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Old 08-26-2011, 02:53 AM
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Exclamation Hurricane Irene Goes Nuclear

Hurricane Irene Goes Nuclear

by: Timbre Wolf
Friday August 26, 2011 - 10:13

After watching the news tonight I can tell you the following:

60 million people are in huricane Irene’s path

NYPD is getting out their row boats

NYC will shut down mass transit on Saturday

I can tell you what cities are likely to be hardest hit.

I can tell you the expected strength of the winds and to watch out for tornadoes.

I can tell you the name of the little gal who had to cancel her wedding at Nags Head.

But do you know what wasn’t mentioned AT ALL?

There are one dozen, count ’em (TWELVE), nuclear plants in the path of what promises to be a devastating storm.

You get extra points if you know why Japan’s Fukushima plant melted down. If you said earthquake or tsunami, well, you wouldn’t be exactly right. The reason, that at least three reactors went into full meltdown, is that the lights went out. Simple as that. They lost power. (And, for the record, the disaster at Fukushima was NOT the worst nuclear power disaster since Chernobyl - it was and is the worst nuclear power disaster EVER).

You see, when the power goes out to these deadly facilities the pumps go out. Diesel generators are a fine solution . . . unless a flood carries them off - like the tsunami in Fukushima did. Or like the floods that threatened Nebraska’s reactors this Summer. And diesel generators are a fine solution . . . unless they don’t start - like what happened a few days ago at North Anna Power Station in Virginia after an Earthquake far smaller than the one in Japan.

You see, the problem with Irene is that she will likely pull some flooding out of her nasty bag of tricks. And this will be coupled with winds in excess of 100MPH!?!? Well, power outages are likely and diesel engines are not reliable under water.

So, my East Coast friends, when you chose a shelter try to find one as far away from these as you can:

Connecticut Millstone Units 2&3 Maryland Calvert Cliffs Unit 1&2 Massachusetts Pilgrim New Hampshire Seabrook New Jersey Salem Units 1&2 New Jersey Oyster Creek New York Indian Point 2&3 N.Carolina Brunswick Unit 1 N. Carolina Shearon Harris Unit 1 Pennsylvania Limerick 1&2 Virginia Surry Unit 1&2 Virginia North Anna Unit 1&2

BELLACIAO - Hurricane Irene Goes Nuclear - Timbre Wolf

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