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Old 02-26-2010, 02:22 PM
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Default How"They?" Do It With Us....

All of us, are brought out into society.
Some of us, are societies' outcasts.

Am of the opinion, based on my own story:
that "they?", start with us before we are born AND
carry on with us, even after, this life is over.
"They?", are able to see "the future",
in this "man-made" existence of ours, quite accurately.
Everyone is pretty-well "locked-in" to "their?", overall concept.
"Their?" concept, covers our entire all, in us be.
Some of us, get left behind, as they continue on,
from one lifetime to the next lifetime.

How "They?" do it:
To start with, as far as us - had to be, in the human lifeform goes,
here on present-day planet Earth, isn't the beginning of anything.
"They?", actually started from, we were to - go extinct,
as far as "our-kind" goes. Unknown, how far back, our history goes.(?)
Looks like, we are going to be, rising up from the ruins instead.

Unknown how long ago it was, BUT - "our kind" got vanquished.
"They?", wanted to be "rid" of us, once and for all, (back then).
However, that outright conclusion, isn't happening.

Unknown, if we were in the human lifeform - before being vanquished.
We are, however, in the human lifeform, after though.
We will be, in the human lifeform, for the duration of this "captivity" we're in.
Outright, what lifeform we are, is not a "real" issue, any time soon, anyway.

"They?" have it all over us, from above and beyond...
we are currently being "processed", by means of - one lifetime to the next.
As far as the "connecting" past lifetime(s) and future lifetimes go,
we are being "cultivated" and "harvested". Unknown what "their?" aims are.

Historically, we are all in this together, however, it all comes down to
each and every one of us, separate, of the whole. No weak links, is why.

Roughly, what goes on, upfront...
most people, appear to be "had", and are locked in, (for now)
to living out their lives, as they are, in these lifetimes.
Along the lines of:
those that still are alive, at the end of this lifetime,
will be continued with, in the next lifetime, or even in a later lifetime.
Whatever age one is at, is subject to change, most likely
it will be in relation to your - state of now.

Some people, seemingly - not too many -
will find themselves "left behind" by the lifetime, they were in.

What goes on with these people, from myself to go by:
we are confined to our immediate vicinity, here, where I am, as far as I go.
This "confinement" is by - invisible, means. Not by "see-able" ways.

We are "induced" by "them?", to turn out, preferrably - no good. "Their?" aims.
However, we turn out, more favourable - in ourselves, than "they?" would have

"They?" give "us" a "overall" view of "existence". Vague view.
Mostly "they?" want to - precondition us. Brainwash. Shape our minds.
"They?" want us wrapped-up, in one of their concepts of everything.
Getting it through our heads, seems to be a stumbling-block, for "them?".
Is unlikely, because of ourselves, in my case, anyway. (quite gullable)

More so than anything else, "their?" undoing, seems to be -
a lack of, involving themselves, directly - with us.
We, seem to be, quite vulnerable, to "them?".

How, "life" has gone on...
to start with, "they?" have the goods on us, through and through.
We are "riddled" throughout, to no "wits" end. (up-front, anyway)

The way things have gone on: is pretty-well "au contraire",
to anything and everthing yourself. Trying to "beat" us down.
Up-front, we are beatable down. However, "it's a miracle", we keep ticking.

Our private and work-a-day life, is a "shambles". "Now - look at you".(?)
However, we do have our, "cotton-picken" minds, somewhere in "left field".

When did this "lifetime" start?
I was somewhere between - 1 to 3 years old.
According to my birth certificate, I was born in 1955.
Going by my age characteristics, it was 1956 to 1958.
This "lifetime" appears to have started around 1950. Give/take a few years.

Not everyone in this lifetime, started out from early years.
Some people were in their later years, seemingly 70 and up.
Some were 40 and up, 30 and up, 20 and up, in their teens, and younger too.

Not sure what goes on with people "born" in this lifetime.
The "ones" I have to go by, are nephews and nieces:
they "appear" to be pre-programmed. Set in their ways - without being.

Family life would have it at, I was the "odd" one out.
Relatives are pretty-well distant. No immediate relatives around.
There was one aunt, one uncle, and one grandmother. Seldom in contact.
The "family-line" can be seen as - die-ing out. (mostly died out)

For the most part...
we - the ones being left behind by this lifetime, are kept out of
the world around us. Mostly "affected" as we go on - to be that way.

"They?" have everything covered, every "ping" of the way.
We appear to be, nowhere in sight of, managing, through our years here.
(in the world around us)
"They?" inundate us, with problems all around, to disrupt any functionality.

Life around, where I am...
There doesn't "appear" to be - anyone around, like me.
Most people "seem" to be "had" by "what?" goes on, from above and beyond.
Some people "appear" to be - more relaitive - now, isn't the time, though.

Most of what has gone on - has been by "verbal" means.
Physical "altercations" have been - short-lived - in the present day way.
Most of the time, the activity, has been contained, to the immediate vicinity,
real close up - at times. Usually within a confined space.

There's been a "lot" of talk of things to do with "existence", here and ???
However, there is no real "substance" to the talk of things around.

There hasn't been "much" contact - outside of the immediate vicinity.
There has been some though. Usually "note-able" people.
Hard to say, to what extent, they were really there, except, taken to be.
Chances are that it has been, both - real and not real.

Where are - these goings' on?:
Now-a-days it's all - in my head - thing about it.

However, the way it has gone on:

Chronological time, the way we tell time - going by,
is known as the "here".
The "acivity", does not go on - in the - present-day world.

The "experiences", mostly go on in, the "not-here".
The "not-here" would be - out of - known time.
Ranging between, short periods of time and "however?" long it was.
"They?" are above and beyond us - now you see you - now you don't, ways of.

There seems to be, no real connection, between the "here" and the "not-here".
However, there are "signs" of a connection, but it is "faint".
Most likely it was wanted to be hidden, more so than not.

I do not have - an active - imagination.
Am not very creative, at all.

It is - unlikely - that - where I am,
is the "only" - local area - that - "what's?' going on,
is happening in.

I suspect - there are other areas - throughout the world.

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