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Old 12-08-2009, 03:37 PM
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Default The Education System - A Thought Inhibition

The School System of North America - An Example of Brain Development Manipulation

Male brain development ends average near the age of 21 (neurogenesis after maybe?)
Males are dominant in our world
Our fabricated society trains this gland to think in linear format by raising children in a school environment BECAUSE it trains a childs mind (most maleable point in the minds time besides pre-natal development) to accept thoughts/facts/knowledge projected from a developed
figure as truth* . This leads the child to not question the things it is being told, and thus often taking whats spoken from this percieved authority....
Generally a school timeline without any failed courses and riding the railes looks like this:
Age 4 you enter JK
Age 13 you enter Secondary (High School)
Age 17/18 you're in Post Secondary(University/College)
Degrees average 2-4 years to complete. *Not Masters PHD Doctorate
Therefore you are done your brain development around the same time you are finished blindly intaking information to succeed in the monetary system.
Once your sub-concious and your concious mind(sensory) make this connection repeated times. It's simply a more complex process of muscle memory and as it becomes habitual, your sub-concious slowly treats this message it's sending to your concious mind, as an imperative to learning. Having an authorized source of information instead of a conjured thought from our brain, and using unbiased methods to prove the thought factual or not, hindering and often abolishing critical thinking. This sense of authorization needs to be removed in order for the mind to free itself from tunnel vision. The ability to see things for the truth, to think of things more abstract, to push the potential of human intelligence, and to redocument all true knowledge to date accurately.

The education system of today is morally flawed, and solely exists to sustain the corrupt monetary system.

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