOs, Alien abductions, Area 51, Cattle mutilations, Crop circles, Alien artifacts on Earth/Moon and Mars... What evidence is there, and most importantly, how good is it, that intelligent extraterrestrials are out there, have found Earth, and are now here doing all the things we hear about?

“Civilization is a conspiracy. Modern life is the silent compact of comfortable folk to keep up pretences.”
John Buchan

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