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Old 01-22-2011, 04:13 PM
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Default Forsyth County schools want to monitor and restrict free speech

Source: 1st Amendment threatened under Forsyth County NC Schools crackdown on social networks | USWGO Alternative News

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

As our public education system furthers to fail and decline while their budgets are being tightened, now Superintendent Don Martin looks to change policies regarding how students should and should not use social networks off school grounds and on school grounds under the guise to protecting teachers from gossip, slander, and other online abuses.

According to the Winston Salem Journal because of students that lie and verbally abuse teachers on social networks this will now Negatively affect students that have been privately abused by teachers and students that have been privately attacked by teachers but not have any proof to start a lawsuit or get the teacher fired for attacking the student.

So now it looks like School Administrators are wooing and cheering on the very possible idea of monitoring all the students social networking pages as America heads more into Tyranny and public school Indoctrination programs while training students to report suspicious behavior even their own parents via the Red Dirt Ready Campaign and 'If you see something say something campaign'.

Of course we all understand that few to some kids depending on the district will always lie and make fun of their teachers and that will always happen on social networks and even off those networks. Also there are probably students that didn't lie or even slander their teachers but are being labeled as slandering their teachers. Therefore the more Schools start monitoring and scrutinizing their students behavior the more indoctrination and control kids will feel under a mandated public education system.

Also this may mean that if a student at a school says political satires or political opinions that the School Administration does not favor could they suspend a student from participating in public school even throw the parents into prison.

Already some to many schools are already forcing all their students into inoculations or they cannot attend school thus the parent/s can be thrown into prison for failing to give their child a proper education due to refusing vaccinations.

Now School Systems are cracking down even further on Free Speech. Some examples of Public School Tyranny were that school security targeted a activist because of his poster painting the President in a negative manner.

Even a student was suspended for wearing a T-Shirt criticizing Obama with his political opinion.

Even a political activist was attacked and harassed by School Public Officials then forced to obey a harassment restraining Order for his political viewpoints at his high school.

So does this mean that School Administrators can monitor students social networking pages, punish students for their political views and satires, and even report them to Homeland Security at Will? and how will they enforce it?

Well one of the ways School Administrators could monitor students social networking profiles is by forcing the use of a Internet ID because then under the guise to stop social network abuse and slander they could ask Internet Service Providers to report their students social networking profile URLs via their Internet ID.

So the 1st amendment is again threatened under a public education system that has been in further decline since No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

The real truth about slander is it will always happen. People can lie about teachers and School Administrators anywhere and everywhere and doesn't even need the Internet to do it. Same goes to a Gun Control argument that a crook doesn't have to use a gun to kill or rob people. They could use slingshots, samurai swords, poison gas, and other weapons of choice. So the abuse against teachers argument will only further decline Free Speech rights On Campus and even off Campus. This further will teach students that they really have no rights since there are chances they could be abusive or even do graffiti. This further indoctrinates our children to believe that rights don't matter in this illusion of a Free Society.

The first way to destroy a Free Society is by indoctrinating the children that they have no rights or Free Will. The second way is to set up Death Panels to kill grandma, grandpa, and even retired Veterans so nobody can teach their grandchildren or youth about the fact our country used to be Free and had more Liberties. Then the third way is to get kids to turn in their parents and other kids as terrorists to Homeland Security so they can either be executed or put into a FEMA Emergency camp. Then the forth thing is to drug up the students and adults to high hell that they can no longer be Independent, unique, or even think for themselves as America further falls into a 1984 Orwellian Police State.
It's all for our security and teachers security right?

Now if your teacher has abused you and want to speak out you can shut up now or else get suspended forever!

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