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Old 06-01-2005, 08:38 PM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Programmed Trauma-Based Structured Dissociation - :-o :-o :-o

BlueAngel, I’ve been here somewhere in the background. I looked over the 2 links provided by “Bouncer” & in particular I looked for the word “cage” & started reading. “It’s incredible”,… that’s the best I can do to describe it. I came across a term, “PTSD”, but I did not find it defined anywhere. From the rest of the text, the best I could do is put together the following – “Programmed Trauma-Based Structured Dissociation”, but I am not certain that is what it stands for. Perhaps you know…

A while back, I had rented a DVD movie w/ Bridget Fonda, “Point of No Return” (1993), http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&id=1800184808&cf=info&intl=us , where she plays the part of a very hard-lived “candidate”, which because of her skills, was selected by the “shadow operatives” & trained to supposedly kill some bad-guys, as they defined them. She was under a trainer, mentor, & even though the articles seem “more real”, I think the movie did a descent job in showing glimpses of that “underworld”. I recommend for anyone who doesn’t even have a clue about what this is, to see this movie. Also, “The Manchurian Candidate” (2004) http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&id=1808471891&cf=info

Overall, I found those 2 links on “Programmed Trauma-Based Structured Dissociation” very informative…


Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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Old 06-02-2005, 06:37 AM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

I was reading over some material yesterday and the words which have reverberated in my head for a very long time, "get the creative juices flowing" were defined in better terms so that now I understand the TALENT aspect of the organization and how they get and keep the MOST TALENTED slaves under THEIR control making money for them.

We know they makes the movies, print the newspapers, own the airwaves, and use entertainers/musicians to send messages to their MONARCHs, etc.

As a child and adult, although sad, I STOPPED listening to music, reading the newspaper, watching movies, etc. and, like I said, am very careful whom I speak with, because of the TRIGGERING mechanisms that are built-in.

Hand signals, such as the devil sign, closed fist, thumb's up (Clinton's favorite), I believe are subliminal messages.

There are a TON of musicians who have lines/phrases in their songs that are mind control messages and as I stated before are constantly singing about LOST LOVE and using a myriad of females names.

Through pain, trauma, etc. in these programs, the creative juices do get flowing. One can reach the depths of sadness, anger, etc., and if talented at birth, they make great musicians and mind-controlled slaves to be used for THEIR purposes in reaching other slaves. Some of them may not even know it. The sexual programming is used to get the creative juices flowing as well as pairing a female slave perhaps with a male singer/songwriter and then ripping that love apart.

My Aunt spent time with Tex Ritter.

I think FLEETWOOD MAC's songs carry alot of messages, "don't break the spell" for one.

As far as blurry vision, that is a tactic so that slaves don't remember their abusers/controllers, etc. Sometimes, during the day, I amy be triggered into BLURRY vision. Just a tad. It is concerning, but while it is happening I am completely aware that something has caused this. It could be seeing their faces on television, a song, anything.

Although I believe both my parents were abusers, there was SOMEONE who was my MAIN controller, but, most slaves believe their father to be the primary handler/abuser because of being programmed not to notice the camera (trained to be camera shy, afraid of the spotlight, public speaking, etc.) Anything to keep us silent.

However, I know that my parents were probably trained to condition me at home, but did not have the time, intelligence, etc. to be the masterminds behind all of my abuse.

Isolation started at home in a closet. Cigarette burns were common and I would be blamed for it. Physical ailments, etc. surfaced years ago when I began remembering; however, operatives were put in place to try to trigger me into a PARANOID state and/or discredit me such as I would pop into my local coffee shop and the employees mights say, "you were just here." I'd reply no!! Inotherwords, trying to make me believe that I was SWITCHING and unaware of my activities. They did this in the past as well when I was a child.

Phone would ring and there would be ringing in the background. Ever present aircraft and helicopter activity over my house. Military, small planes, ghetto birds, etc.

They went so far as to use MY TWIN, doppleganger, whatever, driving the same car as mine pass by my son so that he would say he saw me at a specific time when I couldn't have been there. Putting doubt in the mind's of my family as to my SANITY.

Oh, well!! I don't really want to write a book here.

So, I'll talk to you later.

PTSD, Post-traumatic stress disorder is what I understood it to be.

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Old 06-02-2005, 08:04 AM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

I was just editing my post and received this message!!

"You have reached the time limit on editing your message."

Away went my writing!!

I was talking about the erasure of memory through hypnosis and being interrogated as it seems I didn't "remember to forget" like a good little slave. I believe I was used as a drug mule, go-between, carrier pigeon and involved with both sides!!

Slaves live in a fantasy/dream-like state. It is repeated to them that they cannot tell fantasy from reality, fact from fiction, remember names, dates, lack of concentration, poor writing skills, no heart, no brain, no courage.

I remember Aquino and Dr. Green to a certain degree. Black, shiny boots and they did click their heels together. I was in military training/intelligence and ordered to salute them. My father was replaced with all the other abusers/programmers/handlers in my life.

However, he was not completely responsible!!! It would have been impossible. He had no military background, an 8th grade education and had connections to the Mafia.

I believe I blabbed when young and was institutionalized. Not sure. Could have been at McGill in Canada.

Over the border is where I went, the cold days of summer in Canada I spent.

Anyway, I hate the cold!! It causes changes in my mind-set.

I think it has to do with being kept in cages, dungeons, isolation, naked and cold outside, ice baths, etc.

I told my father the men were not REAL doctors. They were not helping me, but hurting me. I don't know how I came to be insitutionalized. Could have been programmed suicide attempts and deemed threat to myself/society.

I feel I was under the state's control and these doctors threatened me constantly with being locked behind the walls of the institution forever never to see the outside world again.
They informed me that they could create mental illnesses in their patients.

I was also put on a bus in the summer and sent to "Vacation Summer Bible School," but I have no memory of this. Rosacrucian is what I believe to have been taught. The only memory is the bible and sitting on the bus.

I was also sent in the summers to Naples, Florida on a large piece of land with a trailer that was owned by Sis and Walt. Other children from the neighborhood came as well.

I know I didn't stay there. We were unattended in a remote, isolated area. I'm sure we were taken elsewhere. In fact, I was always saying to anyone who would listen, "we don't stay there." But, when trying to recall where we were taken, it was difficult due to drugs, hypnosis, etc.

If I did have memory that was accurate, I was further tortured and it was erased and replaced. So, whomever I was reporting to was reporting on me!!!

I believe I was taken from my elementary school as well, having been identified as "talented/gifted." Photographic memory. The Opa-Locka Air Force Base was nearby.

I have memories of Frank Sinatra in my past. In fact, talking about him when I was young and others having to say that I confused him with my cousin. I remember, "don't keep ole blue eyes waiting." You know how angry he gets.

I receive no answers from any biological family members!! other than SILENCE on the matter.

Although, my memories of being used by the CIA/Mafia in pornography has been confirmed by one member who also said that our family has a "dark side."

In Peace,
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Old 06-02-2005, 12:17 PM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

The information about "histamine" and scars is interesting inasmuch as I only noticed scars on my body when I began remembering.

There is a "butterfly" scar on my left hand and I came upon it after an alter wanted me to find it.

In my core, I continued to look at the spot where it was for weeks until one day, it was visible.

The "scars" on my body are not visible to most people. Black light, flourescent lighting, twilight seem to show them better.

They're like a Highlight magazine "find the hidden pictures." You have to look for a while before the shapes becomes visible. Some look like faces. Creepy!!

I noticed slash marks on my right wrist several years ago and what look like holes in my skin from pin pricks, needles and/or toothpicks under my nails. They would always say, "oh, it's just a little pin prick." It doesn't hurt. Some scars are probably from electricshock.

Strange how in my other "state" all of these decades, I never knew these "etchings" (as I call them) existed just as I never knew I was a mind control victim. However, I always questioned why I couldn't remember my childhood. It was one of the first things I said to my husband before we married. I knew, deep down, something was amiss. I knew it wasn't the normal fading of memories with time.

I assume I was put to sleep. However, upon awakening I was instructed to suicide so what would have been the purpose? Why not just kill me? They have no problem with that!!

They are most certainly pedophiles and do like to keep child like alters which I would think is connected to the Peter Pan programming. Hate to bring up Michael Jackson, but he did admit that he is a child!!

I think "Wendy" from Pan is one of my child-like alters.

Someone I knew was referred to as a "Whiz Kid." Or maybe there were some whom they attached this label to, but I don't think it was me.

Always talk about a government job. Government taking care of me for the rest of my life. Moving up the ladder, etc. Position of power.
Or, entertainer, but I didn't want any part of it. I think I was offered HUSH MONEY, or they paid out hush money to others, but I didn't accept because I believe a GAG order would have been placed on me.

I was reporting to others after they accessed my child like alters for pornography because they were not always able to hypnotize me, but, most importantly, they disgusted me so I defied them as best I could!!!

I didn't appreciate people abusing me and I certainly didn't like being switched so that I didn't know what was happening to me. So, I fought. I think I fought like a MAN!!!!

In fact, I recently spent the past year on a website and the degradation I went through by the posters there whom, due to their subliminal messaging and my suggestible state of mind, were able to convince me that they knew me from the past, loved me and had protected me from the cult and were the reason I was alive today. However, I think they are part of the cult.

The abuse can be likened to reverse psychology in making me feel guilty about my behavior when it was, in fact, they who were triggering my sexual programming and implanting false memories about my past and changing the role one particular person played in it.

I suffered for days believing that I had actually given birth to a baby when I was 17, hurt it and was institutionalized for this reason. All this through messaging and songs.

They rarely spoke to me directly. I was reading between the lines and they knew it. I gave them information about certain government leaders who were involved in my abuse. Protecting themselves this way!!

Whether they believe they can use anything I wrote on the site against me to discredit me should they be the real culprits from my past and I name names, is not of concern to me at this time.

They used songs to fill in the blanks of my missing life by one particular singer/songwriter/artist, but never provided proof to substantiate any of what they WANTED me to believe about my past and his role in it as a good guy!!

It was always alluded to that HE had been looking for me for decades. That I went missing!! Took off!! Left him!! My fault!!

I was desperate in looking for answers so I suspended disbelief because they were controlling and manipulating my mind AGAIN!!

In essence, I was under their control. I became isolated from the world, my husband, my children, etc. I had feelings of wanting to flee and be alone. Suicide thoughts were prevalent.

In the beginning, my alters were warning me of their real agenda. They wanted to use my sexual programming to attempt to blackmail me into silence about HIM and were hoping to ruin my life and my marriage. Render me alone, hopeless, helpless, hurt, angry, confused and suicidal without anyone to trust.

I continued to stay because they kept me hanging on to false "hopes and dreams." Thinking they had the answers to my past. I wanted to believe in the good of people and those whom I thought knew me from the past and had RESCUED me, saved me from the cult. He even went so far as to say "you're welcome" when I thanked HIM for saving me.

Double-bind meanings constantly appeared in the songs and messages they were feeding me and/or programming me to in the process. I was made to believe that my husband was ONE OF THEM!!

I actually PACKED my suitcase upon their command thinking someone was coming to get me to take me away from my home and put me in a Witness Protection Program. I was even talking about leaving my husband and children for a while so I could be alone. You see, I believe they were my handlers/programmers from the past and this is what they wanted me to do!! Leave my family.

Certainly, if they had proof or information, as they said, they had tapes, it would have been forthcoming.

Their goal was for me to suicide, become institutionalized or destitute and homeless!! LOST and alone in the world!!

I was also instructed not to have sexual relations with my husband. To give all of my love to The OTHER and since my house is wired, when I was close with my husband, the messages on the board were of pure disgust.

They would also post similarities as to what would be discussed in my home.

They also began to turn me against my husband. He was referred to as a low life and I found myself agreeing with THE OTHER. However, my husband has been by my side through all of this.

It was CRAZY!!

In addition, I began writing poetry/lyrics due to "getting the creative juices flowing" through pain equals love reversal, the anxiety they created in me and the chaos that was happening in my life while communicating with them. So many emotions consumed me.

I became bed ridden and relived torture sessions from the past. I lost about twenty pounds because I couldn't eat or sleep. It was said I committed perfidy and should "suffer in silence." Any mention about being a witness threw me into a containment program.

Anyway, I was programmed to protect my MASTER/handler; although in hindsight I realize now that he was then and in present my abuser together with his cohorts/partners in crime.

In Peace,
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Old 06-02-2005, 01:13 PM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Walking Zombies – :-o :-o :-o

The occult world has obviously known the secrets of brainwashing & reprogramming human subjects into living zombies & robots, throughout history. Because the global population was previous to the population boom, way smaller, it was easier to control, & while keeping a tight lid on it. However now, w/ so many people, all of the overhead required to maintain each “alter” would seem extraordinary, if it was going to include everyone in the planet. In addition, it is known that this “robotization” of humans has been used only on their own selected bloodline specimens & others matching certain characteristics &/or genetic traits. The fact that radio frequencies provide such an easy mechanism to enable the programming of many people at once is no mystery, & the fact that it is most likely being used more than we realize is also not a surprise. In addition, the fact that for the tracking & control of subjects it is much more efficient & a lot cheaper to track via “chip-implant”, RFID, or retina-scan, than it is to have to place cameras & monitor every inch of space, is also not a surprise.

If those who do believe in satanic power, or the dark-side of “the force” really wanted to defy God, I would assume that would include making it look like there is not going to be an end of the world, or “end times”. Some people flat out disagree that these are “end times”, however, one must not deny the fact that our world is changing at a much faster rate than ever before experienced. I have never in my entire life experienced the changes that we are all undergoing right this second. Times are definitely changing fast. However, the scriptures did predict all of this turmoil, as another indication & prove that a much higher intelligence is at play in the affairs of life on earth.

The fact that satanists are so obsessed w/ the world of matter & deny the eternity offered by God tells us that their days are short, since nothing lives w/o love. They maybe conquering this world of matter, & they are indeed the masters of destruction, but because they are void of any “goodness”, they will soon self-destruct. Think about it, if those who believe in “goodness” want to experience a positive life, while those void of “goodness” can only survive by destroying everything around them, & so that they can control that reality, who will, at the end, really survive in spirit, but those of spirit?

Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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Old 06-06-2005, 12:20 PM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Hello Jimbo! Thanks for the eloquent passage of hope and love. Our world has a beginning and an end, and the author of this story certainly knows how it goes! Here are three diverse yet practical things that may help those under this kind of oppression:
1) Spin programming: Blue Angel, you mentioned blurry vision; the newly acknowledged form of program called "Spinning" can be used to trigger nausea, dizziness, etc. as part of shutdown or secrecy suggestion.
2) I agree with your comment about feelings being intertwined. One of the things used on me was the binding of two or more emotions together. For instance, for sexual fidelity, they can bind fear to erotic arousal. When someone programmed this way feels erotic urges, the fear is triggered automatically and overpowers the erotic urge. Another one: anger and guilt. How many times did your abusers tell you to feel guilty, especially about being angry? Well, the guilt binds the anger, which in turn amplifies the guilt, and before long they feed off each other, but it all stays inside. This powerful suppression program can be used to make you enraged at the drop of a hat.
3) Beware of color programming, too. For instance, "You are pure white like the snow in winter. . . come in out of the cold", etc. Another is GRAY: just as the gray clouds cover the sun so that you can't see it directly, so someone going GRAY can successfully hide all emotions, intentions, and thoughts from an observer or interrogator.
Glad to meet you , Jim. Later.
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Old 06-07-2005, 09:21 PM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Anecdote From A Mind-Control Subject - :-o :-o :-o

The Gifted Children

From: Jack Sarfatti

Date: 04/07/05 18:47:10

To: Hank Harrison

Subject: Re: MK Ultra , UFOs, in the guise of Creative Enrichment & Schwartz

On Apr 7, 2005, at 8:15 AM, Hank Harrison wrote:

Just finished Fastwalker Pdf and liked your analysis. Sometimes universes really are parallel. In June of 1953, I was enrolled on campus at Berkeley in a gifted children program conducted under an alias as a study of creativity. I was not aware of a similar Cornell program until today. There must also have been others. I was 13 when I attended Berkley. I started regular high school the following September. I am now 64 years old.

The Berkley program was run by a psychologist named Frank Barron, I met Frank Barron with Tim Leary and I think Saul-Paul Sirag at UCSC in ~ 1976. Frank was a major player in CIA MK Ultra. Tim and he openly talked about it as I recall. Certainly Tim told me for sure. I also met Robin Williams with Tim back in the 1980s. BTW the late George Koopman DIA Spook was with John Belushi night he OD'd. George told me. He may have also told Saul-Paul? Koopman funded my PCRG and was Tim Leary's control when he was let out of prison and came directly to our PCRG Esalen in Big Sur from which Gary Zukav, my North Beach room-mate, wrote "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" that sold millions of copies. I wrote all the technical stuff for Gary.

The kids were all about 12-15 and some spoke no English. It is the first time I met people my own age who spoke no English. But I was tested continually from 4th grade on. My dad was getting his PhD in Physical Education at Berkley and Cal Poly at the time, so I was somehow picked out or was volunteered, as my dad often brought me with him the year before. I was, they thought, athletically gifted because I broke a swimming record at age 12, but I thought it was no big deal.

More importantly the staff (one to one ratio) treated all of the kids like rock stars. We ate with the athletes on Pappy Waldorf's famed football championship teams and had access to vitamin pills. No big deal. My dad befriended a star fullback named Johnny Oshevsky (sp) he went pro and they called him Johnny O. The national American shot put man had no place to live so he commuted with us and moved in, used to toss the 16 pounder in our backyard in Castro Valley. Pardoxical eh?

I remember getting IQ tests almost every day. But my Iq was never higher than 127, never tested as a genius or anything higher than Bright Normal or low superior. (Benet rating). Years later I came to find out they were interested in my Photographic memory, (semi-eidetic) which I didn't even know I had at the time. Everyday we were trotted around to some esoteric site on Cal campus. Especially the art galleries where we were taken to architectual lectures and slide shows. I remember watching a French artist, Ferdinand Leger, discuss his art and I understood every word of it. Leger was at Berkley Fine Arts at the time.

Other tours took us to the Cyclotron. When it was running, it shook the ground all over campus. We also took tours to the Campanile, saw the the Bones and skulls stored inside the Campanile, and got to press the levers that played the bells. This was before the suicide restraints were erected, so you could actually look over and see the view. We also visited chemo labs and could go anywhere we wanted until our folks took us home from Sather Gate. This was, I guess, what is now called an enrichment program, but I got the distinct impression I was being studied.

My troubles started coming in from the anxiety of the cognitive dissonance that cropped up when I was plunged back into regular school. My family hated blacks and Jews, I did not. Here is were our paths cross again, because ironically Steve Schwartz, you mentioned, had a lawyer named Carlos Bea, this was the son of my Freshman high school English teacher State Assembly head Carlos Bea. Bea and my dad were practicing Freemasons and avowed anti-Semite fascists. In fact, that whole country club crowd and the Shriners from the AAmes temple in Oakland, comprised a nest of practicing Nazis and are still in control though their brainwashed children. I guess I was a big disappointment. I even dropped out of DeMolay.

I know Carlos Bea. I met a top Iran-Contra at his Bolinas house with Stephen Schwartz and Kim Burrafato in the mid-80's. Carlos was not there. Steve had access to his house. He always liked me and I never saw any anti-Semetism from him. He is still friendly in the Hood. I was with Lawry Chickering in Trieste 2 days ago. I did not realize that Don Rumsfeld ran ICS for as long as 3-4 years. So Steven did get to know him pretty well. Carlos Bea is Cuban and won a lawsuit against Castro.

He is now a San Francisco Superior Court Judge. So, again, all I can say is that I never detected a tinge of any anti-Jewish attitude in Carlos. He certainly knew that Stephen was half-Jewish. I am still on friendly terms with him and his wife. I was even invited to their Pacific Heights Mansion at a party back then when I was loosely associated with ICS. Carlos was member of Pumpkin Papers with Richard Nixon and he has Intel connections for sure. I think he knew the late Harold Chipman when he was in CIA? Chip was part of MKUltra - he told details to me and Kim and I think Bobby Jones.

There were about 16 kids in this group and basically we were guinea pigs. I do not recall any brainwashing, per se, although esp was part of the study. We read from books way over our heads to test reading comprehension then we wrote short stories from scratch. I had no idea I could do that at first. They then tried to set up a test between senders and receivers to see if messages from the short stories and drawings would come though to a room down the hall. This was somewhat like distant viewing that was done with the Grateful Dead under Stanley Krippner from Maimonedes Hospital in Brooklyn, Circa 1973.

Yes, so you and I about same age now were part of same project no doubt. I know Krippner of course.

After many decades I went through a kind of zen and combined psychoanalysis in Marin with Lloyd Saxton, head of the College of San Mateo, and I finally figured out what was going on. But it was clear the 1953 Berkley program was tampering with values and value training as we took the Alport- Vernon- Lindsey study of values at least once a week for the whole summer. I think they were trying to find out how values are formed in potential leadership kids and which ones would be the easiest to train. I think I was rejected because I had my own ideas.

I basically flunked high school after that earlier experience. But I was aware, over the years, of people tracking my records. My dad would fill out these little reports, like follow-up questionnaires. I wasn't even supposed to know they existed, but I often went though my dads desk looking for spare change and I found them. Perhaps I was a control? In any case its odd to see so many similar people in the Trieste Tank. By the way the photographic memory turns out to be a kind of tool for remote empathy, not remote viewing per se, but remote feeling. It comes down on the distaff or female side of the family.But it also skips. My daughter has it. My dad was a jock, and had no clue what Barron et al, was up to. Good luck in Santa Fe this year.

Hank's daughter is Courtney Love.


MK-ULTRA & The Gifted Children


J. Orlin Grabbe

Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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Old 06-08-2005, 07:26 PM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Look, I'm sorry, but I don't know what the hell this guy is talking about!! Like I've said, gifted and talented children is something they look for so they can exploit them for their own agenda!!

Someone alluded to the fact that Cobaine was "driven" to a heroin or cocaine high by his tormenters. I don't question this!! Perhaps because he was vocalizing in his lyrics about THEM.

I've been quite tormented for the past year, as well!!!

As a child, I wrote about them and I have plenty of poetry in my possesion that speaks of their "evil deeds."

Here's one:

I'm proud to be an American
an American I'm proud to be
I wouldn't be proud to be anything else
because in America you're free

You're free to do most anything
most anything you please
but if you DO A REAL BAD THING
you wouldn't be so pleased

you don't gain much by doing wrong
but a punishment you see
that serves you right for doing wrong
through all ETERNITY!!

Now, I wrote this in second grade. It was the "Thought for the Day" and I read it over the PA system.

Who was I talking about? I was talking about THEM!!

They wanted to exploit my talent in other ways, but it backfired on them.

As far as ESP, clairvoyant abilities, remote viewing, etc., there is something to be said of that, but I'm not sure exactly how or why some of the children, including myself, were able to tap into this sixth sense!!

In Peace,
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Old 06-08-2005, 07:35 PM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA


Thanks for all the links!!

As far as the twin thing, they did tell me I had a twin!!

However, I believe they called it a "look alike" when I was young because the discrediting was taking place then as well.

It was said I was seen in various places and I'd say, I wasn't there and they'd say, well, then, who was it your twin????

So, I believe it's just something they use as a device for CONFUSION!!! or, perhaps, they do have a "look alike" when they really need one!!

Putting doubt in the mind of the victim. Was I really there?

Also, I believe they split one or more of the alters into an evil and a good.

A good twin and a bad twin!!

SO, it can be said, that so and so has two sides.

Like the "Two Faces of Eve."
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Old 06-09-2005, 12:25 PM
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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

I, too, believe that songs and consumer products can and are being used in programming as triggers or codes. Consider Steely Dan's "Josie", and Bad Company's "Shooting Star". Also, the deja vu style of commercials for Doublemint Gum is more than coincidence.
If you are taking a kind of psychological inventory of yourself, try being aware of when intruding thoughts or images tend to occur. It is usually when you switch from internal to external activity. For instance, I'm thinking creatively about a new way to cook a steak; I'm using internal imagery and internal dialogue to form a new recipie. My alpha waves are probably dominant at this point. As I come out of this reverie and back to my senses, so to speak, it is like waking from a light trance. This is usually when the "programmed" thoughts and images reveal themselves. We can have the ultimate control of our own thoughts and emotions, despite the many roadblocks or speedbumps that we encounter.
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