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Old 05-12-2011, 07:20 AM
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Exclamation Gov controlling conspiracies through CIA and ATS

What I am about to share with you may be one of the most important threads you will find on this forum. I would have posted this info at ATS but I'm saving my energy as it would just get deleted within 90 seconds of posting. I will share this info with many other conspiracy forums in the hopes of spreading truth. Open your eyes and see you are being led into the direction the CIA wants you to go with conspiracy theories. ATS is just one such entity aiding in that illusion. ATS (abovetopsecret.com) is just one aspect of the total mind programming network which is a gathering point for conspiracy theorist to congregate. It's owner Skeptic Overlord is emphatic over user stats and web hits. The more traffic he gets, the better the propaganda is disseminated to the pubic. I am about to remove the cloak and show you the dagger.

Abovetopsecret.com website is hosted by SoftLayer Technologies hosting provider.
Abovetopsecret.com - Abovetopsecret - Is www.Abovetopsecret.com Safe? Safety Widgets at RadaBG.com

Now what does SoftLayer have to do with the US Gov's clandestine operations?

About UK2.net and UK2 Group

UK2 Group has been a significant player in the U.K., European and U.S. hosting markets since 1998. UK2 Group provides domain name registration, Web site hosting and server hosting to many global customers through its large family of hosting brands - UK2.net, Midphase, 100TB.com, Resell.biz, WingSix, ANHosting, Autica, Supreme Support, Dotable, VPS.NET, WestHost and VI.NET. The group is accredited by ICANN and an official Akamai partner. UK2 Group is committed to providing reliable, secure, great value products and services underpinned with excellent support. For more information about UK2 Group, please visit uk2group.com.
SoftLayer® Technologies - Press Release - Expanded SoftLayer® Network Powers UK2Group's 100TB.com

UK2 Group owns SoftLayer where ATS is hosted. Not only that but the info above states they are partners with Akamai Technologies.

So as of now I have linked ATS to Akamai. So now let's link Akamai to the CIA IT Operations.

Inside the CIA's Extreme Technology Makeover, Part 1
Al Tarasiuk, the CIA's CIO, is on a mission to modernize the agency's IT practices and connections to the intelligence community. It's just like any other IT-business alignment project, except that he has to get disparate departments to share data while supporting the White House's war on terror.


It's not often that a media organization is invited down to the Central Intelligence Agency's furtive headquarters in Langley, Va. But that's exactly what the CIA offered CIO: a rare, exclusive look inside the CIA's IT-driven transformation, led by CIO Al Tarasiuk. In his first-ever media interview, Tarasiuk detailed the CIA's dire need for organizational change and how IT is aiding in the CIA's post-9/11 mission.

CIO also had unprecedented access to other active-duty CIA employees. One senior IT employee offered a glimpse into the life of a well-traveled CIA IT staffer and his unique career serving in faraway lands and in at least one war zone. A senior officer in the CIA's National Clandestine Service—the spies—detailed what IT can and, more important, cannot do for the CIA.
Inside the CIA's Extreme Technology Makeover, Part 1 CIO.com

hmmm, the CIAs post 9/11 mission. ATS was created post 9/11. A coincidence ???

And now let's discuss how the CIA by-passes your firewall and anti-virus software to spy on ur activities online.

the Akamai Ghost

I have Avast anti-virus. When I open my mail (windows live) I get this

"Malicious URL blocked"
With a webaddress

I did a port scan of the web address and the information I got back was about my computer and my ISP and it says I have two open ports both are AkamaiGhost, I found this in control panel.

I am using windows Vista, does anyone else have this program on their computer?

My anti virus just updated, and no longer shows it as a virus, but I still would like to know what that program is.
AkamaiGhost???, page 1

The Akamai Ghost runs without your knowledge or consent and is not considered by anti-virus software manufacturers to be a threat. I wonder why? hmmmm. Can somebody say CIA Backdoor ???

So how does Akamai further aid the CIA's mind programming project on conspiracy theorists? It uses re-directs which resolve from mainstream media news outlet urls and re-directs them to the CIA propaganda they want to disseminate. They change the news the way they want it and play it off as coming from a legitimate news source.
Here is one such example.

CIA shows photos of Bin Laden's body!, page 1

the thread above has a source url which ends in a .au domain name. However, when you actually resolve the url it backtracks and redirects to an Akamai web server (CIA). In this instance, the sourced url

Osama Bin Laden body photos shown by CIA

resolves to

Whois lookup shows the belongs to:

Akamai Technologies
Cambridge MA.

However it was displayed as being a legitimate media news link in Australia.

Now what is displayed on this fake news link which is so important to the CIA? It gives fake details of the Osama Bin Laden cover story they want the masses to consume. It is propaganda directly from the CIA and distributed through ATS.

So now we have ATS is connected to the CIA through Akamai and is hosted by one of their partner affiliates UK2 Group.

Skeptic Overlord has stated on ATS that ATS did receive start-up funding from In-Q-Tel, which is a CIA Front company. I would post a link to this statement but that thread got deleted from ATS. But I remember it distinctly as bells started going off when I read it.

And here is proof that In-Q-Tel is a CIA OP.


Which makes ATS the perfect site for CIA Propaganda.

And this is exactly what real investigative journalists do.
They show you the real truth behind the lies.

And this is one story you won't see on the
pages of ATS.

And we shall see if it stays on the pages of this forum

related info:
ATS is Psy-Ops: Signs of the Times article
Alternative News

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