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Old 09-27-2011, 03:11 AM
Ian Moone Ian Moone is offline
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Default Re: whoever built the pyramids had knowledge of electrical power

but I understand electrical propagation enough to know that many of the things that Tesla is asserted to have done are impossible, impractical, or just plain crazy.
It appears to me Eire engineer, that you have trouble believing anyone could know something that you do not!.

Even when set a relatively simple challenge to resolve a simple arithmetic problem with all the equations and parameters set for you - you were unable unwilling to even have a go.

Down here in my country you'd be called "a blow hard" - all hat and no cattle!

I'm still waiting to see evidence of this intellectual capability of yours - and so far I've seen zero - despite being offered every opportunity - there's always an excuse with you =
post the details for me again
(presumably because your too lazy to go back 2 pages and read it again for yourself and then there was the "copy paste it for me again so I don't have to read the "
copy pasta
" and so it goes - every time with you its an excuse and more claims about your supposed superior intelligence.

My estimation of your abilities thus far sir is that you couldn't find the cheeks of your own arse with both hands, even if I loaned you a trained seeing eye dog and a mirror to assist!

Of course you could prove me wrong but I'm betting your like the quintessential barbers cat - all piss n wind.

That will remain my opinion until you convince me otherwise with some actual intelligent thought of your own making, an original idea even perhaps.

I always enjoy being proven wrong of course.

I am however sufficiently sure that you posses neither the mental acumen or deductive reasoning power to be able to blow snot out your own nose, if brains were dynomite and I lit the damn fuse myself.


Madness takes its toll - please have exact change handy!

The primary manifestation of Time is Change

Ee does NOT equal Em Cee Squared!

M = Δ T
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