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Old 04-02-2011, 05:03 AM
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Default Why are the "Movies" So Naff?

When I watch movies at home I sit down expecting a short evening of entertainment but half way through I will start thinking, "How long does this film go on for?"

Let's face it the movie must be boring if your thinking that half way through.....!

Looking at the matter critically I often observe that the acting is very good, indeed the acting in most movies is of a very high standard indeed. Also the overall quality of the production is very high.

So what is the problem exactly?

It's the storyline, the script.

It's just so often the case that no imagination has gone into the storyline at all. It's one platitude after another. And you often left thinking, "I could have written a better storyline myself".

I once watched a documentary on TV about the film industry and one of the chief scriptwriters in the American film industry was interviewed. And believe me it was very much a case of seeing is believing! He had long hair passed his shoulders, wore a studded denim jacket, wasn't exactly eloquent either and looked everything like a biker (in fact I'm sure he probably was).

Well if people like this are writing the scripts is it a surprise they are a bit on the boring side?

Another practice I have heard of regarding scriptwriting are scripts written through the "Old Boy Network". In other words some leading politician in the US or some other person of influence has own efforts at scriptwriting accepted by some buddy in the film industry.

And of course the results are going to be rather amateurish and self-indulgent..............

So the next time you see that shocking "video nasty" at the cinema, just think some leading statesman could have written the storyline.............!

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