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Old 01-17-2010, 10:06 PM
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Default The Haitian Earthquake - possible use of scalar weaponry?

So it's been known for some time that the United States and possibly Russia have advanced scalar weaponry that utilizes certain aspects of the natural environment to wreak absolutely horrific and widespread devastation on planned, selected areas of the globe. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, and floods - all are part of the scalar weapons arsenal. Such weapons are ultimately weapons of warfare, but also weapons of political intimidation. They all have been linked to the past work of Nikolai Tesla, and more recently Bernard Eastlund, both of whose studies with electromagnetic scalar waves and the methods to generate and focus such large quantities of energy have produced weapons of truly sci-fi proportion.

So whenever a disaster of the likes of the Haiti earthquake arises, one would be foolish not to question the possibility of a potential scalar weapons strike. The epicenter of the Haitian earthquake was located near Port-Au-Prince, the heaviest populated area of the country, and occurred at such a shallow depth as to completely maximize the destructiveness of this 7.0 quake. Although not conclusive, this definitely points in the direction of a premeditated scalar weapons strike. The question quite simply is, "who is to benefit?"

Much of the heaviest populated area of Haiti is now an uninhabitable wasteland - all that is left of a greater part of an already impoverished, desperate country. Possibly hundreds of thousands dead and conceivably millions made homeless. Focus on the millions made homeless.

Over the next several months President Obama is going to be pressed into accepting hundreds of thousands if not millions of Haitian refugees into this country. Haiti is a country with a number of AIDS cases far out of proportion with its population. How is this going to play out for Obama politically? The blatant truth here is that most of the white population in this country, over whom Obama holds only a very tenuous political grip, is not going to be receptive to the idea of a black president allowing such an enormous tide of impoverished black immigration into the US, and at a time of economic recession and high unemployment. The people who orchestrated this atrocity were keenly aware of this before they initiated it. That is the rationale - the diabolical scheme here. This was a deliberate attempt to ultimately destroy Obama's political base.

I could be completely wrong. This may have very well been a natural disaster. But given the unhesitating use of these weapons on the world and even our own country, particularly by the Bush Administration, and likely by other Republican administrations, one would have to wonder. More disturbingly, this calls into question who ultimately controls these weapons, as it appears they are controlled at this time by pathological elements outside of the elected Washington government. It might be time to seriously consider leaving the country.

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