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Old 10-13-2009, 11:31 AM
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Talking Re: Aspartame and water Fluoridation

Originally Posted by Eye-Kon View Post
Your absolutely right, the devil is in the details that you continuously fail to point out. I'm really getting tired of your ignorant posts. Quit spamming this forum with dis-information. I find all sorts contradicting info on the net about how big the worlds population, this info is very hard to get accurate data on. Btw I don't use wikipedia a whole lot, its alotta garbage. Anyways ever since I was kid (20 right now) I've heard the worlds population is like 6 billion and today I hear the same thing. My dad says in the 70s it was supposably 6 billion. The population seems to be plateau-ing. Which is some-what amazing considering it should probably be around at least 8 billion by now. I remember hearing in 98 in school that by 2010 the population should be 7.5-8 billion. On top of that the average life expectancy is going down, my generation is suppose to be the first in a long time that doesn't live as long there parents did. Death rates are regulated, wake up. Lay off the wikipedia and start reading some substantiated data. Start reading books.

As for fluoride its a poison, simple as that. You don't need it at all. It only temporarely helps your teeth produce enamel, one of the long term affects of fluoride is actually the destruction of tooth enamel. Look up dental fluorosis or skeletal fluorosis. It also causes BRAIN LESIONS! And no you don't have FLUORIDE in your body naturally. Maybe by-products of it but thats not the same. The US center of disease control estimates theres 30-50 thousand excess deaths each year in areas with 1 ppm of fluoride in the tap water rather then no fluoride in the water.

LOL, I find it funny that you of all people is telling someone to read books more. Do you have a bachelors in any science discipline, much less a Masters?

Anyway....yes you do need Fluorine in your body in trace amounts for bone formation. About 20 ug/g (thats twenty micrograms per gram, for those of you in Rio Lindon). Also, the sodium fluoride used in tap water is a soluble compound, and easily processed and excreted from the urine. This means that it can never build up into sufficient concentrations to cause brain lesions or an of the other horrid symptoms you ascribe to it.

Also, by all credible reporting (your fatherís redoubtable memory aside), the world population has nearly doubled since the 1970ís. I would be interested to know what these purported causes of death are that will kill the current generation off faster than the previous one? Seems unlikely since they just raised the life expectancy again.
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