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Old 06-07-2005, 06:59 PM
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Default Re: Why Anonymity ?

Ahmad wrote:


I just called for some transparency and here i get these negative responses again! did you really understand what i wanted to say?

Did i ask you to TRUST the people or God ? God has given us the brains to sort out the wicked from the good, why not use this faculty?

A nickname is based on the assumption that ALL people are wicked untill proven otherwise, it's like when the corrupt governments arrest ALL the demonstrators, for maybe they are ALL terrorists and this protective measure is necessary to extingusih the fire BEFORE it begins!

You put your trust in a door lock, a nickname, a security system, muscular body guards and the truth is wherever you are death will catch up with you, even if you are in formidable castles!

I didn't say that you should ignore the alarms God sends to you, use your brain to distinguish the wicked from the good and in the case of the web, this should be based on the other's response and words, but to condemn everybody that's a prejudgement that is unjustified.

By the way, today it is difficult to hide your identity on the internet, unless you keep changing your IP like the terrorists do! and also 'not to pass judgment' is Satan's idea, God is the ultimate judge but he gave us a message (scriptures) so that we can judge, or how are you gonna get married without judging your bride!

God is the Doer of Everything*

[4:78] Wherever you are, death will catch up with you, even if you live in formidable castles. When something good happens to them, they say, "This is from GOD," and when something bad afflicts them, they blame you. Say, "Everything comes from GOD." Why do these people misunderstand almost everything?

Nothing Bad Comes From God

[4:79] Anything good that happens to you is from GOD, and anything bad that happens to you is from you. We have sent you as a messenger to the people,* and GOD suffices as witness.

[3:173] When the people say to them, "People have mobilized against you; you should fear them," this only strengthens their faith, and they say, "GOD suffices us; He is the best Protector."


Have you ever heard the saying that "religion and politics don't mix?"

If not, now you have.

You are the perfect example of why religion should be separated from church and state as per our founding fathers.

Our President ought to keep his "private" conversations with GOD to himself.

Death is going to find all of us one way or another, but until that time, I'll continue to remain anonymous and protect myself as I see fit whether on the net or in the REAL world.

A nickname is not based on the assumption that ALL people are EVIL. It is based on the assumption that SOME people are evil.

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