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Old 01-27-2012, 08:29 AM
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Default Freemason's false god GAOTU - ARCH

Freemason's false god GAOTU - ARCH

I Am Joseph - Ephraim.
Joseph is the Stone and the Shepherd of Israel. Our Father always calls me Joseph.

The Freemason's false god called GAOTU (great ARCHitech of the universe). The word "Arch" is masonic code/reference to their hypnotic/sophisticated scam. False god "Arch" is the same as the Cuckoo bird, it fools you as it steals your nest (your life, soul and possessions), including that of it's own masonic family. There are millions of gullible people out there who would stand up if a Cuckoo came into the room (dressed as the Queen, Pope, Prime Minister, President). Zionism-Freemasonry is a ruthless political system, nothing less. Arch is satan and that is why they build large Arches word-wide. Anything with the word Arch in it, archers, arches, larch, march, archie etc. More below on the masonic false god Arch/Satan

The clever Criminal Elite reverse everything in the Beautiful Bible and here is how the masons twisted it to hoodwink their gullible. Look in the Beautiful Bible and in Hebrews 11:10 (NIV) "For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whoís architect and builder is God" (meaning God Yahweh not the Criminal Elite's fabricated GAOTU).
The French and Germans donít use the word illuminati, itís the Golden Synarchy (arch).
Royal Masons aka the MonARCHy. Read what they done to young Rik Clay (You Tube)
I done a plumb job for FM (Freemason) ARCHie off Falloch rd.
Another job for FM ARCHie at Cowcaddens, Glasgow.
Research online about the Archons (demons). Don't take the FM writers words seriously.
FM manipulated job in Archerhill Rd, Glasgow. All receipts available
I told you I tried to get help from the secretive Archdiocese in the Catholic Church?.
Stitched up by FM Architect from St John Street in Coatbridge (Arch + Coat?).
Job for FM Architect opposite Bearsden Golf Range.
Low level FM puppets took us Pike fishing to Loch Achray (arch).
Time-wasting job enquiry? from Mrs Archibald. Masons do not hire non-masons
I told you I lived 10 years at number 6 Hopehill Road in Glasgow G20 and the masons changed it to Mansfield Road Arch Hill. Google street-view it. I know all about "Hope" (smile).
Jewish guy Peter Stein (stone) got me to build doorway Arches at his properties in Burnt Oak. Most Jewish people are good except the ones who believe in political Zionism (selfishness).

The Crown of Joseph - Research online the "Shepherds Monument".

I previously told you that the masons set me up to meet Phil Collins of rock band Genesis.
In Genesis 49:22-24 Joseph [is] a fruitful bough, [even] a fruitful bough by a well; [whose] branches run over the wall:
49:23 The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot [at him], and hated him:
49:24 But his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty [God] of Jacob; (from THERE [is] The Shepherd, The [Corner] Stone of Israel(Daniel 2:34-5; 45) also Deuteronomy 33:13 or research online "Bible Meanings".

My real brother James lived in CromWell St, Glasgow.
Pretend - victim Jimmy Wells from Edinburgh (I recorded the calls)
Lots of psychological terror/hassle from local MaxWell FM perp family.
FM neighbour next door has Fountainwell ornament by our back door. (Well)
My Eastern Star mason lived in FountainWell Rd, Sighthill. I stayed there.
Irish FM Peter L took me to play pool at the Stagg pub in MusWell Hill, London
I told you about the Queen Maryís Well on the Cathkin Braes, Castlemilk
Played pool with Marmalade singer Dean Ford (Tony Dangerfield FM set up) at the Wellington Arms Pub in Finchley. (Well). My in-laws frequented The Wellsley Pub in Chelsea.
There was an old filled in Well next to us at Watt Place/Stable Place and the Council removed it.
FM manipulated Jobs in BothWell and MotherWell, near Glasgow
Pretend friend FM T. CaldWell from Kilmarnock.
Two recent flyers from local FM accountants Hardie/CaldWell (Oct 2011).
Sick local council social worker/Eastern Star mason/perp Ann CarsWell.
Another FM perp Mr MaxWell, rewarded with a job on the local FM run council.
Bought an old Escort car from local FM and the foot-Well was full of water (deliberate curse).
I walked up local MossWell Road to Roy & Ailsa's house. Both Allander Church members who gave me a warm Christian welcome. Their doorbell played the tune "O come all ye faithful".
I baptised Roy by a local Well and he read (NIV) Isaiah 12:1-3 about the Wells of Salvation. This was just after he told me about the Shepherd who looked after 25,000 sheep at Loch Katrine.

SHEPHERD/SHEEP Lifetime FM perp R. Shaw has sheep dog. Local FM perp with sheep dog called Jock. Regular perp Mr J M has 2 sheep dogs. Local guy J R had 3 of them. Local Eastern Star perp Sharon walks past our front door 2/3 times a day with her sheep dog. I have lots of documented harassment by FMs and their German Shepherd dogs. My long-term pretend friend FM M. Hall bought a house on the Isle of Sheppy (Isle of Sheep) in Kent, England. He invited us to visit and me and my son stayed there, I didn't know about the FMs or Yahweh. I had pretend-victim Nigel Ewens (Ewe) playing psyche games on the phone. I can give you much more on how Satan works. You are nowhere near the first page.

STONE (Living) On the way to Rochester, I was dumbed down/lost (by Our Father, He did not want me to go there) and ended up in a small place called Stone (just South of the Dartford Crossing). I was going to meet an extremely evil Freemason Mr. B. Rutherford in Rochester, Kent. I believed he was a genuine victim of the Masons. He had a pretend anti-mason website and used the name Stan Cumans. I know that Stan means stone and Cumans is an anagram for Masun (mason). It was Masonic code for Stone-Mason, so the Masons knew he was a brother. This Masonic persecution was about 3 and a half years ago and I felt compelled to tell him that I was not on my own. I knew Jesus was with me. I wish no harm to Mr Rutherford. Masonic charity "CornerStone" used to provide respite for our autistic son.

As a teenager I was a thief and described as unruly. I was released from Stenhouse (Sten means Stone-house) Young Offenders Institution in Edinburgh. A teacher from the prison invited me to stay in Livingston (Living Stone aka Jesus). This was to keep me from getting into more trouble in Glasgow. I stayed with this couple for several weeks. They turned out to be puppet masons. Incidentally, the Jewish name Stein means stone. I done many FM jobs for the name Stein. Also FM plumb jobs in Livingston. My FM perp/neighbour next door works in Livingston. FMs set me up to do a distant job in Stonehouse, I had to take it financially. I can prove the masons were in control of my life and business. Can you now see how God and SAHT work? Yes Lucy, my wounds have healed. None of this has been pleasant. I will serve our God Yahweh, regardless.

Now, do your research on the "Order of the Eastern Star" (The biggest Masonic criminal gang in history). If you want to know how this masonic virus affects you and your family, research the Christ Messenger (online) from part 24 (24 = 888 the number of Jesus) and read it backwards to the 1st message called "The Christ Messenger (18th April 2010)". It is 90% accurate and needs some revision as the divine messages and synchronicities came through far too quickly. Don't forget that I was also fighting the Criminal Elite seven days and nights a week (for the last 7 years). Today most masons are turning away, only the ignorant ones are left.

Our Father sent me to various Churches to show me how SAHT control and corrupt everything. Then in August 2011 Our Father sent me to the local Allander Evangelical Church (AEC). After almost six months (and counting) in this true Christian Church, I Am very comfortable. This Church is independent and totally focused on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I pray, sing, meditate and take Communion every week with these good people. I feel and absorb their Faith. I was like Elijah in the cave before I was guided to this Church. The many recent storms appear to have calmed. Incidentally? the English Gematria for AEC is 153. You can read in the Beautiful Bible about the 153 fish and how we shall become "Fishers of Men". The website of this warm, chosen, incorruptible AEC (Church of Christ) is at Home page All are welcome. If you can afford it, please make a donation to help us all destroy SAHT and fulfil destiny. I will not touch one penny that belongs to God's Church.

The criminal masons within UGLE and GLOS have cowardly refused "Elijah's New Challenge". I tell all masons from today Friday 27th Jan 2012 choose the Eye of a needle or Lucifer's Eye?.

We have to stop the Criminal Elite from punching the poor and rewarding the bankers. Read the latest on Hollie Greig/Robert Green and how the despicable Masonic Pedophiles control the Law.
The Pharisee Masons had their wicked way with our Lord Jesus. I have already told ye that this time, things will be very different for SAHT (Repent or Lament). You have my promise that God's Law will prevail (Psalms 19 and 119). Now, where is this Stone of Destiny?. I Am here. Jesus loves you, yes I know, for the Bible tells you Joe (smile).

Do not be afraid of the occultic mason's use of number 11. Joseph was the 11th son born. Multiples of 11 are a stronger bond to God Yahweh. The English Gematria (EG) for my wife is 33 and the EG our first son is 99 and our second son is 77. As you already know our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Glory be to His name) was taken at 33. Research online Pastor Michael Hoggard's videos "Cult of 33" on You Tube. Truth-seekers go to genuine www.ljpr.info

Joseph's song/prayer.

Jesus today
Jesus tonight
Jesus beside me
Inside me, Jesus.

The truth shall set you free. Repent or lament. I have been telling you that Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) know who I Am. The Prophet Elijah foretold you of my arrival. Christians rejoice. Ye shall now witness how much I love Our Father and how much He loves us. I cannot perform on demand as I only follow guidance. The Church is changing, I have spoken. Joseph - Ephraim - Benjamin - Manasseh (Tribe). The Beautiful Bible tells you that the "One" and only true God Yahweh (aka Jehovah) keeps His promises. Love, peace and FR33DOM. Joe Stirling

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