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Old 06-27-2010, 05:27 AM
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Default The Martian Masons

The Christ Messenger part 7 (27th June 2010) Today, we'll learn about the Martian Masons. Remember the Masons play with words, e.g. Mars becomes Rams (symbolic horns + RAMS Head pubs) and Arms (Freemasons Arms). See earlier Christ Messenger part 5 about the Roman Masons. It was believed that all Romans (anag mason) were descendants of Mars. The Martian Masons are serious about this, including their Roman God of War. It's all over the Net about Masonic NASA and their obsession with Mars. Google "19.5" or "Cydonia" or "Olympus Mons" or "Face on Mars". It is common knowledge that Brotherhood members will change their names to show loyalty and for ulterior motives.....

Second Family (UK) is our free Masonic victim support group (communications almost blocked, wonder why?) and we have noticed these MARtian Mason name-connections. Michael MARtin (former Speaker in Parliament). Michael MARtin (useful idiot) works in admin at UGLE. George MARtin (Masonic Beatles producer), I met George Martin when I was working as security for a paltry 2 an hour. It was another Masonic set-up and they knew who I was. I shook GM's hand and had a chat at The DOMINION Theatre, London 1988 approx. (Masons are known as MINIONS, soldiers to Satan's evil cause). I also met/hand shook with Occultic Robert Plant (Zepp), Phil Collins, Kate Bush, etc. I did not idolise any of them, I could only think about how much plunder was in Satan's handshakes. It was a Prince CHARles (CHAR fish-names and RAH sun God, very symbolic to them) charity gig. I even had a beer with Plant and Collins. Anyway, here are the MARtian names the Masonic father will give to his offspring. MARk, MARtine, MARy, MARion, MARilyn, MARtin, MARie, MARi, etc. Don't forget they play with words, RAMS (Sheep) + ARMS (Coat of). This will lead you onto BraeMAR and Masonic MARbella, etc. The Brotherhood in Hendon took me to days out in RAMSgate and MARgate. Masons will live in or associate with these symbolic place-names. This is just a small part of your wake up call.....

The Occult consistently use their low level drones to persecute me and to gaslight (sow seeds/lies) . It is also a way for the Occult to let you know something. Since I was a child, my own real brothers and my best friend's minds were stolen and used to persecute me. I will prove to you that the Occult (and God) know the future. The pagan-masons (I didn't know then) took me camping and fishing. Every place-name they took me to is relevant to my destiny and Satan's numerous attempts to destroy me. These place-names were manipulated by higher forces (not in any order). Abbey's Loch (local)..... Hillend Reservoir (hill means hell) at Caldercruix, right next the Masonic Police's favourite Lily Loch, google "Lilith"..... Loch Arkaig (Ark) another time where the Masonic brotherhood attempted to murder me..... Loch Achray (Arch)..... Balmaha (Baal) on Masonic Loch Lomond (with power stations)..... St. Catherine's Bay on Loch Fyne. While camping at St. Catherine's, the pagan-masons would sneak off to a pub called The Whistlefield Inn, near Dunoon. It was a pagan-masonic pub draped in witchcraft/occultic symbols and stuffed animal heads (with HORNS of course). Approx. 1985 era. The pub has been revamped and some locals will say nothing..... Loch Katrine (PMs love Cats/Kats)..... Masonic Loch Awe (PORTsonachan) opposite the Occultic Serpent's Cruachan Power Station..... River Leven (Evel)..... River Kelvin (Evil)..... Pass Of Brander (Ref to "Passover")..... St. Fillans on Loch Earn, a favourite Occultic area (with power station, the Occult love them), google St. Fillans..... River FORTH in the FINtry Hills, Masons love anything Four/Fourth (four sides to a Square, Google "Square and Compass").....

I experienced heavy Masonic Theatre/Skits/Gaslighting every time we went fishing/camping. I now recognise most of the STASI signs (and words/code) made mostly behind my back as they were all part of the Brotherhood. I have all the photographs. There is much, much more. We could have gone to thousands of other nondescript places but I now know that I had to go through this in order to teach you about this invisible Satanic evil. I have tried to talk to them but they are controlled by fear and everybody has bills to pay for the Satanic elite lifestyle/opulence (temporary).....

One of these pagan-masons who came fishing-camping is called Peter. I've had 40 years of harassment (mind games-gaslighting) from this pretend friend. Peter is also the guy in the Bible who done the dirty on Jesus. Can you now see how Satan works? but God knew I would take all the hits so that I could teach you. In the divine cosmos, everyone has a price to pay. Step outside Satan's illusion, switch off his media and tune in to your right-sided brain (see Jellyfish below).....

The Jellyfish. There are three types of people, Left Brainers, Right Brainers and No Brainers. Left brainers are trapped inside the illusion, Right brainers are spiritual, creative and aware. No brainers are Jellyfish, they just bob up and down in the sea without being able to understand anything. Some Jellyfish sting others who do not bob along with the Criminal Elite's agenda.....

Message to all of my low-level Brotherhood perps, I forgive you. I know you think you have been chosen to serve Satan and will hear nothing about you being used/conned. I am living proof that you will be judged by God, you still have a choice to make. Who can you trust when your body suit turns to dust? I keep telling you this is not about me. The criminal elite don't care about "YOU". Cut the strings, stop being a puppet and open their closed doors. You Tube "The Love Police".....

Credit Crunch? yeah RITE. Where did all the money go? The criminal Illuminati-Masonic Bankers are still counting it. Has the penny dropped yet? Because that's about all you have left and still they want more. If you do nothing, they win. Do not waste your time on the small stuff, focus on the Criminal Mason's network. Google "Freemasonrywatch org" or Google "LJPR dot INFO".....

If you want to spot a pagan-mason defending Satan. Read how they cherry-pick one word or sentence from good people's posts. They try to waste your time or shoot you down. They do this mainly in the forums, all from behind the curtains using an alias.Talking about Jellyfish (smile). Please copy and forward to all you care about or read the earlier Christ Messenger posts.....

Peace, love and FR33DOM from Joseph Stirling Christie aka The Shepherd (100% genuine). Never be controlled by fear. CM part 8 to follow soon.

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