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Old 11-04-2009, 03:20 PM
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Default Re: Orchestrated Flu Pandemics

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Listen, I have read Smith and Keynes, Friedman and Marx, and I do have a broad understanding of economic theories
Let's see... Two "free market" capitalists, one proponent of capitalism with state intervention and one communist. I see you stayed nicely within the black-and-white capitalism-vs-communism paradigm rather than moving beyond. You should try reading some literature from Russian anarchists like Mikhail Bakunin and Peter Kropotkin, German philosophers like Oswald Spengler, Carl Schmitt, Martin Heidegger and Ernst Jünger or contemporary theorists like Troy Southgate, Alain de Benoist and Tomislav Sunić. These are the sort of thinkers that have most influence on me.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
I am not convinced by your assertion that eliminating usury will have a beneficial effect on the economy. What is even more ludicrous is to hold up the Muslims (note the correct spelling) as the paragon of economic thought. Just how wealthy are Muslim economies when you factor out their luck for sitting on a big pool of oil?
The success of a civilisation is not determined by the its GNP but by its ability to remain stable and take care of its citizens. In fact, raping the planet the capitalist way is the worst a society can develop in the long run since it might destroy our species in the long run.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Look at the effect that abolishing loans for profit, as you say, would have on capital creation. Most modern manufacturing requires significant purchases of equipment. Without loans to purchase this material, companies could never get off the ground.
That's what I suggested the possibility of governments issuing conditional loans without interest.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
This also mean that they cant hire more employees or expand when they see an opportunity to capitalize on a trend in the market.
If the company is profitable, it can expand using these profits as capital rather than using it to pay ridiculously high wages to executives.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
All of this would have a drastic negative impact on innovation and production, and hurt the economy as a whole.
There are different ways to finance big projects. For example, government grants could be given or loaned (without interests) to companies with promising ideas.
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