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Old 05-22-2010, 11:52 AM
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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Originally Posted by superted View Post
"multi billion dollar conglomerate enterprises" isn't that what tobacco companies are?

Let us all smell the coffee and realise a few things,

1. I'm a future doctor trained to help, look after and cure people!
Yeah righteo...NOW who's blowin smoke...
You are nothing but a future dooshbag in a cloak prescribing pills. Any monkey can do what you are about to set your life in doing. You're not going to help anyone. You are FORBIDDEN by LAW to help anyone. You MUST, by LAW, abide by doctrinated remedies and treatments. You may NOT come to your OWN conclusions. You will lose your license and even face jail.

The best doctor I ever had, prescribed me pills when I was sick, but urged...no...stressed that I don't touch them. Then why did he prescribe them?? Because he has to, by LAW. He MUST make these so called "cures" available to me, otherwise I could even sue his ass. Bit ridiculous isn't it? But that's how it is. Good luck with that. Good luck with unwillfully having to prescribe poisons to children that will not only sicken them, but sicken their preceding generations.

Originally Posted by superted View Post
"3. 99% of the science without a doubt proves that smoking is acutely bad for you!
Did you mean to write..actually....or is smoking acutely bad for you? Define acutely bad.

Which science is this? Oh, that's right, the only science that counts to the Medical Board. 99% of this science, is fabricated. People die of diseases all the time..but if they were smokers..oh!! Smoking caused it! See...it's bad for you. We better subliminally advertise it, increase the poisons, tax the crap out of it, and make some serious money.

Didn't we all come to the conclusion that crossing the road is also bad for you?

And didn't you, yourself, come to the realisation, without any information actually coming from those who are so-called educating you to...ahem...heal and cure others, that tobacco itself is also known to be beneficial? Why haven't you been taught ALL the facts? Isn't your education, you think, a little biased?

Originally Posted by superted View Post
"It's pretty obvious you guys that call yourselves 'open minded' (and me closed minded PAH!) are obviously addicted and you can't bear to face the fact that your death is more than likely to be caused by smoking. Rather than grow a set and get some will power you'd rather ignore the MOUNTAINS of science and pretend it's all a 'conspiracy'. When you lying in your early death bed in severe pain, it'll be the doctor you'll want then!
No, it'll be more drugs that I'll want.

Do you have any idea what kind of "set" and will power you got to have just to keep on smoking? lol. I'm not addicted to anything besides slapping fascists to the floor in forums like this. I CHOOSE to smoke, because I LOVE IT gotammit!!

Dying is a guarantee. But can you guarantee ANYONE who DOESN'T smoke, that they will live healthy and die painlessly? Of course you can't, so go have a coke and a smile and you know the rest...

Originally Posted by BlueAngel
"What was that you said about another poster's mother when you were commonsense?!"
Hahahaha....well that explains everything!

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