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Smile Death and the Life Beyond

Death and the Life Beyond

Initiatic Science teaches that man is a reflection, a replica, of the universe and that, like the universe, he is composed of different regions or 'bodies'. The established sciences still refuse to admit any such thing, and many of their errors, particularly in medicine and psychology, stem from this negation.

The Hindu tradition (which has been adopted by the majority of spiritual movements) divides man into seven different bodies1. The most densely material of these, and the only one that is visible to us, is the physical body, but there are six others: the etheric, astral, mental, Causal, Buddhic and Atmic bodies, each of which is composed of progressively subtler matter. Actually, the etheric body should really be considered as belonging to the physical body. It exists in four states known as 'chemical ether', 'vital ether', 'light ether' and 'reflective ether'; thus we can say that the physical body itself can be divided into seven: the three physical states of solid, liquid and gaseous, plus the four etheric states. The same is true of the astral body which, like each of the other bodies, can also be divided into seven: three lower regions and the four higher regions in which dwell the angels.

1 See Man's Psychic Life; Elements and Structures (Izvor Collection No. 222)

But then the question arises: what is an angel? An angel is an immortal being made of such pure, subtle matter that nothing evil or obscure can affect it. Angels dwell in absolute joy and light and know everything except suffering, for suffering is the result of a disturbance caused by a movement of the lower nature, and an angel cannot be affected by this because it is absolutely pure. Angels do not exist on the physical level. They exist only in the higher reaches of the astral plane.

At the limit between the higher and lower regions of the astral plane is an intermediate zone inhabited by those who are in the process of perfecting themselves, of severing the bonds that tie them to the lower world, but who can still suffer the torments of these lower astral and physical regions. Thus the astral body is a world both of suffering and of joy: of joy when man, at last, manages to refine and purify his desires; of suffering when he is still on too low a level, when his appetites and passions still have too strong a hold on him.

At the moment of death man detaches himself from his physical body, but this separation does not mean that he is instantly set free. To begin with, in fact, he will be even more susceptible to torment than when he was on earth. This is because, when we are on earth, our physical body serves as a shell or armor and prevents us from feeling the reality of the psychic world. But when we die and find ourselves on the astral plane, released from our physical body and the protection it once afforded us, we are liable to experience terrible suffering and unhappiness. Hell is simply the experience of a very intense state of consciousness on the astral plane and we can escape from it only when we have been purified by suffering. When death comes to those who have lived in debauchery, injustice, viciousness and cruelty and who have managed to escape punishment at the hands of human justice, they find themselves on the astral plane, face to face with all the evil they have ever committed. There is no escape and no protection; they no longer have their physical body to protect them and make them less sensitive, so they experience all the torments and sufferings that they imposed on others during their life on earth.

You have all had nightmares, I imagine, and you know that they usually end abruptly when you wake up and suddenly feel enormously relieved to find yourself safely at home in your physical body: 'Oh, thank God! It was only a dream!' Why do you wake up so suddenly? Because you know, subconsciously, that you must get back into your physical body in order to defend yourself against hostile beings or forces of the astral plane: your physical body is a fortress in which you are safe from attack. If you stayed on the astral plane you would continue to be at the mercy of your enemies, so you escape from them by going back into the thick, solid protection of your physical body. It is exactly as though your were being pursued by armed men, on the physical level, and you dived into the safety of a solid building where their knives and guns cannot reach you.

The same law holds good on every level: it can happen, for instance, that somebody leaves his physical body while he is meditating and is drawn into dangerous areas of the astral plane in which he finds himself threatened and pursued. The first thing to do, in a case like this, is to flee to the protection of one's physical body.

The physical body is a good, solid fortress, but when one leaves it at the time of death, every transgression of the laws of love, wisdom and truth has to be paid for on the astral plane. I assure you, I am not inventing anything: all the great Masters of mankind have told us this; the greatest artists, painters and poets have portrayed this world in their works of art, and people who have been clinically dead for three or four days have returned to tell us what they had seen in the astral world. Heaven allows a few people to have experiences of this kind from time to time in order to remind human beings of certain truths and persuade them to mend their ways.

After death, therefore, men have to suffer, on the astral plane, all the evil they have inflicted on others and pay the penalty for all their transgressions. It is not that Cosmic Intelligence needs to revenge Itself or punish them; all It wants is that they be fully conscious of what they did on earth because, very often, they have inflicted suffering on others without even realizing it, and it is this ignorance that is unacceptable, for it prevents them from evolving. Cosmic Intelligence makes us experience all the evil we have done to others so that we may learn just what our actions have meant and begin to improve. The time spent on this level depends on the gravity of our faults. Some, who have never committed any serious crimes, pass through this stage very rapidly; others have to suffer for years and years.

Once a man has paid every penny of his dept he rises to the first level of the higher astral plane where he experiences an extraordinary state of joy and wonderment because of the happiness he has given to others on earth. At this point it is time for him to experience all that he has ever done to help and encourage others, to restore their hope and awaken their faith and love. He experiences all this, amplified to an infinite degree, on the astral plane. And it is only then that he fully realizes what he did on earth. Certain highly evolved beings do good to others without knowing how many people receive joy, happiness and life through their actions: they do it instinctively, without conscious thought. But Cosmic Intelligence wants every man to be fully conscious so, after death, these unconscious benefactors are astounded to see, feel and understand all the good they have done. Their next step is to rise to the Causal Plane, and there they receive the secret treasures of Wisdom; all the mysteries of the universe are revealed to them; they are allowed to see and contemplate all the beauty of the Heavenly regions. Later, they rise to the Buddhic plane where they become one with the Universal Soul and dwell in bliss beyond description. As for the Atmic plane, words cannot express what they experience on this plane as they fuse into one with their Creator.

When man reincarnates2 he passes through all the same regions, beginning with the Atmic, Buddhic, Causal, and so on and, in each region, he collects the materials he needs to weave a new garment, a new body, which becomes progressively denser and more opaque as he descends to the lower levels of matter. When he is finally born again, as a human baby, he remembers nothing of all this: neither his sufferings nor his joys nor even what he learned. But it is all there, inside him, and it will all come back to him one day if he accepts certain disciplines and rules of life under the guidance of a spiritual Master. Those who succeed in bringing to the surface the memory of their experiences in the other world evolve much more rapidly.

Unfortunately, most people are so attached to the pleasures and passions of the earth that it will be a very long time before they take advantage of all this knowledge, all those treasures buried deep within them. Blessed are those who know and believe these truths, for they will be incapable of being satisfied with a mediocre way of life. They will continually want to grow and advance in intelligence, love and self-dominance, so as to become useful to the whole of humanity.

But let me get back to the most important: whether or not we believe in the life of the soul after death, without our knowing it, everything we do is recorded. Nature does much more wonderful things than even the most skilled electronic engineer: at the apex of man's heart, she places a tiny spool of magnetic tape, no bigger than an atom, which records everything he does all his life long. When he leaves this world, he leaves his physical body behind but he takes this tiny reel of tape with him, and his judges invite him to watch it with them so that he can see every detail of the life he has just lived.

2 In this connection, see Man, Master of His Destiny (Collection Izvor, No. 201)

Yes, no one can escape from this law: everything in life is recorded; we have to pay on the astral plane for every transgression committed here below, and we feel everything with far greater intensity because we are no longer protected by our physical body. There is nothing worse than to be naked and vulnerable on the astral plane, for one feels the thoughts and feelings of the living as a direct attack, as though they were biting, piercing and burning us. There is no escape from them. Even the mourning and tears of those left behind on earth are a torment for the dead. It is only when they reach the Causal plane that they become invulnerable and nothing can affect them any more; they are at the centre of a magic circle of light and nothing can enter this circle if they do not want it to.

The things that concern the soul and the spirit are truly extraordinary, and you, who are in an Initiatic School, will learn a great deal if you are sufficiently patient and persevering. But I must warn you to be careful: if you allow yourselves to be beguiled by frivolous trivialities and abandon the treasures of the spiritual dimension for the sake of the petty pleasures of everyday life, when the time comes for you to move on to the next world you will go through terrifying states of consciousness because you will have failed to appreciate that which was pure, sacred and divine.

You will object, 'But I haven't killed anyone. I've never done anything really serious!' That is where you are wrong; it is serious to be negligent! The fact that you have failed to appreciate the divine dimension is an argument against you. It means that you have lived such a shameful life in the past, that your mental and astral bodies became deformed and distorted. In this way you put so many obstacles in the way of your own evolution that you now lack the elements that would make you sensitive to the divine world, and you are going to have to suffer in order to acquire them.

The Bonfin, 26 September 1975
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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Smile Re: Death and the Life Beyond

We all know that when a man dies his soul leaves his physical body, but even while he is alive this can happen too : his soul can withdraw from his body and travel through space in order to study the universe, or even go and visit friends in distant places to help and comfort them and reveal certain truths to them. However, although it is possible to leave one's physical body, very few people are capable of doing so. Even while they are asleep at night, their soul remains close to their body, learning nothing and doing nothing useful, so it is no wonder that they are incapable of going out of their body consciously, in broad daylight, and travelling through space before coming back again to take up their everyday activities.

You will probably say that you are in a hurry to learn how to withdraw your soul consciously from your physical body. Well, let me warn you that you must not be in too much of a hurry ! If you are not fully prepared beforehand you can put yourself in great psychic danger (obsessions, possession or madness) and, even, in mortal danger on the physical level. If you do not begin by purifying yourself and gaining full control of yourself and all your thoughts, feelings and inclinations, it is extremely dangerous to go out of your body and leave it without protection, at the mercy of whatever entity comes along : the results can be truly horrifying. This is why I have never talked much to you about astral projection ; this will come later, when you are ready for it. Those who want to go and study the question in occult literature are, of course, at liberty to do so, but I warn them that they are running a great risk.

If you prepare yourself for years, in particular by paying great attention to the question of purity — the purity of what you eat, for instance, as well as that of your thoughts and feelings — and if you persevere in the practice of all the different exercises that can help you to achieve self-mastery, one day your soul will be able to leave your body at will without the slightest risk. This is how genuine Initiates are able to travel to the outermost regions of space where they see and learn so much, and a very important element is that when they reunite with their physical bodies they remember all that they have seen and done. For there are people who, under certain conditions, withdraw involuntarily from their physical body — the phenomenon may manifest itself as a sudden falling asleep in the middle of the day — but when they return to their normal state they remember nothing of what they saw, heard or did, and that is a pity. So the question is to be able to withdraw from one's body in full awareness. But don't be im-patient ; you must begin by purifying yourselves and one way to do this is to use the prayer to the Angels of the Four Elements which I gave you a long time ago.

It is extremely difficult for your soul to leave your body if you have not learned detachment — up to and including the ultimate detachment of death. So many people are incapable of leaving their physical body even at the moment of death : the bonds which bind them to it are too strong because they have never learned detachment ! While they lived on earth they were only interested in material questions, money and pleasure : is it surprising, then, that they are unwilling to give up all that ? For a long time they suffer dreadfully, prowling round their own lifeless body and clinging to the people and places they knew in their lifetime, until a servant of God comes to help them to free themselves. Others, on the contrary, leave their physical body instantly, with the greatest of ease and intense joy, as though they were simply taking off a garment. This is why schools of Ini-tiation have always taught their disciples how to be detached.

Perhaps you will say, 'I suppose that if you want to be de-tached you have to withdraw from the world and not frequent other people ?' Not at all ! There have been hermits and ascetics who understood detachment like that and hid themselves away in caves or mountain grottoes. They were convinced that they were very detached, but their detachment was often only ex-ternal. In the midst of their solitude they were plagued by all kinds of desires and lusts because the Devil took advantage of that solitude to pay them a visit ! The literature is full of stories of the temptations of saints and hermits ! No, it is not a question of abandoning everything, it is a question of understanding that true detachment is an inner attitude and that purity is the only way to achieve it.

The souls who incarnate on this earth are not always the same. It can happen, of course, that the same ones come back time after time in the course of the centuries, but it is not necessarily so. The earth, you see, is not the only place where creatures can go to train and develop. There are other 'earths' all over the universe where they can go for instruction. Just as creatures from other planets come to earth, with a particular mission to accomplish, and leave again once their work is done, so creatures from earth can be sent to other planets. It is the Twenty-Four Elders who are in charge of organizing all this coming and going.

When a man dies, the doors of the earth close behind him, he is caught up in other currents and he is not entitled to turn back. This is why it is not good to call up the dead : it hinders them in their evolution. We must pray for them and send them light to help them to evolve, but we must not cling to them and try to hold on to them ; above all, we must not try to bring them back once they have left the earth.

There are countless tales in ancient literature about the prac-tice of summoning up the dead. The custom was to slit the throats of animals and use their blood to evoke the souls of the dead. The Odyssey tells of how Ulysses called up the spirit of the prophet Tiresias from Hades to foretell his future. And in the Old Testament we read that Saul commanded the medium of En Dor to bring up the shade of the great Prophet Samuel, because he wanted to consult him about the war against the Philistines. This is what is known as 'necromancy', meaning to foretell the future (manteia, divination) by means of the dead (nekros). But you will notice that Samuel said to Saul, 'Why have you disturbed me by bring-ing me up ?' Great spirits who have already finished their life on earth do not want to be disturbed after death simply in order to satisfy the curiosity of the living : they are so far removed from such narrow, petty interests ! Of course, this does not mean that they have forgotten the living : they are willing to help them, but in other ways3.

3 On another occasion Omraam Mikhael Nivanhov said : And then again, when Jesus appeared to his disciples at the Transfiguration, the light of his body was so dazzlingly bright and radiant that they could not bear to look at it, and fell on their faces in fear. The Transfiguration was a manifestation in the physical dimension of his spiritual body, his Body of Glory. The time had not yet come for Jesus to detach his Body of Glory from his physical body and to live only on that level, but it could already manifest itself in all its radiance. There are people who have seen the Body of Glory of an Initiate in a moment of spiritual ecstasy and rapture : his face shone and light radiated from his whole being. By means of their Body of Glory Initiates are able to travel freely through space, cross mountain ranges and even journey to the centre of the earth, for no material obstacle can hinder its movement ; they can even use it to influence and help others from a distance. Even if the physical body of an Initiate is ill, he can still send help to others, for the physical body and the Body of Glory are two quite different things. His physical body can be dying, but his Body of Glory is still untarnished, alive and radiant, and with it he can reach out to other creatures at a great distance and instruct, advise and console them and give them his blessing.'

Of course, most human beings are not immediately freed from their earthly attachments at the moment of death : they remain attached to their family and friends (and enemies !), as well as to places and possessions. If they are not highly evolved, if their heart and soul have never had any great desire to discover other regions and advance towards God, they will go on clinging to these people and things. They become unhappy, wandering souls, unable to free themselves, even though luminous spirits try to help them. Those who have cultivated the virtues, on the other hand, and lived in love and light on earth, free themselves very rapidly from their bodies and rise to sublime spheres, where they are immersed in happiness and joy. From these heights they help and protect those they have left behind by sending them beneficial currents but, in spite of what many people think, they never ac-tually return to earth. Once dead they are very, very far from the earth and they don't come back.

You will ask, 'But then why do spiritualistic mediums believe that they can communicate with famous people from the past ?' Well, the truth is that they do not actually communicate with the people they evoke ; let me explain what happens. When a hvman being departs this world, he leaves some of his 'clothes' behind ; not, of course, his physical clothes, but his etheric and astral clothes. These clothes float in the atmosphere and are impregnated with his life-experience ; they are like empty shells or husks and can be animated and vivified by the fluids of those who take part in a spiritualistic seance in the hope of com-municating with the dead. As those who take part in these seances are not, generally speaking, very highly evolved, the fluids that emanate from them are very inferior and bear the mark of their passions, covetousness and sensuality and, because of this, they attract all kinds of shadowy beings which have not yet been absorbed by the centre of the earth and are still floating in the etheric and astral planes.

Ordinarily, the psychic atmosphere surrounding the earth is continually cleansed and the debris floating in it is sent to the centre of the earth. But it still contains a certain number of en-tities which we call larvae or elementals, and it is they that manifest themselves at seances to deceive and mislead human beings. And not only do they deceive and mislead them, but they also drain them of their energies by absorbing every drop of their vitality in order to stay alive as long as possible.

Even the lowest kinds of spirit are capable of entering the mind of a medium and speaking in the name of Moses, Jesus, Joan of Arc, or whoever else you choose to call up. But this does not prove that you are in touch with a very advanced being. Besides, very advanced spirits are certainly not going to be attracted to frivolous, inquisitive, sensual people such as one often finds at spiritualistic seances. The only entities that people like this can call up are the larvae, husks and shades of the lower astral regions. On the other hand, if pure, luminous, disinterested beings gather to pray together and radiate light into the world, some truly luminous entities may manifest themselves in their midst, but not at all in the same way as in a seance.

There are even some inhabitants of the psychic world who have been created by humans. Some of the well known characters of literature, for instance, or even saints who never actually existed, have become so famous and have been so vividly present in the minds of men that they have acquired, not physical, but fluidic reality. And this is how an egregor comes into existence.

An egregor is a psychic collective entity formed by the thoughts, wishes and fluidic emanations of all the individual members of a collectivity, a nation or a religion, for instance. The thoughts and desires of so many human beings working together towards the same goal form an egregor which is shaped, impregnated and nourished by that collectivity. We, in the Universal White Brotherhood, have our own egregor, just as all religions and spiritual movements — and even political movements — have theirs. Sometimes these egregors combat each other on high, each one wanting to be the strongest, and each one helps the community that has brought it into being, for it is a reservoir of tremendous forces. Each has its own symbolic form which is often that of an animal : bear, tiger, cock, eagle, dove, and so on. But the really vital thing to understand is how to form a powerful egregor capable of working in every region of the world and of helping and enlightening human beings. You must also be careful, though, for if you betray the ideal that an egregor represents it can punish you and reduce you to dust. This may astonish you, but an egregor may wreak vengeance on those who betray it.

Human beings really have no idea of how many different kinds of creatures inhabit the astral world. But whether they know them or not, they attract those to which they are bound by the law of affinity. And this is how, in spiritualistic seances, the participants attract beings from the astral ocean, rarely the spirits of the dead that they hoped for. You will say, 'Yes, but how can these creatures know the dead person so well that they manage to pass themselves off as his spirit ?' That is not difficult :•it is all there, in the Akashic Records, the etheric Archives of the universe, and these entities can easily find out all they need to know. The only problem is that they often misread things and then they pass on false information.

Actually, this greatly depends on the person who seeks in-formation from the invisible world : someone who is very pure and luminous will receive correct answers, not because higher spirits descend to his level, but because he is able to rise and communicate with them on their own level. There are instances, as I have already mentioned, in which spirits have been forced down to earth, because they have been called by very powerful magicians who knew how to pronounce certain magic formulas. But this is not a normal, natural situation it is up to human beings to rise, by means of thought, to the level of the spirits : the spirits should not be obliged to return to earth.

There are two kinds of magic in this area : one which calls on higher beings in order to obtain blessings and favours from them, and this is called invocation, and the other which attempts to get the souls of the dead to appear in visible form, and this is known as evocation. But generally speaking, as I have already said, it is not possible to get the particular spirits one wants to appear, whether by invocation or evocation : other creatures assume their appearance or their voice in order to make mischief and mislead human beings.

So you must be very careful about all this. Personally, I have never recommended spiritualistic seances, never ; on the contrary ! I attended a few when I was young, but I very soon realized that the people who take part in them are slaves to their own sensuality, avarice and ambition. While claiming to communicate with their deceased friends and relations, they attract creatures from the astral world that cling to them in order to satisfy their own base appetites through them and that can never be shaken off again. This is why many spiritualist mediums have come to a bad end.

In conclusion, therefore, let the dead go their way in peace. Don't cling to your dying relations and friends, don't let your sorrow at their departure hold them down and, above all, don't try to communicate with them by calling them back. This only troubles them and prevents them from breaking free. Pray for them, send them your love, think of them becoming freer and freer and rising higher and higher towards the light. If you really love them, be sure that you will be with them again one day. That is the truth. How many times have I already told you this : where your heart is, there will you be one day.

Sevres, 6 March 1966

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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Smile Death


by Beinsa Douno

For each person, it is defined of what he is going to die and when he will die.

We understand the material life in three conditions: present, past, and future. Life, which is defined by such a situation, is always limited. No matter what you do, it is limited. You are not masters in that situation. One, who has past, present and future, is by all means sentenced to die as long as he has these three conditions in himself – the sentence is passed. No matter when, no matter who one is, he will still be executed. Someone will be executed after a few days or weeks. Somebody else – after months or years. Everybody will be executed one day. The sentences will surely come. We talk about the physical world, the physical life. Now you cry – the sentence is implemented on a child of yours or on a daughter of yours, or on your husband. It is implemented on somebody and you are not satisfied. Finally, you will be claimed guilty. You do not know who sentences you and who executes you. You do not know if there is an external judge. Sometimes there is a special court. One is sentenced and caught. He is sentenced like a criminal and put in prison. Some people are not judged at all and they are immediately executed.

Even if they give you 1000 years for living, you yourself would wish to leave Earth. It will become quite workaday for you. You would wish to go to other worlds. Earth is only one result. The world of feelings is a more beautiful place, but the world of thinking is even more beautiful. And once you have gone through these three lives, you will still want to come to Earth. In a world, you will live as long as it is needed for your development. Sometimes you will be expelled from Earth by somebody to go home. They will return you as a bride, who is turned back to her father. They will return you in the way a father sends his child to school. It has begun to play, and the father takes a stick and the child runs away. When it comes home, he gives it a good lesson.

Time for Work, Time for Death

The reasonable, Divine life is a life of the soul, where everything is done on its time. That is why, Solomon said, “There is a time for everything.” There is a time to be born; there is a time to die. One can be born only at the time that God has defined for that. Humans die after the same law - only when that is defined. If one knew the laws, he would have been able to skip the time defined for dying. It happens one to come to a freezing point in his life, when he must surely die. In nature, there are some places, where the powers are balanced in absolute rest. If a person comes upon such a place, his pulse will surely stop.

Whatever one has, he will leave it on Earth. You have rented a house for 5-10-20-30, 40-50-60-70 - up to 120 years at most, but once these years pass, you leave it and go to the other world. By that time you have to eliminate all you have. You say that someone has died quite young. He has rented a house for that number of years. Someone died at the age of 1. You ask, “Why did he live so little?” He has agreed on that. One agrees on certain conditions, on how many years he will live with his coming down to Earth. Agreements are prepared above, not on Earth.

At coming down on Earth, one has foreseen what should be done. For that purpose, he has his own specific plan that he has agreed to fulfill. If he does not fulfill it, he prematurely goes to the other world.

One does not have to leave for the other world before he has finished his job.

You say, “I will die.” Why do you put death in you? Put it out of you. When death comes, it is enough to say, “I have a job. I have not finished my job.” You will wait! Someone says, “I must die.” I die only when I finish my job. If you do not want to do a certain job, you die easily.

No one should go to the other world prematurely. You should fall like a ripe fruit exactly on time.

Young and old people solve the same questions from two points of view. If you cannot connect both ends of youth and old age in one place, life will remain not understood for you. If you do not know why you have come and if you do not know why you leave, you have not understood life. If you do not know why you go to school and if you do not know why you finish school, what have you understood? Nothing. It is not bad to go to school to learn everything. It is not bad to finish school when you have learned everything. School is not an eternal order. This life is a school, which you have to enter and finish on time.

Death itself is not scary. It is scary when a person dies and cannot rise. Knowing this, live consciously to leave for the other world on time to be able to rise. If you do not live properly, you will die prematurely. If you die prematurely, resurrection will not come. When a farmer does not sow on time, fruits do not ripen on time.

If you are one of the smart people, you will live in the world until your sun comes up to the zenith. When you come to the zenith, then you will leave this world and go to God and it will be sunrise again in the spiritual world. And then you will be happy. But if you wait to see the completion of earthly life, you know what the results for each of you would be.

While you are in the physical world, do not wish to die and run away from Earth. Where will you go? You will remain again here until you solve the contradictions of your life. Until you become masters of your thoughts, feelings, and deeds, you cannot enter the higher world.


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Smile After Death


by Beinsa Douno

Often people worry about what will happen to them, where they will go when they die. It is strange: when you were born, whence did you come? “Where am I going?” You are going whence you have come. Whence did your father come? Everyone goes whence he has come.

There is a distinction between life and death. I define life and death in the following way: death is the biggest restriction, in which a rational being can be placed. Life is the greatest freedom, in which the human mind can be placed. Therefore, humans are between these two poles. So, death is defined as the greatest restriction. This restriction is necessary for the humans-animals and the humans-beasts. Humans-animals and humans-beasts will pass through death, through the thinnest tube that exists in living Nature. It is planting. Therefore, when Nature wants to get rid of such types of people, it passes them through the thinnest tube, where even evil does not stop. When evil reaches up to there, it also stops. Evil cannot get to the other side of that tube, i.e. on the other side of death, because on the other side of death, it is already life there, the life of immortality.

The only immortal thing in you is your mind. In death, human feelings are terminated and he does not feel anymore. He does not feel things as a living person, but only some impressions of his desires, certain intensity remains in him. That person is externally passive, but he can awake. He is like an embryo outside; he is passive. However, if you put that dead person in a body and if he comes into contact with that living person, certain instincts will immediately occur in him. When a sinner dies, he remains the same. Death does not change him at all. He changes when he goes to the other side of death, and namely in life. While he is in death, he is the same. Therefore, until the mind comes in a person and he starts thinking, he cannot change. The only thing that can change human nature is his mind.

Passing Beyond

Bulgarians have a custom to light an icon-lamp in the evenings. Why are icon-lamps needed? They light them mainly for the deceased in order there to be light for them in the other world. Many of those, who have left to the other world, are in darkness, persecuted and tortured by their enemies - evil spirits. If one does not want to suffer both in this world and in the other one, he must have an icon-lamp, which have to be constantly lit. Therefore, one, who suffers, does not have an icon-lamp. Everyone should carry in himself the icon-lamp of wisdom, filled with the oil of truth and lighted by the fire of Love.

In music you have seven tons, and in light you have seven colors. There is also a second range of light. You can pass the light from outside through your mind. If you pass the red color through your mind, you can see it in a much nicer form than outside in the rainbow. The first range of seven colors is on the physical plane. Once we go to the second range of light, we already reach the consciousness – we perceive the seven tons objectively. Those people, who make experiments by moving from one of the ranges to the other, pass through a dark zone.

When people are closer to death, they say that it is becoming dark for them. When they pass the first range of the light of seven tones, it is the physical world. Then the dark zone comes. Some people pass through the dark zone and say that it is becoming bright for them. They will move from the first range of the light into the second range of the light. By passing through, one enter the other world. And the light of the other world is softer and more beautiful. Compared to it, the physical light is harsher.

I say: there is a way of concentrating. You can move from one of the ranges of light into the other one, but to go through, you should liberate from all impressions of the physical world. You must isolate from your mind all impressions that the physical world has in you. Once you isolate your mind from them, you will go to the other world. If there is anything, which worries your mind, you cannot go to the other world.

There are contradictions in the other world, too. There is one zone, in which you will be responsible for every hard word from centuries ago till now. You will pass through such hardships, through the whole hell, the worst things. You should be armed by tanks there. You shall have masks somewhere. It is not easy to pass from this world to the other one. Sometimes an angel sits and will take you in hands, but sometimes you will go out – there is no an angel and then spirits will go after you. Now I do not want to scare you, it is only for clarification. It is partly true. They will go after you. You shall study the law of humility. You will become smaller and smaller and finally – they will not be able to see you, you disappear, but you will also lose the form. Sadness will fall upon you. You have saved yourself, but everything is taken, nothing has remained. You pass and nobody wants to know you. You are forgotten. No one pays attention to you. You are a foreigner.

There is a dark zone around Earth, in which all negative human thoughts, desires and deeds wander. If one touches them, he shudders. When the higher beings pass through that zone, they, like Moses, lift their staffs and split it opening a free way. One, who has knowledge, passes easily through that zone and one, who does not have knowledge, drowns in it. The bridge that links the dark zone to the bright one is very narrow like a thread. A righteous person passes easily along it. He is an acrobat in that respect. However, when a sinner comes to it, he hesitates, feels dizzy and falls into the abyss. That is why it is said that when one leaves for the other world, he must give up all earthly things, all human things. He shall carry nothing. Only in this way he may pass through the dark zone successfully. By knowing the human nature, God has placed a dark zone as a boundary between this world and the other one so that thefts not to be possible. You can steal on Earth as much as you want, but no thefts and crimes are allowed in the Promised Land. You can bring only your bright thoughts and desires there. Everything is immortal there.

There is a theory, according to which during the passing from this world to the other one, one must know the law of shrinking to shrink so much that he to pass completely unnoticed by the beings that are hostile toward him. Once the soul comes to the dark zone of Earth, these creatures begin to pursue it as they pursue thieves on Earth. Almost for every soul, two or three angels are determined to guard it in order it to pass through that zone safely. There are cases when some souls are not accompanied by angels and they are exposed to great persecution by the evil spirits. If an ordinary person falls into an abyss in the invisible world, they stop him there as they do here with the cars of prominent rich people and tell him, “Hands up, give me the money!”

By passing from the physical to the spiritual world, there is a great abyss; when you reach it, you will get scared. When you come to the spiritual world, your legs will start shaking and you will swing. No matter how spiritual you are, you start shaking; terror overwhelms you, because you lose ground. You have nothing to step on. Your leg remains hanging in the air. It is well here on Earth, and there is nothing on which to put your leg there and it remains hanging in the air. And people are so much afraid of dying not because it is so scary, but the abyss that exists between this world and the other world is scary.

And if you set off for the other world, the whole road of life is mined. There are mines. To leave for the other world, at least three angels shall come. One angel will carry you in its arms and two will escort you. Others will attack you and these two will defend you. There will be many enemies that will attack you from every side. And thanks to these angels you will pass through that dangerous zone to enter the other world.

There is no a harder thing without vehicles in the other world. There is a deadly river, through which you have to pass, and the bridges are destroyed. The water is so dirty that if you decide to pass through it, you will need 250 years to get rid of the stench. There is a gossamery thread over the river. You have to pass over the river along that gossamery thread without a rod. If you cannot keep balance on that thin thread, you may tilt to one side or the other and fall into the river.

How will you pass from this world to the other world? You will pass by a thread. The soul from this world will pass through that bridge. So, a righteous soul will pass and will not fall. A sinful one will try to pass and will fall in. And it will go to hell.

So, I say: when we talk about the good life, about Love, about joy, about truth, we understand that state, in which we have balance when we come to that thread. Love shall be in the center. Wisdom shall be on the left, and truth – on the right. These three Divine powers will take us across the thin bridge. We will be safe. Love, wisdom and truth are needful for passing from this to the other world, for passing through that deadly river. Some people say, “Why should I love?” You are to learn to love to keep your balance. You say you cannot love someone, because there is stinking, his feet smell, his hands, his breath smells. If you cannot bear this little stink here, how would you bear that one, in which if you fall, you will have to wash yourself for 250 years until cleaned?

40 days will pass until you pass from this world into the other one. You will travel for 40 days until you go from one coast to the other. You will go and come back, go and come back for 40 days. They will open the door for you on the 40th day. There is a door there for entering the other world. You will go to the door and return. They will examine you for 40 days. First they will ask you how you have lived and return you. You go again and knock again. They will ask how you feel, how you love people love, how you think. You will go, they will ask you questions and you will answer. If you answer correctly to all questions, they will open the doors for you and you will enter the other world. They will accept you now to live.

I say: do you prune the vine only once? If you have a vine stick for 80 years, you will prune it 80 times. You will prune it every year. You will prune it 80 times. This stick will grow up. I say: if we are pruned 80 times, we will eventually learn something. When they prune you 80-90 times, you will learn how to live, how to act, how to feel and how to think. Human thoughts are armor.

There is a way for concentrating. You can go from one range of light to another, but to do that you should get rid of all the impressions from the physical world. Once you isolate your mind from them you will go to the other world.

The one, who has left must go through a dark zone and only those, who understand the laws of the matter, can pass through the zone without being noticed by the lower spirits. After death, lower spirits begin to chase people in the dark zone to take what they carry. One, who has lived well, will easily go through there, but it is hard for one, who has not lived well. Such a soul passes through great hardships within 40 days after the death. Those, who have a ticket, are not chased. And what is the ticket? The ticket is the faith.

The tank of a righteous person is made of diamond, nothing can break it. If you decide to move to the other world, there is one enemy that will shell you by the most modern weapons. While you are passing through, you will be hit by these shells. Human thoughts, human feelings and human deeds are armor. It is not an easy job. There will be an angel to guide you, but this angel will put you into the tank that you yourself have made. It will go ahead by its tank, it will not put you in its own one, and you will travel by your tank. If the grenades do not break it, you will go to the other world, and if they break it, if they destroy your tank, you will go back. This is called rebirth. You will make another tank, will come to death, and that enemy will shell you again.

How a persecuted soul may be saved? It is possible only by the law of shrinking, of humility.

And you will become so small that no one can see you; you will be free from all earthly things. And when you go back, you will go back the same as you have come out. People, who move away from God, become big. But they become small near God. He returns to God. And he should be very small when he returns.

You all will die down the road you go. You will get old; you will lose your power; your legs, your stomach, and your lungs will be destroyed one day. One day they will take everything you have and send you to the other world. They will send you with a luggage of 33 grams. You have the right to take 33 grams from Earth. As you will pass through three stations, they will take 10 grams at each station and when enter the Divine world, you will only have 3 grams. You will have a small invisible cell and no one will see you. You will remain alone, will feel a loathing of life and see nothing, and you will not feel even yourself. You will know that you were a king and have become a nonentity, which is billions of times smaller than the modern ion. If we increase an ion as much as Earth, it will be again invisible.

While people talk about this world, our works go well, but when they start talking about the other world that it is beautiful, that it is nice, it is as if we are cut by a knife - we do not like listening about the other world. Why? It is because we understand this world, and we do not understand the other world. I have not seen a single person, who dies happily. There are a few exceptions in that regard. There is something incomprehensible for people, when the other world is mentioned. That is why I say: it is better for you not to die. Not because the other world is bad, but until you pass through these customs of death, through those tax-collectors, who will rob you, God forbid! They will rob you so that nothing will remains in your suitcases after passing by them. They will send you to the other world with not a stitch on. Therefore, you are right to be afraid of these tax-collectors. Tax-collectors of the other world are like those on Earth. They are doers of the law. If you fall among them, you will suffer. However, there is a way. The Old Testament says that when Elijah complained to God from the tax-collectors of the other world, God sent him a fiery chariot, by which he raised to Heaven. Elijah left only his coat on Earth. He went to the other world safely. He got rid of the tax-collectors. The second case of somebody passing through the tax-collectors without them taking something is with Jesus. They caught Him, held Him for three days at the customs and then, when the resurrection came, Jesus freed from their customs intact. For the others, for the ordinary people, however, there will be great confiscators. They have to go through all customs to pay their tax.

In death, we are afraid of the customs station. What we carry will pass through customs. What we have acquired in this world will be taken. This bothers us. Those customs officers are strict. They take everything! We are afraid to remain empty handed. We are not afraid of death, but of the customs officers. The difference between a righteous person and a sinner is that the sinner carries a lot of suitcases, and the smart, righteous person carries a very little suitcase – only a handkerchief, some small appliances, and even if they take them, he says, “I can exist even without them.” The righteous person has transferred his wealth some time ago. He does not carry it with him.

You are not allowed to bring on Earth anything from the Divine world. In the same way you are not allowed to take things from Earth to the Divine world. When one comes from the Divine world to Earth, there is a customs office at the border, where everything is sequestered and remains there. You come with lots of suitcases from Heaven, but when you reach the customs office, you leave everything there. It is the same when you go from Earth to Heaven, you will again leave everything at the customs.

There is no a better thing than one to be spiritually, mentally and heartily in good mood. Here are the tasks that await resolution. How will they be solved? They will be solved after the internal way. These tasks are important for both this and the other world. Wealth, which one will take to the other world, depends on how we solve them. You will leave everything on Earth, but you will take that wealth with you. So, the only wealth that one will take with him to the other world is the mildness of his spirit, the mildness of his soul, the mildness of his mind and the mildness of his heart.

There are cells that give nothing. There are cells that come for 1-2 years and go away, and there are such that remain with you even after death. A saint is one, whose body goes to the other world with him after death - all his thoughts, feelings, cells – everything is with him. Those thoughts that remain here on Earth are not his. When one leaves for the other world, he can understand how much capital he has had, what wealth he has had at his disposal.

When a person leaves Earth, the only things that he will take with him are three atoms: one that carries the wealth of his mind, another that carries the wealth of his heart, and a third one that carries the wealth of the will. Imagine what would be his wealth. An atom is calculated to be a 25 millionth part of the millimeter. It means to divide the millimeter into 25 million parts and take one. With those three atoms, with that wealth you will enter the other world. What will you do with them? However, there is so much energy in one atom that it can move Earth for a thousand years. He has so much hidden, compressed energy that it can move the Earth for a thousand years. What were these rational beings that were able to compress that enormous energy in such a small space?

When we leave, we will be met in space by different beings from different hierarchies, who live in societies according to the degree of their development like people here on Earth in countries. In the way we are requested to show our passports here at the border of a country, they request a passport there, too. They will ask us, “Where do you come from?” We have to answer, “From Bulgaria”. They will ask again, “Where do you go to?” We are to answer, “To the Kingdom of God.” Then they will let us go on.

I want to explain you a law: why one must enter into God? You have to because once burdened, you go to God to renovate. I call sins “burdening”. You have become old and your life has become pointless. What should such a person do? Why do people become religious in their old ages? In a very natural way - you need to go into God. You are already old and have nothing to do. You will go in God. Why? To rejuvenate, nothing more. It is because if you do not go into God, your sufferings will remain. When you enter in God, you get liberated. Till the last customs, your creditors will hold you. And when you go into God, none of them goes further. This is the last customs and your creditors say, “Leave him, he went to the other border.”

When you reach the royal gate, they will make you recite a poem or say a maxim or sing a song or you will do something for them to examine you.

In the invisible world, if you go, you should know the names of your left ones – they are given completely different names there. Let's say that you tell the name. Then they will ask you for the address.

They do not accept ill people in Heaven. They will ask you there, “Why are you ill? Didn't you have money, food, air or water? All this is given to you in abundance, but you have not used it properly. Come on, go back now to Earth to learn to use the goods properly.” Spiritual people must have absolutely healthy bodies, hearts and minds.


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Smile Immortality


by Beinsa Douno

What is death? It is the biggest restriction and the greatest freedom. Many people think that when they die, they will be free. Only one, who knows the laws of entering and going out freely of his body, will be free. One, who does not know these laws, is tied to his body. Such a person is not free even after his death. He is in great restrictions. Why? He himself has connected by thousands of threads for the tearing of which, conscious, reasonable work is needed. However, God has bound humans only by one thread - Love. While in the world, thanks to the connections, with which one has bound himself alone, one aims at the center of Earth. When he thinks something about the center of the Sun, he feels that the earthly threads pull him strongly downwards. This is the reason why the aspiration of humans for Earth is greater than that for the Sun. To be spiritual, this implies one to have a strong desire for God, for the Sun of life. If this striving in him is natural, by conscious and hard work on himself, he can gradually tear one after another the connections that hold him to Earth and remain only with the connection with God – with the connection of Love. Only that person can be absolutely free after death. He will be free on Earth and in Heaven. He can go to the Sun and return whenever he wants. A day will come when people will communicate directly with the Sun and will know everything that happens there.

Is the yoke needed in life? Under the current conditions of life, yoke is needed. It leads one to suffering and work. As modern humans have penetrated deeply into the matter and connected with it, they suffer until they tear these connections. After that one starts to work and finally his life is given meaning. Once your life is given meaning, you already work. A chicken also suffers while it is in the shell of the egg. When the time for hatching comes close, it starts knocking on the shell until it breaks it and goes out to freedom. And in free life, there is also yoke, but the chicken is already working to earn its living. All people are closed in a shell, from which they must come out. Until one does not feel it, he is standing in the shell quietly and calmly. Once he becomes bored with it, he begins to make attempts to break through it and go out. It is important for him to obey the time of its drilling. If he breaks it prematurely, he will either die or he will come out, but he will be feeble and incapable of independent life. Be sure to break the shell in time! We call this moment in life “gaining of freedom”, “entry into the new life”, and the alchemists call it “acquisition of the Philosopher's Stone” and it is mentioned in the Gospel as entrance of humans in the Kingdom of God.

So, we have come on Earth to get rid of the unnecessary connections that we have and that make us very nervous. And when we get rid of the connections, only one connection will remain. Then that Divine joy will come in us and we will understand what the physical life means. Physical life is preparation for the spiritual life, and the spiritual life is preparation for the Divine one. Once you get into the perfection of the Divine life, then you will understand the meaning of the physical, spiritual and Divine lives. Joy comes from the Divine life.


Not many people in the world live in the full sense of the word. Some people live, but their life is only suffering, others live and vegetate or live and die or live and rise.

Getting up is for the body; revival is for the heart; resurrection is for the mind. The mind must rise; the heart has to revive; the body – to get up. One, who gets up is strong; who revives is warm; who rises is smart.

One of the fundamental laws of life states that everything that you have received for nothing from God, you shall give it for nothing. When you come to Love, you begin to think of gaining something and to emphasize that you love a person. This is a misunderstanding of Love. There is no need of emphasizing that you love. If you love, you will revive, i.e. you will awake. This is the first manifestation of Love. Then you will get up - the second manifestation. And finally, you will rise - the third manifestation. Till resurrection, Love has not manifested in its fullness. You say you live, but you have joys and sorrows that evoke contradictions. Then you will ask yourself, what the reason for joys and sorrows is. Until you have not risen, you will have both joys and sorrows. “I awoke.” You will awake, but you will still have contradictions. You will get up – you will still have contradictions. Once you rise, you will have completed one process in you and will realize that what you have taken for nothing, you will give it for nothing.

Resurrection in the physical world is the new life of humans. In the spiritual world, resurrection means the coming of Love on Earth. In the Divine world, resurrection means the descent of the Spirit on Earth. Therefore, one must rise in the three worlds: his body is to rise; his soul is to rise and his spirit is to rise. This is the true resurrection.

In resurrection, life goes from one phase to another, where death is excluded. The law is such.

What is resurrection? It is entrance of life in the new conditions, in which the new life may manifest.

And they ask, “How will people rise? With these bodies or with other bodies?” They do not understand the question - resurrection concerns only the soul. It is awakening of consciousness. If consciousness does not awake in you, there is no resurrection.

The only desire of all beings is to pass from the life of limitations to the life of freedom or as I say - to pass from temporary to eternal life. These are immortal things or as I call them, these are things or life, in which death does not enter. And if death does not enter, humans are free there. There is no suffering, no deprivation, no poverty, and no restrictions. The life of eternal joy and of eternal happiness is there, where humans know how to live.

The word “resurrection” contains a great idea in itself. It contains Divine secrets. To rise - it means to be a master of all elements, of all powers, of all thoughts, of all desires, and of all your actions. And how one may rise if he is not a master of all these things? If a frog or a snake can frighten you, how do you prepare for resurrection?

One, who has learned to release his mind, is over death.

One can never have outside what he has not inside. In order one to be healthy, it means him to have a right and sober way of thinking. If the spirit of somebody is not healthy and strong, the body cannot be healthy, either. The spirit in you is the thing that includes everything. The spirit of modern people is not so powerful, due to the frequent split of their minds. No matter what they do, they cannot avoid that split mind. For now, it is an inevitable law. The split of mind corresponds to the existence of day and night in Nature. No matter what you do, your mind will always move between the poles - day and night, light and darkness. By passing through these processes, the human consciousness is gradually awaking. When one’s consciousness awakens, we say that he has risen. Resurrection implies acquiring of immortality.

People need to recreate their lives according to the primary life that is embedded in them. Only in that state we can become immortal. It is the desire of God.

One of the important laws of Nature is that it does not tolerate any excess of matter or energy. It does not tolerate any accumulations, any deposits. Energy and matter can be stored, but not accumulated. For example, if the human brain gathers more energy than it is needed for a certain moment, it must have a reservoir, where it to be stored. Sometimes one has more thoughts, feelings and desires than he needs at a moment, due to which he must store them somewhere. All that one stores in himself is secondary. Primary things in people are those basic thoughts and feelings, with which he came out from the Primary source of life. One comes to Earth and leaves with the basic thoughts and feelings that no one can take away. They represent the main capital of his life, and the secondary ones are a borrowed capital. One must sustain his basic idea and never give it up. If secondary ideas come at the place of the basic one, one feels burdened by surpluses and due to this he loses his plasticity.

Resurrection incorporates another law – passing of the soul into that real state, in which it has existed before its incarnation into the matter. Once incarnated in the matter, the soul becomes corrupted. Moreover, all people, without exception, are unclean. Therefore, we must make great efforts on Earth to be able to clean our hearts, our minds, our actions and desires of that mud by the power of the spirit. The reason for the mud is the matter itself - so it is of such a nature that it becomes corrupted. Resurrection is the process of cleaning itself. It takes place only through the Divine Love. Without Love there is no resurrection.

One, who becomes to know the good, he will have life in himself; one, who becomes to know evil, he will have death in himself. If you know the good, you revive; if you know the evil, you die. Then, what happens if we have plus and minus? If you are born, it is the good. A person dies - it is the evil. One is born - it is the good again. One dies - it is the evil again. They alternate repeatedly. When you become to know the attitude of the good and the attitude of the evil, you will rise over these conditions and then evil will not counteract you as it does now. You have a clear idea, don’t you? Let's say a river has a strong current. A bird that flies is free of the current, but a person, if he does not fly and if he falls in that water, he can drown. A bird can fly freely over the stream. One, who thinks, rises. One, by his thought, rises like a bird over the current of evil. Evil is a powerful current. Thoughts are winged. One, who thinks, has wings that make him free and evil does not affect him. You ask, “Why does evil exist?” Evil exists. There are completely different reasons, but evil shall not affect us. In order it not to affect us, we must have wings. We need to understand the law.

Aim at resurrection as an internal process. This means one to get rid of all doubts and limitations. Believe in your mind and in your heart, in your spirit and in your soul, which God has put in you and you will rise. Therefore, if you have good treasure in yourself, you have to admit, if you have evil treasure; fertilize your life with it to turn it into good. This is the thought that Jesus put in the verse for the good and evil treasure.

A person, whose consciousness is awakened, can never die.

Modern humans are infected by the thought that one cannot rise to life, cannot be born again. The greatest deception in the world is namely there - one can rise as he can die. Death and life are two relative things. If you come in conflict with the powers, with the laws that operate in the rational Nature, you will be crushed, destroyed. If you come to agreement with the powers, with the laws of the rational Nature, you will be risen; you will rise from the grave.

While people do not accept the teaching of Jesus, death will not be liquidated.

Now you have come and you all want to be happy. Modern history has not seen a better person than Jesus. What did it happen to Him, tell me! A most horrible death came to Him. Did He give up? If Jesus had given up His fate, what would the modern humanity have been? It would have been a complete hell. If we, modern people, refuse to accept God in our spirits, if we refuse to accept God in our souls, if we refuse to accept God in our minds, if we refuse to accept God in our hearts, what will happen with us? A whole hell will form. If we decide to accept God and to live according to God, we will have the condition, about which it is written in the Scripture: “Here comes a new Earth and a new Heaven.” New life of immortality - this is what they call the first resurrection. Those, who accept God in this way, will enter the first resurrection.

When Jesus is born in your soul, you will be useful both for yourself and for those around you. This is a resurrection. This means awakening of the human soul. When Jesus lives in the souls of people, everybody will revive, will get up and will hold out their hands to each other like brothers.

Solomon turned and saw all violence and sufferings of the people under the Sun and there was no one to comfort them; there was no one to save them. However, the issue remained unsolved in the mind of Solomon. Solomon says that it is so – there is no one to comfort you; there is no one to save you. And finally, when there is no one to comfort and save you, at least eat and drink then. When there is no a comforter and a savior, you will at least drink and eat and then it does not matter what happens. So far, everybody follow the rules of Solomon and live according to them. However, Jesus said, “I am the living bread, which has come down from Heaven. One, who eats Me and who believes in Me, will revive.” They ask, “When will this happen? It can happen even today! If you come to believe, you may revive even today. Presently, some people wait for Jesus to come to rise. Future resurrection is for children. The present resurrection is for the wise people, and the past resurrection is for old people.

Those of you, who want to be educated people, should not be discouraged. In each discouragement, you should see an opportunity, from which you can go out. The genius is there. You should know that even in the greatest trial, even in death, there is a place, there is a new way, through which you can go out. One, who can do that, he is a strong man and he does not die. Jesus verified that law. He checked that even if a person dies, there is a way out. When they crucified Him, he died. What does the Gospel say? Didn’t His life come back? They put Him in the grave and the dead person found a way out and came out of the grave. Someone may say, “God did it.” No. I know that when he is dying, he still believes that he can live.

Modern people constantly worry and say, “What will we do for tomorrow?” I say: if people die from surfeit and crimes, why wouldn’t we die of hunger? If we must die, let’s die hungry. Doesn’t an ill person suffer? He does. I will also suffer, but I will know that I have not done harm to anybody. There is a difference between that one and me. When I die with that consciousness, I will revive, but when he dies with that consciousness - he remains there. There is a fact in Nature - the fact that a righteous person rises, and by now, there is no example of a sinful person, who has risen. A righteous person always rises in the world – this means that he has revived, that he has returned in life again.

Jesus is the sublime consciousness of humans, which, in order to form, there must be an internal support. The internal support is the human spirit, which determines his immortality. One, who does not have this internal support, he cannot be immortal.

The rational beings do not live only in the air. The environment, in which they live, is called ether by them. There is something, there is one situation, in which a person can become immortal. By entering in the relevant environment, one becomes immortal. Then, even if you want to die, it would be impossible . If you want to die, you will go down to Earth. If you do not want to die, you will go up in your consciousness; you will rise.

“And the last day I will rise him up.” (Gospel John 6:45)

The last day is the day, on which the great life starts. The great, the infinite, this what has meaning in itself, always starts from the last day. And therefore, each of you, who does not start with that last day, he cannot reach to that great, Divine science that God has ordained and put in the bosom of Nature, i.e. to those goods that are prepared for His chosen children, who live on Earth today. So far, they have preached to you always about Heaven and you all are preparing for Heaven; you imagine Heaven, the angels, and the saints in various ways. But all these things are not defined in your minds. Have you ever been to Heaven? Have you? You have not. When I say that you have not been, I mean in the form of your present consciousness, and not of your past one. You have not been in Heaven with that consciousness. And when someone says that he has been to Heaven, we understand not as he is now, but it is another consciousness – the superconsciousness, through which he can enter.

Resurrection is a transitional state of subconscious life to conscious and superconscious life. When a lower animal passes from subconscious to conscious life, the self-consciousness that originates is resurrection. It is revival. Therefore, in the present life, self-consciousness in you is needed for you to correct your past and present mistakes and replace them by something reasonable. Your life is not the one that you expect. When you realize all your mistakes, all those shortcomings and deficits of this life, and the sufferings, which are due to ignorance of these laws, then you will prepare for the resurrection. You will finally choose to go out as a frog from that swamp, which is already dry. While one thinks that no change happens in his life, he lives in the process of subconsciousness. The current white race will go to full consciousness and not to awakening and falling asleep. This is a connection of the superconsciousness. It is resurrection, it is already the new life.

If you decide today to awaken that self-consciousness, you may rise.

It is said that faith rises. It relates to the human mind. Therefore, resurrection implies acquiring of light. When you need faith, you will say, “God, fill me with faith!” Faith is not given, it fills people. When you need Love, you will say, “God, unite me with Love!” So life is acquired through hope, resurrection - through faith, and union - through Love.

Today people need new understandings, new views about things, new faith. And faith has degrees: gullibility, superstition, belief and faith. Faith finally turns into knowledge. Knowledge, however, does not foresee accumulation. Accumulating knowledge does not yet imply application. It is unnecessary ballast, of which one must get rid. True knowledge is the one that has applications. For example, they say that someone has died. They know that he is dead, but do not know what may happen with him after that. This is not knowledge. One, who knows things, he will immediately find out if that person is sleeping or is really dead, if he will rise or not. All people cannot be alive, but everyone can rise. This is a law. Jesus has never died. Therefore, it can be helped only to one, who understands the law of resurrection and believes in it.

There should be enough oxygen in the pure blood without toxins.

The oxygen of the human mind, of the human heart and of the human will makes the blood clean. Blood carries all goods. We create a nice liquid - the elixir of life by our thoughts. Some people look for immortality. Immortality originates from three factors: the absolute right thought, the absolute right feeling and the absolute right act. They are important for immortality. So we must learn to think. Our thoughts are to be clean. “Is that possible?” It is possible even today. Some of you may rise even today.

Daniel, one of the most prominent people of the past, said, “In the last days, when people would get rid of all their wrong ideas of life, then there will be resurrection.” People will rise. Now, everybody still strive to keep this order. Everything you see now will disappear. You will find nothing of this order, which exists now. Not that I want it, but as you cannot find even a piece of the Holy Cross so everything will change. Scripture says: everything will go through fire and this culture and architecture will all be swept away, everything will change. Only that thing of the culture that we have kept in us will remain in humans. It will remain. Anything else that is external will disappear. And what we have kept will give birth to the new culture that will be a thousand times higher than the current one. This is the nearest thing that is knocking on the door now.

When a person may rise? When he enters to live in the Divine day. While he is the human day, no resurrection can be expected. This does not happen like that. Earth shall turn millions of times until one enters the Divine day of life and rises. When it comes to self-determination of his consciousness, one has already entered in the Divine day, where resurrection expects him. In this situation, he has in himself everything most beautiful and greatest. This is a human being in the full sense of the word that has got up, revived and rose. This is a person, who serves God after all rules. Until you have not passed through the processes “getting up”, “revival” and “resurrection”, you are not yet a completed process. Getting up means collection of materials for building. Revival implies development of the body, and resurrection - development of consciousness.

Resurrection implies the new, cosmic consciousness in people that will come. Then new light will occur in everybody and they will become aware that they are brothers to one another. They will realize that both stupid and educated people are one and the same for God.

Resurrection is a process that the Spirit of God performs in our lives. It is a great process, by which God restores that original harmony. One day, when your ears open and you start to listen a little more and from a bigger distance than now - now they are very thick; you even have not musical skills; you get only the roughest tones - you will notice that some tones that the objects - fountains, trees, leaves – give out move throughout the entire universe and you will hear great music that spreads from one end of the world to the other and then you will understand the internal meaning of life.


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