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Old 06-06-2010, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by ibeme View Post
One thing I wana say is

Crusades....a time when all christians marched into middle east and killed all none believers...actualy you know what is also funny....alot of time christian prisoners where taken and released back to there people, thats was of course untill the christians kept doing the oposit.

Anyway did you not know that recently in Iran there was an election and that most of the people wanted change...especialy the young....they actualy wana become more westernised and when the elections ended in the good guy loseing the elections there was riots all in iran and that the real guy in charge (there is actualy a guy in Iran i forget what hes called who is actualy above there president and can effectivly make a big difrence) he was on the side of the president they still have in charge who hates the west and blardy blah. Well i think that maybe the real powers in controle in Iran are controled by the same powers controleing most the world and then in taht case i find it funny how obama sent a message to Iran saying about how they support there want for change and everything....which proberly helped inspired alot of free thinkin iranians to riot and such after in all createin what the ppl around the world who are at the top want...chaos.
possible anyway.....never forget i never say what i say is true....i just say its possible.....i also think its possible for all the mouslims islamic or not in the world to want to wage war on everybody and kill and slaughter and form a islamic nation and such even if kept secret by most lol....buuut to me that seems much more un likely....my opinion

Oh and by the way kerry im only 20 not that i think age in most cases actualy makes that much of a difrence but i do respect that you have been around alot longer then me. You should check out the new game "Red Dead Redemption"............brilliant game lol

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