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Old 05-31-2010, 12:58 AM
BlueAngel BlueAngel is offline
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Default Rules of Engagment

becoming a member of these domains, you agree to the following:
1). Posting: Be respectful.

1a) Offensive Content: You wonít post it.
1b.) Profanity: You wonít direct it at another user.
1c.) Intellectual Property: Donít steal content. Period.
1d.) Cross-Posting: You wonít post the same post in more than one location.
1e.) Recruitment/Solicitation: You won't collect personal info of members for any reason.
1f.) Relevant Content: Stay on-topic in threads.
1g.) Political Baiting: Be respectful.
1h.) Spamming: Donít spam.
1i.) Language: Post in English.
1j.) Video links/embeds: Describe anything you link to in a post. Donít just post it.
1k.) Affiliate links: You shouldnít include them in your post.
1l.) Hotlinking: Donít do it unless you ask the owner.

2) Behavior: Be respectful.

2a.) Identity Spoofing: Be yourself and not someone else. Only you can use your account.
2b.) HaXor: No computer hacking.
2c.) Multiple Accounts: Don't do it.
2d.) Forum Gangs: Don't start or participate in one.
2e.) Illicit Activity: Donít be a user here.
2f.) Private Messages: Don't spam our members.
2g.) Board Wars: Don't engage in them.
2h.) Public Affection: Donít be overt.
2i.) Warez: Donít do it.
2j.) Personal information: Donít share your personal info--this is the Internet.
2k.) Obstructing the discussion: Keep it to a minimum.
2l.) Racial slurs: Never, ever. Donít do it.

3) Content Copyright: Your posts are yours, be we can use them.

3a) Content Distribution: Share and share alike.
3b) DMCA Enforcement: We will protect what you post here.

3c) If you think someone has stolen data then let us know.

4) Advertising: No posts advertising your stuff--even if it is a charity.

4a) Unauthorized Marketing: ATTENTION MARKETERS: No posts advertising anything.
4b) Ad Blockers: We would appreciate you not blocking our primary source of income.

5) Personal Responsibilities: We are all adults here so act like one.

5a) Unauthorized Access: Don't be a hacker or spammer.
5b) Cooperation: Let us know and we will do what we can to help.

6) Disclaimer: We canít possibly see everything.

6a) Disclosure: If the government want something, they can get it.
6b) Neutrality: We endorse no posts or topics.
6c) No Guarantee: We do the best we can.
6d) Experts Advice: We do not claim to be authoritative. Go to a doctor or a lawyer if you need one.
6e) Loss: We are not responsible for any damages or problems you might have by using our site.

7) Violation: If you ignore or donít follow the terms, you might be banned.

8) Right of Community Management: We can and probably will ban trolls on-sight.

9) Age: If you are under 14, this is not the place for you.

If you are between 14 and 18 you need parental/guardian permission to participate in our message board(s).
10) Post-Count Boosting: Post real comments.

If you join or post on our message board(s) you agree to all of the above.

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