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Old 04-27-2011, 05:28 PM
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Default Why our children will have lower quality of lifestyle.

Corporate dependence. It's as simple as that.

It's my opinion that the ONLY WAY to take back the quality of life we have enjoyed in this country in the past is to stop feeding the corporate Godzilla we have financed for so many years.

Yes, a pair of shoes from Wal Mart (and China respectively) is less expensive then an American made pair of shoes. But wait! Is there even a company in this country any more that produces shoes? Is there any one here making clothing? Where are most cars and car parts produced?

But check this out! Much of the material that Asians are using to produce these products (and sell them back to us at a profit) is provided by none other then? You guessed it! Us!!

We demolish our old Detroit built vehicles and ship the scrap metal to Japan so that we can spend $10,000 -$20,000 buying it back from them (something tells me we foot the bill for shipping and handling?). New Toyota? I just helped send our economic gains to Japan! How do you like the color!!! Yay!!!!!!

Here we are stuck in a deficit that is nearing 10 billion per year but I'm gonna buy my products from Wal Mart so that the Chinese Government gets the tax money instead of Uncle Sam.

Let's do some simple math here. If we were to produce a coffee cup in the US it might cost $2. But hey, it's $1.80 at Wal Mart. I save %10 percent! Very cool. Now the Chinese company who produced my new coffee cup will send an income tax payment to the Chines government. Big deal right? The US government will take the loss.

So how will they make up the difference? Easy, they will??? You guessed it!!! They will raise my taxes!! Because they don't want Wal Mart to get stuck paying them. So I will pay the savings in tax hikes! Nice!

But it's all good! Because I won't have to work. I'll just let the China man do the work! Soon I won't be able to pay my taxes because I don't have a job. But so what? I have a powerful military. It costs NOTHING to run this military, right? I hope not because the only taxes are being earned in Asia.

So I'm just gonna sell that family airloome and run straight down to Wal Mart and grab a high quality set of clothing that will last for years to come. Because the products I buy from Wal Mart are built to stand the test of time! Mmmmm (insert sarcasm here).

This is the way we do it. Let's spend billions in the middle east to war for the last few drops of oil. I mean what would be the sense in spending that money researching other technologies that might reduce our dependence on foreign oil? That would be stupid right? We could pay these young minds to learn and discover new things that would help us prosper. Things that would create new industry and earn profits for our country. Instead we find it more productive to send these young minds over seas with M-16s to keep tabs on our black overpriced gold.

OK, so with any luck I have at this point drawn a picture in your mind of the reality of our desperate situation. What can be done?

Should we let Obama worry about it? Because he cares more about me then he does about the huge oil corporations who are prepared to finance his next election. Or do we boycott these huge corporate Godzilla's and get back to Americans running our country instead of Bank of America running it?

Your fearless leaders are simply not going to fix this mess we have allowed them to make. They won't do it because they are only in office for personal gain. Bush is a major oil Guru so it stands to reason he will condone the killing of others in middle east to keep his bottom line up. And you can bet that this his priority long before he is gonna care about helping your small business stay afloat.

So let's talk about it in this forum. How can we keep the quality of life we cherish? In my opinion we need to step up and take it back! STOP depending on Congress to get the job done because if you do you are gonna allow a future where your children's lives are gonna be miserable and uncomfortable.

Stop purchasing products from China! Make your own clothes. Grow food. Fend for yourself. Raise chickens.

Never buy another set of wheels that runs on gas. Force GM to find alternatives.

Avoid shopping at huge chain stores. Sell your BP stock and invest only in manufacturing that is commited to producing products in the US.

Demand that the wars in the middle east end now! Tell them we don't want to finance that shit any more!

These are just a few things that are gonna be required to a grip on corporate greed. So think what you like, but know this. If we continue to allow the rich to get richer it is gonna come to a point where we have nothing left AT ALL!!!!

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