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Old 05-01-2012, 10:58 AM
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Default Joseph is Christ II (the second coming)

Joseph is Christ II (the second coming) 26th April 2012, the English Gematria (EG) for God = 26.

I have had a lifetime of synchronicities (meaningful happenings) with the numbers 1, 11 and 111. Here is a super-natural answer that I received last Friday 20th April 2012. My son bought me a Euromillions lottery ticket. It was a lucky dip and the numbers on the ticket were 1-11-30-33-40 (lucky stars 1 and 3). Notice the first two numbers are 1-11. My message said First and Second, not One and Eleven. The Lottery Draw numbers that were drawn on that same Friday evening were 3-6-29-32-41 and lucky stars 1-11 (1-11 again). Jesus was crucified on a Friday at Easter time. Now, add the five numbers drawn 3-6-29-32-41 and you have another 111. Also Fri 20th April was the 111th day of this year (another 1.11). Notice the lottery ticket's First 1.11 and the last 1.11 (Alpha and Omega) when the numbers were drawn. Yes, I have the ticket and more.

Here is the message within the lucky dip lottery numbers 1-11-30-33-40
No 1 is Christ I . (who died for your sins)
No 11 is Christ II (His second coming). Joseph was the 11th born of Jacob (you can read online about the similarities of Joseph and Jesus).
No 30 is the age Jesus started preaching.
No 33 is the Crucifixion. (Jesus defeats Satan)
No 40 is my 40 years of demonic visits (in the early hours). I had a bad Ouija Board session when I was 16. Last year, aged 56, I went to Church (May 2011) and started reading the Beautiful Bible. The Demonic visitations stopped at the same time (Satan rebuked), Elijah gives his message.

Can you here me? when will you listen? Jesus is knocking on your door. Checkout the esoteric painting by William Holeman Hunt of Jesus knocking on a door with his feet ready to walk away. My mother-in-law lived in HolemanHunt House (London) for more than 25 years.

Satan's Freemasons falsely believe that numbers 1, 11 and 111 belong to them. They have been conned big time. All numbers are designed by our creator God, "Yahweh is His name" (watch on You Tube). Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) destroyed the Twin Towers (they were designed to stand looking like number 11). SAHT planned this to happen on 911 ( 9+1+1 = 11). It was 110 floors (11), etc. The first plane? into the Twin Towers was flight No 11. It was a direct attack on the Second Coming. SAHT tried to get us all to be afraid of No 11. Freemasons repent or suffer the Second Death. Christians and righteous people rejoice (X 7). The EG for Yahweh is 70 = 7.

Here is some more on numbers 1, 11, and 111 (I have lots more or search online). Jesus Christ = 11 letters. The EG for Jesus = 74 = 11. Jesus and the 11 apostles. I was born in the 11th hour (morning) on 27/2 = 11. My full name is Joseph Stirling Christie = 272 = 11. No 11 is used as an occultic power number (plus multiples) and the FM number of death. Do not worry about the Masonic psychology for the One True God has a plan. The Pagan/Masons symbolic (not so) Happy New Year every 1st of Jan = 1/1=11 (only the selfish get conned). Multiples of 11 are powerful. 11 is associated with Joseph and the EG for my wife is 33 and our two sons 99 & 77. K is the 11th letter and KKK = 33 also Ku Klux Klan (another name for Freemasonry). I ended up living here in Milngavie = 92 =11. My wife's first initial is K. The Apollo 11 trip to the Moon in 1969 (another SAHT false god apollo). Armistice Day (Remembrance) on 11/11 (designed by SAHT). New York City has 11 letters. New York is the 11th state. During a recent CFR interview Sisterhood Star Hillarious Clinton calls NYC their Mother Ship?. The US emergency Services 911 (US + UK). Do not worry (smile).

Multiply 111 X 8 = 888, the number of Jesus Christ (No 666 is for the selfish, nothing less). Junction 11 on the M1 motorway is the Luton (LU =Lucy) exit from the M1 motorway. Two of my best pretend friends (puppet masons) were moved there. SAHT meant it as a curse, God had other plans. Local Masonic Cafe/Lodge in Baljaffray (Baal) called "Precinct 11". The Local Bus company is stopping the 119 bus route to Baljaffray. Same company also cancelled/stopped bus route No 11 going to Baljaffray (Baal defeated) in April 2012. God sent me to Ashburn Road and this defeated the evil prostitute Asherah. SAHT do not like me frequenting the memorials and cemeteries, especially the one with sections of the original Roman Road (Antonine).

SAHT always give me a bad time on 11-111 dates, like on 1/10/10 or 1/11/11, etc. Don't forget manipulated appointments on SAHT dates and times (Documented). All numbers (and their reversal) belong to God. The EG for Joseph = 73 which becomes 37 and if you multiply 37 X 3 = 111. You know God is a mathematician. Lucifer is the Auntie-Christ, just ask Elton Johnny or the other satanic "Camp/Pop" TV icons. Same sex marriage is wrong, repulsive and not natural. I do not hate gays, what kind of future do you desire?. Who is the thinker? the tickly bit or you?.

More of SAHT manipulations, letters KA = 1/11. (Kate) + William (notice letters illi = 1111 and the "I Am"). I took our kids to an English Air Show and the American F111 jets that had bombed Tripoli had just come back to base (Mildenhall?). This was another "111" curse directed at me, the dates didn't match. All of the ignorant/programmed people were cheering them as they landed. Satan's TV said they had bombed the bad guys, has anything changed since?. Wake up you fools, the internet was designed by God. Now study "The truth will set you free" or read John 3:31-36.

A11 means 111. Before I knew all of this, I had a business called Allplumb/All Fix and another music shop called Allsounds. I done this to get further up the Advertising lists (alphabetical). On Sunday evening 14/8/11 (33) I was guided to worship Jesus at the Allander (111) Evangelical Church (God's HQ). Incidentally, God's Weekend was held in this same Church on 29/1 = 111. All (111) numbers are designed/created by Yahweh (smile X7). What a friend we have in Jesus, take it to the Lord in prayer. The future looks "bright" for the true Bride of Christ.

Message came to me on Sun eve (11th March 2012) that I was a "God" (I rebuked this but was reassured about an hour later). Then, in the early hours of Mon 12th, I awoke at approx. 4:00 am with an Aspirin tablet stuck to my thumb ! This was another super-natural event (Tablet/God's finger). No way could it have stayed there as I am always restless (receiving-writing messages) or listening to previous sermons. I do NOT care what unbelievers think. Father has made me ready. The Holy Spirit got me thus far and compelled me to write to you. Give me a transparent, live platform and watch Elijah's passion for Yahweh. There is nothing I want except "The Word", wisdom and guidance. I Am here for you and to serve the One True God (YHWH).

In March 2012 when our dog died, the next day we decided to buy a rescue dog. The SPCA gave us a ticket to book her, she was Dog number 11. She is a Cross breed and is uncannily similar in character to our previous dog. We booked her and went to see her again on Tues 13th March @ 11am.Our next appointment was for Tues 20th March at 11.20 am (same time as I was born) to take her home. We were served at 11:13 (stamped on the till receipt) by our SPCA neighbour (KA = 11/1) who lives at No 11 next to us. We took our No.11 dog home and called her "Grace". I got this name after looking at the EG for Eve = 5. Five is the number of Grace (God's Grace). I was also the fifth born in our family of 11, if you count Mum and Dad. Five is the Law of Moses. Your Shepherd is calling, for ye are lost in Satan's field. "Come home" to God's Church near you. Study "The Word" = 93, and as you already know I live at 93. Study "The Word became flesh". Also search online for "Pharisee Masons".

The truth will set you free. You are being controlled by the Criminal Elite (SAHT) who make their Laws to protect the Criminal Elite. If you have any doubts, read online about Robert Green -Hollie Greig. Google/Yahoo "Freemason's flase god GAOTU - ARCH (part two)". Or checkout the best genuine truth sites at www.ljpr.info and www.henrymakow.com (follow their links).

In 2006 I leased a shop at 4 Murano St, Glasgow. It was called Aaron Office Services, the sign is still there today. I did not know about this brother of Moses. God knew what he was doing and I knew that my life was super-natural. I was suffering intense persecution 24/7 from SAHT.

My whole life of persecution by SAHT was to eventually get me into God's Church and teach you the truth. I want to thank the Masons because there is nothing more important than God, watch His face shine on you. Switch off Satan's lying TV, Radio and Newspapers or watch their illusion of Lucy the drag Queen dressed as a dummy diamond and pretend Christian. Satan always dresses up as a good, male, female or false god with false light. Tick tock tick, nothing will stop Yahweh.

Important event starting this Saturday 28th April 2012 in God's Church. This is the 119th day of the year. Study the sublime Psalm 119, it is all about God's Word and Laws. Research the Fibonacci Numbers or watch the amazing "The Fingerprint of God" on You Tube. The sequence is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377 and so on. On Sat (28th April) in God's Church, we start with the zero (the centre of God's New Jerusalem). This is the day we start to build God's Church in the presence of Jesus Christ. Next day on Sun 29th April (29/4=33) is number One and infinite. Think of people like Nehemiah helping us to build God's Church. We shall become God's Spiral (spreading "The Word"). You can start right now by forwarding this truth to all.

Warning, SAHT always steal or reverse everything. You Tube the "Norway Spiral" and see how SAHT will soon be using technological light shows on you (as it says in the Bible). Possibly just at the end of their occultic/symbolic Olympic yawn this summer. SAHT have all the plunder and hidden technology to amaze the ignorant. Their Media and talking heads will enhance the illusion just as they did on 911, 7/7 and Glasgow Airport (inc. Milngavie Water Works open ended security fence). The Beautiful Bible tells you all about the anti-Christ (Satan/Lucy/lovers).

Some of SAHT have made it clear that they will not stop. Yes, ye who hide and have met me. Yes, ye who tried to kill this body suit. Yes, ye who thrived on the abuse of my trust. Yes, ye who tried to stop the divine plans of Yahweh. Yes, ye shall see my shining face before you go, and again.

In 1970, I was known as Joe Christie and I registered with the Jobcentre. I was 15 years old and I was given a National Insurance number. The first part is YW 65 45 (Yahweh 11/9 = 119).

Love, peace and FR33DOM. Joe Stirling. What's in a name? STIRLING = INRI, or my other name Joe Christie? You are getting near to the first page of God's promise to you (smile). The Allander Evangelical Church was one of the few Scottish sanctuaries left, thank you Father.

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Old 05-13-2012, 11:59 PM
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Default Re: Joseph is Christ II (the second coming)

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
Satan's Freemasons falsely believe that numbers 1, 11 and 111 belong to them.
Oh, you crazy kid, we are not "Satan's Freemasons" nor do we "believe that numbers 1, 11, and 111 belong to us". Please provide references to where you came up with such an absurd notion.

First it was birds and other such nonsense, now you're onto numbers. I think somebody fell off their meds. 11 isn't a number of death nor does it have any particular tie in Freemasonry. Nor does the KKK.

Curious, have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?

Do you not find it slightly blasphemous in how you describe yourself?
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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