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Default Hey

I'd rather be known by my pseudonym and not give out my name, if that's okay.

I'm a Linguistics student and I was born and raised in Ohio. I was raised to be politically aligned with my Republican party but my family always had strong Libertarian tendencies. After the Republican party basically crashed and burned with their nomination of John McCain my family has become Libertarian in all but official party membership.

I personally favor a more extreme flavor of Libertarian/Individualist Anarchist attitudes than my family does. I honestly could care less about what goes on in government because I know that I have no control over what happens. Democracy is an illusion to keep the masses satiated with meaningless campaign slogans and us-vs-them mentalities. I'm perfectly content in only concerning myself with that which I have control over and ignoring everything else. To summarize: I don't care about the G20, the plight of the Palestinians, Obama, or whatever is currently ticking across the CNN screen; none of it is of any direct concern to me.

In the fall I'm going to university for a degree in Linguistics because I've always had a knack for learning languages. I took three years of French in High School in addition to studying Hebrew, Arabic, and Mandarin on my own. I'm probably going to focus on Mandarin Chinese when I'm doing my required language for my degree because of all the business opportunities that come with it.

I'm interested in conspiracy theories because even though they may not all be true there is bound to be some related to truth.

Happy to be here,

Linguistics student and privacy enthusiast.
Economic Left/Right: 2.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.72
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