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Old 12-02-2009, 03:15 PM
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Default You Can't Handle The Truth I :Heathens

This will be the first in a series of short articles dealing with The Truth as I know it. My first will deal with the issue of Heathens, and why the various tree worshippers, perverts, Mohammadens and Sickular Humanists have such issues with the righteous Christians of America.
The plain fact is that Heathens, particularlly Sickular Heathens have a hard time dealing with reality. See, whether you want to believe it or not, you're actions DO have consuquences, and some of those ARE eternal. That is to say, there IS an afterlife, and you WILL be spending it in one of two places.
Now you can deny this. For instance, Sickular Humanists (I call them sick, because they can't use their eyes to PLAINLY see what the Creator, God, has created) deny their being a God. Now that's fine, but denying a thing dosen;t make it any less real. I am sad to inform you that reality will NOT conform to meet your wants/needs/dreams/fantasies.
Since the Bible is the WORD OF GOD, anybody that denies it denies God, and therefore have chosen by their actions to burn in Hell forever. It makes no difference how you justify you're denial and/or rebellion, nor where you live or who you are. In the end, we ALL wqill stand before the Judgement Throne of Jesus Christ, and the Mohammaden, the Sickular Humanist, the Heathen, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Sihk, e.t.c will sadly be cast into the Lake of Fire to burn for all eternity.
So what does the Heathen do, when confronted with THE TRUTH? He or she goes balistic and attempts to attack the messenger. The fact is, there is a huge conspiracy against Christians and against the Truth in the world and in America. Perverts, daydreamers and immoral Heathens wish to take their Satanic lies and convince people it is the Truth. Why? Because in their rebellion, they need others to go along with their perversions, lust and immorality to justify their moral filthiness and immorality.
Sadly to say, to these deluded people, you will not suceed. You're lies can not overcome God or the Truth. Just because you say day is night and night is day, does NOT make it so. All your rebellion is going to get you is a freight elevator trip down to Hell, to burn with the rest of the morons who thought they had arms long enough to box with God.
My advice? Stop your fruitless rebellion and confess the Truth. Jesus IS Lord, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the ONLY way you can save yourself from what you so richly deserve: torment in the deepest, darkest, hottest pit of Hell. You deserve it because you KNEW God existed, yet you rebelled against Him. You KNEW the penalty for your rebellion was eternal torment and banishment, yet you did it any way. You have NO EXCUSE! End your rebellion and accept God's amnesty or learn to swim in the Lake of Fire. Period!

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