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Old 05-10-2011, 01:14 AM
Chaser Tiponi Chaser Tiponi is offline
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Default Re: New documentary for Catholics

Originally Posted by Clairveaux View Post
Wow, don't respond to any of my points, just ask for the removal of the thread.

You'll learn a lot that way.
Have you read any thing besides this thread! It comes to the point of rhetorical. I have already argued every point in the past. Except the Columbine fiasco you mentioned.

Do you really want me to disect that?

OK then! Here we go! You expect "ME" to buy your They hid what some girl said approach from the public? Yes that makes all kinds of sense. You claim some nut job asked her to not accept Jesus ( pardon my wording as I'm to lazy to check the exact quote but that is pretty much it!).

The Columbine slayers were Nuts! You need to face that! They were not Devil worshipers they were looney tunes. They belonged in straight jackets! And even if this girl stood up for Jesus (of course none of this can be proven) so what? How does this destruct my previous arguments exactly? How does what this "girl" said prove anything about Catholicism? It clearly does not! In fact if anything it proves the looney tunes who buy into it are nuttier then they should admit!

Excorcism? Please! Again, nut cakes! There is no proof whatsoever that both sides of that practice are not totally lost in mental challenges built to last a lifetime! They are goofy nut balls on both sides of that court.

Freemasons only escaped the tyranny of your humble Christians. Christianity was created as a tool to enslave the illiterate. How many times must I say this? Christians accuse the Free Masons of being Devil worshipers when in fact they only wished to escape the tyranny of the "Christian" slave drivers. It's well documented that a requirement of modern Masons is to believe in a Higher power. Nowhere other then in your mind is there any requirement to worship the Devil!

And if some political figure choose to do a satanic ritual (of witch I have never heard and after hearing your arguments up to this point would take with little regaurd) how does "that" prove anything about Catholicism? Again it has nothing to do with what you are so intent on proving and as far as I can tell has no bearing on this discussion.

The illuminati and Blah bhlah blah. On and on the Catholics go but every single stupid lie can be defeated. Why? Because it's all a bunch of BS.

I will not be here to continue this debate but I promise you this. I could get around any crap the Catholics can throw out with little to no thinking. And the protestants are even easier as that is an even more perverted version of what Catholics teach.

And FYI. Don't think you won the debate because people get bored of re explaining the same stupid crap repeatedly in the hopes your simple mind can register on it. The reason they don't respond is because (after already reenforcing it) they consider the repetitive line of crap rhetorical and not worth their effort.

It's NOT because you have proven a point. Columbine! Please!

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Old 05-10-2011, 04:40 AM
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Default Re: New documentary for Catholics

So you've made up your mind.

And Blue Angel, well, don't think I'm going to convince her of anything.

I guess if there are no other posters we can call it a day on this one.
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Old 07-14-2011, 05:59 PM
Apothecary Apothecary is offline
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Default Re: New documentary for Catholics

I know this discussion has not proceeded for a couple months but, I would like to address some of this anyways. I have friends all over not like it means anything to anyone here but, one is a monk another is a priest, both are Catholic. According to both of them 3/4 of the ministry doesn't have a clue about how Catholic traditions or laws apply. 75% of the ministry talks out their arse. Why am I posting this? Because if there are only 75% making 25% look bad it's really something to consider, most religions cannot even have 25% who give effort to their faith. No, I don't like pedophiles nor what was done with Palestine, nor the inquisition, nor the suffering Plato suffered. Just throwing out there to generalize people based on an affiliation is a sure fire way to miss the truths that are out there. People are people, they are animals, and they will do things that are abominations in the name of anything. Keep an eye on the puppetmasters for sure, but one institution isn't to blame for the worlds problems it's the mass of stupidity and ignorance exercised by a majority of the worlds population. Just my 2 cents that probably doesn't matter but, there ya go.
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Old 08-11-2011, 06:07 PM
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Default Re: New documentary for Catholics

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