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Old 12-06-2011, 05:25 AM
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Exclamation VIDEO: 'Israel knows it can drag US into war'

VIDEO: 'Israel knows it can drag US into war'

Tue Dec 6, 2011 10:20AM
Interview with Phillip Giraldi, former CIA officer, in Washington

A former CIA officer believes the White House has no interest in a war with Iran and so Israel is now marketing a 'mindset change' to the American people.

Press TV talks with Phillip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, about the division between the US and Israel on the issue of a war with Iran.Could the target of the media blitz from Israeli officials be the American public?

Following is a transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Concerning the possible security and economic consequences of a war against Iran, do you think now there is a strong difference of opinion between Israel and the US about this question of a possible attack on Iran because today a lot was said about Mr. Netanyahu's comments when he said, “We have to make the right decision even if our allies are objecting to it.” Do you the two sides are now adopting very different approaches and do not agree on this point?

Phillip Giraldi: That question kind of depends on how you define the two sides. I believe very much that a lot of these statements being made by the Israelis are being made deliberately targeted towards the Western and specifically the American audience.

And I think what they're trying to do is condition that audience - the American public and American opinion makers - to be supportive of a military action against Iran if that were ever to take place.

I believe that the White House definitely does not want the United States to get involved in any war against Iran. But it cannot openly say so because too many leading politicians in the United States - the Republican candidates with the exception of Ron Paul for example - are all advocating in one way or another a military option against Iran. This is very much true in Congress and it's very much true in the media.

So, I think a lot of the statements coming out of Israel are an attempt to condition the public in the US and elsewhere to support this kind of policy.

My real fear is that even though Israel knows deep down that starting a war with Iran is not a good idea, we are approaching a situation with these threats and intimidation going on where some kind of incident or accident could lead to an armed exchange between Iran and Israel that would draw the United States in.

Press TV: Do you think, in the US, the option of a military attack is simply out of the question?

Phillip Giraldi: The option of a military attack is out of the question if it is the United States that were initiating it. I don't believe that the White House has any interest in starting another war. But what has been reinforced: the issue of Israel actually starting a war is a very serious one.

Press TV: What about the consequences to Israel - can they afford to do that?

Phillip Giraldi: Well, Israel would do it on the assumption that the United States would get involved quickly. And I think that's a valid assumption and that's why you're seeing all of these statements from Israeli leaders saying that Iran is an imminent threat - we have to do something about it. These statements come every week and they're coming to convince the American public and the Western public that a war is probably an option that should be looked at.

If Israel were to start it, the media and Congress of the United States would immediately jump on the bandwagon and demand from the White House that the US get involved. I'm convinced of that.

Press TV: So you are saying that the US would go for that move if it understands that Israel has made that decision that despite all of the consequences that it may have for the United States itself, that it would approve of that move and get itself involved?

Phillip Giraldi: I believe it would get involved and I cannot see any scenario in which it would not get involved because the media in the United States would immediately be screaming that our poor little ally Israel is doing the job of attacking the Iranian weapons program and we have to help them; and Congress would second that call. I cannot see how it would go any other way.

Watch the video here:
PressTV - 'Israel knows it can drag US into war'

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