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Old 05-12-2010, 10:23 AM
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Smile The Holocaust: A Memorial Of Another Kind The Authentic Jewish Voice Has Its Say!


Religious Jews, survivors and victims of the Holocaust, will for the first time since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany, make a public appearance in Germany and express their view of history. They contend that the leadership of the Zionist state has no right to exploit the Jewish victims of World War II for their political goals, to evade criticism, or as an "alibi" for the oppression of the Palestinian people. This is especially true since the Palestinian people share no responsibility for the crimes of the Hitler regime.

These religious Jews come to deliver a new message: a plea for justice, together with the religious conviction that God is ultimately behind the steering wheel of history. At the same time, they appeal for a new beginning in relations between Jews and non-Jewish Germans, on the basis of mutual respect.

What lessons do religious Jews learn from the Holocaust? And where does Torah-loyal Judaism stand today on the issue of the slow genocide being committed against the Palestinian people?

The above questions and more will be discussed by the following speakers:

Rabbi Moshe Ber Beck (USA) Holocaust survivor
Rabbi Yisrael David Weiss (USA) Grandparents murdered in Auschwitz
Rabbi Ahron Cohen (UK) Holocaust survivor
Rabbi Jouseph Antebi (Jerusalem, NL, Berlin) Victim of Zionist persecution
Reuven Cabelman (Berlin, Antwerp)
Berlin spokesman for the Neturei Karta International and organizer of the Press Conference
Moderator: Christoph Hörstel (Neue Mitte)

Watch the video here:
The Holocaust: A Memorial of Another Kind

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Old 05-12-2010, 10:04 PM
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Default Re: The Holocaust: A Memorial Of Another Kind The Authentic Jewish Voice Has Its Say!

See you later, SEC.

Ah, hopefully, not.

You've been linked with the "CELL" I uncovered.

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