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Old 11-29-2011, 08:26 AM
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Default The Masonic Birds exposed

The Masonic Birds exposed

I Am Elijah..... Here comes the Bride (part 3)

Elijah aka “Bird of Heaven” (Jewish Encyclopaedia). I told you the occult know who I am. Here are some of my strange connections and manipulated Masonic curses with Birds.

BIRDS names/associations are revered by Freemasons (FMs) and used as an occult death curse/spell on non-Masons. Especially Christians. Worry not, for the Beautiful Bible tells you so. Everything, (i.e. Birds) has two meanings as you are about to read. A curse by the Satanic FMs and an Elijah blessing/reminder from Our Father. Jehovah is perfect.

You can read online about the Winged Creatures on the walls of the Temple.

Research Bohemian Grove and their false Owl god Moloch/Molech (child sacrifice).

We used to sell CDs and a regular strange German guy kept looking for the band Capercaille.
As you know a Capercaille is a bird. FMs use GerMAN as occultic/Satanic, more later.

The big painted Phoenix (Gable end) mural on Maryhill Rd, Glasgow next to where I used to live.The plastic or stone Owl and the Hawk opposite our old house in Hopehill Rd (1965). I told you they know the future. The occultic elite moved us there. The Owl, Hawk and Phoenix are still there today (Nov 2011). The Owl sits above the Pub called the Woodside Inn and the Hawk sits just up on the roof alongside the Owl. Elijah was here, hmm.

I get intuitive messages all the time. I was out walking our dog on a dark wet night. I watched a guy being dropped off by his FM accomplice. He had a real Harris Hawk strapped to his wrist. He stood opposite me to cast his spell? I walked over and pulled out my video-cam and he was shocked. I made some small talk to get more info onto my DVR. I already told you about the (un-flyable) conditions, why else confront me? He is a local brainwashed puppet-mason (from Ashburn Road).

FM mind games/theatre with a Falcon (peregrine) at Balmaha (Baal), Loch Lomond. You should see this guy's face when he sees me with a video-cam. More later.

I worked for FM Company Falcon Construction/Maintenance based in Hampstead, London

I was struggling to pay for my advertising (2006) and I had to deal with the debt department at FM company Yell (Yellow Pages). I spoke on the phone with Mrs Robin, Mrs Blackbird and Mrs Raven. You just couldn't make this up. It's all Masonic codes and curses, these big companies have ways of dealing with non-masons.

The Eagle/Phoenix, are huge FM symbols (also research occultic Denver Airport).

FM nephew StepHEN bought our George a 12” plastic/moulded Owl for his mantelpiece.
Ditto, someone bought our Alex (Glass poisoning) one as well (hides it in his shed now).
To the fools who have been conned by Lucy, what kind of twit r' twoo? wake up.

Our George collected birds eggs in Castlemilk (1960-65). I used to go with him. He had a large collection and sold them when we moved to Maryhill, Glasgow. Possible FM theatre?.
I previously told you about the Easter Eggs in Castlemilk.

I somehow crossed paths with ex BBC journalist Tony Gosling (young Goose). He stayed overnight at our house. We have to do this live on camera Tony G.

Finch, our FM Johns flat in Finchley. (Me. Liz and MaGrail briefly stayed there with him).

My Autistic son has this craving to keep a couple of pet Finches, I think it's cruel.

Then at a later date our FM John’s flat in HENdon. (I also shared it with him 1975-80)

My Jehovah's Witness-Mason Granny Christie kept budgies.

My FM pretend friend Ronnie Budge (Budgie) at Maguires flat. See how the occult work?

My recent FM full-time perp/neighbour from Turkey (It's the UR/39 and bird curse again). I have documented much and would have suffered much more without God's armour.

Strange FMs up Mugdock (Me out walking the dog) turned up and flew a Kite in the rain. How do I know they were FMs? Their vehicle reg plate, Disney icons on the ariel and windscreen stickers, etc told me so. Ditto deranged local FM perp flying a Kite, only as I return from doggie walks. They always plan their FM theatre as I return from walkie s, gives them time to prepare. A Kite is also a Bird.

The strange purple/blue Dove at Craigallian Loch (documented in earlier CM post)

Pretend friends FM family T Jackson's real wild Magpie (he kept it for 15 years+) from RUchill. Their three puppet-mason sons will always have a job, provided they perform.
I used to make it easy for the puppet-masons, all I did was trust them. It's all meant to be.

Someone I know had a Cockatiel in the summer of 2010 (during the Bohemian Grove sacrifice of Christ). Possibly manipulated by the puppet Masons.

FM Tam J's Fisherman friend Jim Finnan had a Parrot? in RUchill, Glasgow

Asian/Scots FM family Alan Paramaseevan aka Parrot (1965-70 in old Maryhill)

Every time I took my dog for a walk (1998 at Watt Place), a local Couple from Hunter Place with a pet Owl strapped to her wrist turned up. I knew the masons had our house bugged. It was beyond coincidence. For almost two years, as soon as I took the dog out this couple would park up and walk down the same path with me. The usual over friendliness and making out everything was normal. I did not know about the occultic Owl and why they had to get close it to me. I used to stroke it, that would have got them excited. I took photos.

FM Tony Dangerfield set me up to meet the lead guitarist from the band Hawkwind. This was in his flat at No 39 Victoria Rd, HENdon, London (39 again).

My Autistic son and his loud Rooster alarm on his mobile, grrr! One day I'll fly away, smile.

We used to day trip (2009) to FM infested Aberfoyle. The FMs had a Birds of Prey (about 10 big Birds) display in the car park that we frequented. Coincidence or the usual Bird thing?

Ditto out the back opposite our house. The local FMs set up a Predator Bird display in the local swing park. There was about 8 birds. The female handler came over to me with a Peregrine Falcon on her wrist. She offered me to hold it, I declined. They had two other tents/stalls as well. One was a Punch n' Judy show, a definite clue to the FM theatre. Research The Order of Jesters. I have documented that day and investigated much more. You should have seen them all come out at the same time and into the park. It was just like the movie The Zombies. Wake up puppet-masons, you have been conned. I am on your side and trying to set you FR33, but some of you enjoy being a brown tongue for criminals.

I met and shook hands with the Beatles producer George Martin (bird name), it was a FM set up. I have had other Martin encounters including former Speaker/MP Michael Martin.

Estimated job (time waster) for FM Mr Divers. (a Diver is a Bird)

FM agent Derrick ROBINson who runs online victims group FFCHS. Sad person.

My communications online with a Dr Les Dove (The Torture Report).

Guy walked in front of our car with a large bird of prey on his arm (documented)

I shared a flat in London with Dave Coutts (coot) from Dundee.

FM Brian Peacock befriended me in our local pub (Midland Arms), HENdon, London.

Pretend victim John Finch made contact about the Mind-Control forums online.

Deranged occultist Alistair Crowley (2 Bird-names Crow and Owl)

Someone close to me. On the morning of 19/10/11 and she said an Eagle twice flew in front of her sitting in her parked car. It still had its prey in its claws and she said she had never seen anything like it. I reckon it was probably a Buzzard?. Or another sign?

Two years ago, a large bird of prey bounced off the window at the front of our house. It was trying to kill another bird, it managed to fly away even though it must have been stunned.

A sick pretend-victim Scots guy FM Robert (Robin) Calder from Northampton/Derby stayed overnight at our house. He had a half-baked story. My biggest weakness is to trust and help people. I sent info to his No 13 address and he has a 666 in his mobile phone number.

Walking our dog beside the Allander River and a woman shouted twice "Kingfisher". She said did you see it. I told her I've been walking here for 20 years and never seen a Kingfisher bird. I know that she was also sowing seeds/reference to Our Saviour being a King-Fisher. Jesus is always associated with the Fish (read about the 153 fish). I already knew she was a puppet mason and following instructions. I was returning from a walk so it was easy for the Masons to set up their theatre/skit. I watched her go back to her car and I quickly walked over to document it. I feel sorry for her. I am teaching you how they work. Their FM theatre/skits are no different to the dross you watch on THEIR TV by their puppet-masons.

My Autistic son recently gave me a small silver Kingfisher on a silver plinth. I still have it.

In the last couple of years I have had several amazing vivid dreams about me flying. I felt really good and free from oppression. There was no evil in this new divine world and we were living by God's Sublime Laws. They were just dreams, rewind, pause and keep me there.

About a year and a half ago, I was lying awake in the wee small hours. My partner, wife, and queen of almost 36 years (I met her on Christmas Day 1975) gave me a message. She was sleeping/dreaming and she took my hand and clasped it between her two hands. She said "Help is on it's way", she said this twice. I told her in the morning and she didn't remember her dreams or speaking.

HEN ( = 27 curse) I have been plagued and manipulated by this word/bird-name “Hen“. As you know a Hen is a female Chicken. This word Hen is more prevalent as it is an occultic curse of 27, however, there are 27 books in the New Testament. What the Satanic Masons don't understand is that their curses don't work, they just bounce off God Jehovah's armour. Elijah is fighting the biggest gang of Satanic pedophiles, murderers, drug dealers and warmongers in mankind's history and he is still breathing. You see, have faith in Jesus Christ and fear nothing. I know they can take this body suit anytime, but you cannot stop the infinite Elijah-John. The message is already out "I Am Elijah..... Here comes the Bride".

My long-term FM perps, the Shaw (ASH/Asherah) family were moved from Filey in Yorkshire to HENderson St, Maryhill, Glasgow in 1965 approx. I could write a book on them alone. I took a lot of hits but I do not hate them. I want to buy them a drink for teaching me and helping me to find my destiny. Same applies to all puppet masons who repent.

I took lots of FM psychological theatre/skits (they tried to set me up) at my previous local FM dentist (witches coven) Ms HENderson. She previously had her own practice and very capable/experienced enough to start her own again. I told you how evil dresses up as good. They will not have a clue of the bigger picture and have allowed themselves to worship false gods. I do not hate anyone but lets do this transparently on film. You have a choice to make. Walk His way or fry with Lucy. I saw Lucy buying a pair of RUnning shoes, it won't help.

Manager of EDC (East Dunbartonshire Council) social work 2011, my FM perp Mr B HENderson. I spoke to him on the phone (recorded) and I mentioned the Brotherhood within the Council and he said he can't talk about that. He didn't call me back or sort the problem, that was a year ago.

FM manipulated job at 13 HENs Nest Road, Whitburn (Masons don't hire non-masons)

Our Autistic son said he was thinking of a HENdrix song? the moment he said it I thought "The wind cries Mary". (I get a lot of these strange connections? some from our son)

My Mormon-Mason real brother George is called Chicken George by his Asian FM brothers.

I spoke on the phone with esoteric researcher and victim Andrew HENnessey.

I don't smoke and my Autistic son bought/offered me 10 HENri Wintermans cigars.

As a 10 year old, I had a fight with Liz HENdry at Hopehill Rd (1965). On refection (after reading the Bible), she looked like the whore Jezebel (grin).

I used to own the Eire Apparent album with Jimi HENdrix on guitar.

We had loads of HENdrix posters and records in FM Geo Maguire's flat (1969).

I had FM perp/psych theatre from local farmer/kennels Mr HENry Braid. (documented)

I worked for a Jewish FM guy HENry Davis in HENdon, he treated me like dirt. Never tar all Jewish people with the same brush. Most of them don't buy the Zionist guy (Lucy). The Beautiful Bible tells you about the false Jews, educate yourselves.

Pretend victim Maureen HENderson (via puppet-mason Ann Mallaby’s set up).

As a 14 year old I was mesmerised by Leonard CoHEN songs and lyrics. Checkout his lovely song "Story of Isaac". I first heard these potent lyrics 42 years ago (1969). Now, they make perfect sense to me. Just when will you realise that Our Father created you and everything around you?. Humans invented nothing. Our father even created me to take all the hits to teach you. I cannot lie to you. That is why I documented everything, to reveal the Masonic Anti - Christs and show you truth. I tell you again, this is not about me, eternal life can be yours. Jesus will not cost ye a penny.

I told you about the Pharisee Masons (aka The Knights Hospitallers). I also told you about the Pagan-Mason who sent me a postcard from St John's Head on the Orkney Islands. He was a member of MENSA. Supposedly founded in 1946 (1/946 = 119 = Tribe of Judah). Mensa means "table" in Latin. The name stands for a round-table society (Round-Table/Rotary,etc). They are all in league with Lucy and the Masons. Their media and literature would have you believe that they revere St John's head on a platter. Yes they do and they are telling you they manipulated it. They hate the Christ, the Beautiful Bible and everything good within it. The HQ for Mensa is British Mensa, St John's House, St John's Square, Wolverhampton WV2 4AH. Phone 01902 772 771 (the number 77 is everything to do with Cain/Lamech).

Have you made the connection on their pseudo terrorist dates/numbers yet? 911 = 119 and 7/7, etc. The word Mensa (Men = Man = Lucy aka Samael). I told you I have a letter from ex - PM (Pharisee Mason) Gordon Brown saying there will be no more GentleMENS (Masons) Clubs. Yes Rite, Gordon, Scottish or York Rite or Rosicrucian?.

Elijah's Tour. If you come to Masonic Milngavie, walk past No 33 Craigdhu Road (just up from St Joseph's primary school). Stop and checkout the bungalow at No 33. It has been converted so that the entrance is in Crossburn Ave (Cross-Burn). It has a very large No 33 beside the front door. Jesus was crucified at 33 and the Masons (who hate the Christ) put the new front door in Crossburn Ave. The Satanic Masons are doing it in front of your face. Our Father sent me here to show you the invisible. A few years ago the big number 33 was painted Gold. The Masons love gold or shiny brass numbers or their door furniture. I told my cousin Jim C (Mormon-Mason) about this number 33 and it was quickly painted black. I have the photos to prove it. I did not know he was brown tongue, all I did was trust him. He used to talk a lot about the Masonic false god Solomon. Research the KKK (Klu Klux Klan - Masons) Burning the Cross.

To all skeptics whom I understand. I do not want a penny, nor fame, nor a circus. I need nothing other than my family and food from the Beautiful Bible. Whatever happens will be by the will of God Jehovah (aka Yahweh), the One and only true God. I Am no fraud.

Welcome to the Christ Messenger part 23 (29/11/11 = 11/11/11 = 33) Familyradio.com (Harold Camping) says that the Number 23 signifies God Jehovah's Judgement. Regardless of what you think about H Camping, he is still a good Christian and taught me much on my journey. As for "When", no man knows, not even me. But you know that Elijah-John is here to make a straight path, just like the "Word" tells you so.

I wish no harm to anyone mentioned, how else could I show you the invisible Satanic terrorists within every community (most just do it for selfish reward). Step outside of Lucy's bubble and open your eyes. Christians and truth-seekers should go to the excellent website The Cutting Edge - Spiritual Insights Into The New World Order So Startling You'll Never Look At The News The Same Way Again. Love, peace & FR33DOM, Joe Stirling

Thank you to Anthony Geilty who told us his story last week. Anthony lived a life of violence, he ended up in prison for attempted murder. He became one of the worst in-mates in Scotland. Today he is a Christian. He told us of his super-natural introduction to Jesus and how he received the call from God. How he questioned it, defied the call and then slowly started to understand it. I could relate to every part of his story.

Latest predicament. As you know the FMs have stopped me from working and now they want to shut me up. They have collectively started messing about with my benefits, so I don't know what happens next. The criminal elite are worried and quite rightly so. They are putting pressure on their puppets to stop me. I can start an empire on a shoestring, they know that. Perhaps I/we have already started the true Church of Christ (smile).

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