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Old 08-14-2010, 11:45 PM
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Default Re: What's Happening To America ?

The group of beings in control have no ties to religious, political, financial, and scientific parties, unless you count them controlling them.

Saying any religion is in control of anything other than deception is silly.

To say that one political puppet or the other is a puppet is silly... they all are.

To say that a certain bank owner is evil and greedy is silly, they all are.

To say that certain scientific mysteries are kept from the public is silly, only certain things are told to the public, the rest is swept under the rug.

The reality of the matter is there exists a group that uses mind control, silent war tactics, and confusion as its tools for domination. They have been at work for many generations and need to be stopped. We won't stop them until we wake up so we can see them for who they are. All this finger pointing at groups of people, lumping them all into a category and sending negative energy their way..... It's destructive to not only them, but to all of us and most important YOU!

Wake up people! Don't listen to the views of the media and your neighbors! Find out all the facts for yourself, then see what you think. Allow others to have their own opinions as well, even if they conflict with yours.

The biggest problem this country has is the FEDERAL RESERVE. Our government is supposed to print our money, yet a few of the major bank owners got together secretly to make a deal. Now our government allows a private company to print our money at a cost to our taxpayers. Problem is if 1 dollar costs a few cents to print, where do we get the few cents? Pretty soon we are in debt over our heads as a nation, but at least we have plenty of paper money in circulation right?

Fix this problem like Andrew Jackson did, abolish the Federal Reserve! Once the central banking system falls, the same evil tyrants will come back trying to assert control by other means. That's when you point them out for what they are in public so we all can see. Lets Stand up and do something! Stop the corruption, control, fear, hate, mind control, poverty, forced dehumanization.

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