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Old 10-03-2010, 08:26 AM
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Default Truthers, I'm just as distrustful as the next guy is of government

I read this person comment on the Yahoo blog, and it made me wonder, how many more people think like this and why.

Here his quote.

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Samwise 5 hours ago Report Abuse
Truthers, I'm just as distrustful as the next guy is of government. Yes, there have been attempted cover-ups and malfeasance by governments in the past. A little distrust of government is a good thing. But what you people are suggesting is just nuts!

It's one thing to embrace doubt, but it's another to marry it and spawn a mutated love-child with it!

You people scare me!

There's no point in arguing with you. Over and out!
9/11 conspiracy theories rife in Muslim world - Yahoo! News

and I am just amazed at how Americans can admit to the government's deceiving history, yet find 9/11 Conspiracy theorist to be nuts for questioning the government.

I just am not understanding this logic. It contradicts itself. Why do so many people believe the US gov couldnt do such a act and kill innocent people?

just look at the Freedom of Information Act, and you can see the US gov even created the HIV/AIDS virus, and injected it into Africans and New York gay men. come on,,, if the gov can do that, why couldnt they fly a plane into a building killing many, without remorse?

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