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Old 04-26-2005, 04:12 PM
JohnnyFuctup JohnnyFuctup is offline
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Default The veil is lifting + Hello all

Hi all,

I was never one to buy into conspiracy theories. But recently I've took an interest in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, largely due to the brilliant UK "pshychological magician" Derren Brown. What I've noticed since is pretty scary, but now I'm aware of it, practically every news broadcast, news story and even episodes of Simpsons are littered with very specific subliminals.

The worst I've seen so far is FOX. FOX News is the most unbelievably biased propaganda network I have ever seen, and that's not including the series 4 of the show 24 being funndamentally anti-Islamic and making the Patriot Act look like a good idea, and as I mentioned above, The Simpsons, for blatently promoting Republican policies and dressing it up loosely as irony.

This awakening has spurred me on to try and do something about it, including setting up a site to put down my views and findings now I'm able to see this stuff for what it is. The address is http://www.johnnyfuctup.com, and any feedback or opinons would be much appreciated.

Finding this forum it would be great to be part of this community and learn more about other peoples views on NWOs, mind-control and other conspiracy theories (a term I dislike using as I feel that the term "conspiracy theory" is government NLP labeling used to take credibility from something that would otherwise be called a "suspicion" or an "accusation")



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