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Old 03-20-2011, 05:08 PM
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Default Re: david icke forums censored

Originally Posted by true-lilly View Post
"WE"? 'you' 'think' and speak 'for' EVERY INDIVIDUAL Member here? Isn't that a little like The FACIST DICTATORS of the "NWO PTB" that CONspiracy forums 'claim' to be 'fighting'. Which brings me to my point; it's NOT just me, but COUNTLESS REAL INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS, getting BANNED all over The CONspiracy Industry NETwork, FOR EXPOSING The SECRET CONspiracy Industry AGENDA...and 'you', BlueAngel, BRAG that 'you' ARE KEEN TO SERVE THAT SECRET AGENDA, by also THREATENING TO BAN those who Join a thread Here, on That Very Topic!
Obviously, I serve no secret agenda, but you do.

I speak for and represent this forum as in "WE."

If you don't like my status, I suggest you go somewhere else.

Therefore, as I said, WE are not the least bit interested in what forums you are a member and which forums have banned you and why.

CC exists for more important matters such as exposing government conspiracies that are detrimental to the people of the world and being banned from a website/forum does not expose a government conspiracy that is detrimental to the people of the world.

Therefore, I did not threaten to ban you for exposing a government conspiracy that is detrimental to the people of the world.

I threatened to ban you for bringing your griping here about being banned from other forums of which you are a member.

As I said, being banned from an Internet forum does not expose a conspiracy that is detrimental to the people of the world.

It is a grievance.

So, do tell.

What "secret" government information were you exposing on these forums that cost you your membership?


Expose them here.

That is exactly why CC exists.

TO expose the SECRET Government's conspiracies'.

Being banned from an Internet forum does not expose the Secret Government's conspiracies' unless you can prove that you have "expert status" and divulged SENSITIVE/Classified information on these forums and, thus, the reason for your banishment.

Tell us what "SENSITIVE" and/or "CLASSIFIED' information you posted on these forums that was cause for you banishment.

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