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Old 06-06-2010, 11:34 PM
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Default The Global Carbon market Conspiracy to privatize the ownership of planetary life!

Read the complete article on that blog (full text and links):
The Global Carbon market Conspiracy to privatize the ownership of planetary life Geopolitics News

After surfing the world news on and off for many years, I came to feel emerging the big picture of something huge unfolding! The recent events have confirmed me that we are coming to the climax of the world biggest conspiracy to see the light in Human History!

The recent climatic woes in the US, China, Russia and Europe have put the world focus on climate changes. During that period we saw 2 global carbon market summits in December 2009 and later on in Copenhagen. Both summits failed to set up a carbon market across the globe, mainly because of China and Russia oppositions. In fact the global carbon market is already in place since Kyoto, but not all countries have signed it while others have only partial limitations due to their lower economic status (like China), and this global market is seen as the solution that the world needs to fight climatic changes, since it sets, for now, a cap on CO2 emissions and creates a market for those who can save on their emissions, while others can’t (so they buy from others that have saved their carbon emission), thus creating in fact a new economic model that can offset the fossil fuels consumptions, mainly seen as the culprit behind our global climate changes.

So basically this is what the carbon market is all about… But for those who can anticipate the future, this is a huge Trojan horse! Actually this market grows every year to between 68% and 90% since 2006. It has reach more than 200 billions across the world, and is poised to grow much much bigger very fast! Why? Simply because carbon market is not all about fossils fuels, it is all about our planet ecosystem! Because CO2 is the exhausted of ALL life on Earth… In fact here’s the definition of CO2:

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used by plants during photosynthesis to make sugars, which may either be consumed in respiration or used as the raw material to produce other organic compounds needed for plant growth and development. It is produced during respiration by plants, and by all animals, fungi and microorganisms that depend either directly or indirectly on plants for food. It is thus a major component of thecarbon cycle. Carbon dioxide is generated as a by-product of the combustion of fossil fuels or the burning of vegetable matter, among other chemical processes. Amounts of carbon dioxide are emitted fromvolcanoes and other geothermal processes such as hot springs and geysers and by the dissolution of carbonates in crustal rocks.

So the carbon market appear to be the blue prints of the monetization of our planet ecosystem, since everything that breath is liable to enter that market sooner or later! And even worst, it will in the end set a price for ALL life on Earth, which means that the world richest peoples will be capable to purchase ALL life on Earth and becomes the private owners of all living things on Earth! It will in effect unite the world, but in order for private investors to own our planet, they need to get rid of the U.N (because it is our governments that lead the U.N not the private sector)!! Thats where the conspiracy takes an interesting turn, especially now!

The South Korean Cheonan corvette sunk allegedly by North Korea torpedo, is now subject of much world scrutiny! In fact Seoul just submit to the U.N a resolution pushing them to punish North Korea, which in turn have warned of a war on the Korean peninsula if the UN was used to punish them (seen as provocation).

So whats the purpose of this event in relation with carbon market? Well, left alone it is not really that important, but another event needs to be introduced, so you will see the complete picture of what is really happening here!

The Gaza blockade which has caused the raid on the Humanitarian ship has bring upon Israel calls for a full UN inquiry of the incident which happens in international water.

Then of course we have the U.S that are still pushing the Iranian issue to the U.N for new sanction to be held against the Teheran regime.

All in all, it is a pretty busy week for the U.N! And as events will unfold soon, for everyone to see, those events will shape the future of our world! The challenges ahead for the U.N to make the right decisions are huge, because the main purpose for the creation of the U.N is to enforce world peace, thus if it fails to do that, it serves no purpose to maintain its current structure! One must understand that the current carbon market is being built under the UN leaderships and needs its approval to expend! But the last two summits have failed to create a global concensus, thus putting pressures on the conspiracy leaders to push even further their plan to spread their influences and this carbon market to all world countries. But this can’t be done with a solid UN leadership in place! So those conspiracy leaders seeks to undermine this UN leadership, by making it fail its mandate! Many Americans resent the powers of the UN and it can be clearly felt in the medias that they do seek to get rid of it!

In order to break the UN back, both at home and abroad a series of incidents are planned to make this happens! In Israel, the UN leadership can be mislead in many ways, either by asking the removal of the Gaza blockade or by the probing of the Israeli raid, which could bring the Israeli on the back of the UN and go for a kill (because it is no secret that Israel hates the UN, and never respected their leaderships). Actually the ways that this situation may affect the U.N leaderships are numerous, because everything that will touch Israel security can easily backfire on the U.N since for example, if it forces the end of the Gaza blockade, this might allow the Hamas to bring a bomb or two and attack Israel with it, causing very large causalities, and putting this region ablaze. So in many ways, this could backfire and the U.N leaderships blamed for it! So it is even more evident in the Korean peninsula, since the situation is really dire! If Seoul succeeds to push sanctions against the North, the region might see a war erupt, therefore the U.N would have failed to bring back peace in that part of the world too! Lets not talk about Iran… That too could easily backfire.

In other words, what we see here, seems to be events that have been engineered by globalist elite to bring down the U.N leaderships to its knees and discredits its power in front of the rest of the world! It might not be dismantle, but countries won’t trust its leadership and its structure anymore, thus they might not hesitate jumping in the Global Carbon market bandwagon without the U.N Spearheading. The offer has already been set, but now the only thing missing is a set of major leaderships failures from the U.N!

In case of doubts, many begin to feel that the Cheonan attack might be in fact a false flag operation lead by the US, that was participating in a joint anti-sub exercise with the South Korea just few miles away, the same DAY! Then, the Humanitarian raid, could have been easily anticipated by this elite, knowing full well the Israeli reactions to such provocations. Even the Israeli have seen this as a pure provocations even before the raid occurrance! As for Iran situation, it has lingered at the helm of the U.N leadership for a very long time, and US patience is running thin, but they can’t afford yet another war without the support of the U.N (like it was the case in Irak). So they need to scrap U.N support at home to wage another war with Iran. Things that is slowly happening. So it appears that this conspiracy helps the global elite on 2 fronts, one to take control of the world by private means, using the carbon market as proxy and the other, to bring Iran to the knees of world elite by military powers (that requires population supports).

P.S: for those who do not like the U.N: it is the only world democratic structure, without it, our elite can do whatever they wants... Its a watchdog! Losing it will bring freedom to its knees even more so than today!! So be warn about what to expect if you wish the U.N to disappear!

Read the complete article on that blog (full text and links):
The Global Carbon market Conspiracy to privatize the ownership of planetary life Geopolitics News

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