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Old 11-12-2009, 08:59 PM
Fahrenheit 912 Fahrenheit 912 is offline
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Question Major Malik Nadil Hasan - A Manchurian candidate wired to go?

It appears the gumshoes of the Far Right are at it again. An Army Major, a former Walter Reed Hospital psychiatrist no less, has recently run amok on a US Army base, killing 13 and wounding numerous others. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an American of Palestinian heritage and a Muslim with supposed "radical" Islamic ties, has gone down in infamy as the worst mass murderer in US military history. But was it really of his own doing??? I don't think so...

No, this one absolutely reeks to the core of conspiracy... Particularly, it appears to be the result the of the brainwashing or "mind bending" of a susceptible, target individual by operatives of the political Far Right - in effect, to achieve the goals and political objectives of these warped, pathological ideologues...In this case, a bloody mass murder fills the need....

No, I really couldn't conceive of a more effective, albeit diabolical scheme to completely discredit the Democrats and particularly the OBama Presidency. It makes the oft-mentioned "War on Terror" look like a total charade under the Democrats watch. Why,"we can't even keep our military bases free from the scourge of radical Islam , much less protect the greater homeland." This is undoubtably what people will come to think, and the perpetrators of this crime know it..., very well...

So where did this crime take place?? An Army base..., in TEXAS..., ideological homeland to George W. Bush. Home of the Bush Lair... Where else??? This is getting scary, folks....

George W. Bush's father, George H.W. Bush, was the long time head of the CIA. Do you suppose he still maintains contacts there? Looks like it. And he's been garnering their cloak and dagger/black box support for quite some time....., for Bush Jr. and the Republican Party.. But particularly for Bush Jr.

Only this time, the gumshoes of the Far Right may have bitten off more than they could possibly chew... The Army Brass would almost certainly know what was going on here..., and I imagine they are quite enraged by now. That is, if they weren't complicit in this atrocity. I don't think so. They must be sickened by the site of such a bloody carnage involving their own officers and foot-soldiers - on their own cloistered piece of land.

So "batten down the hatches" America, the Far Right is utilizing (ie. murdering) anyone who could possibly be of poliitical use to them - here, and most disturbingly, members of the US Armed Forces. And they have all the tools, the operatives, and the complete psychopathological makeup to carry out anything against a potential ideological foe. Any atrocity you could possibly even imagine.

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