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Old 07-09-2005, 04:37 PM
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Default What Do We Know?

We know the following:

On 911, our military was ordered to STANDDOWN. This involved all branches of military and government to effect such an order. The higher-ups, if you will!!

We know that President Bush was "out of the loop."

We know many of the men who control our country were members of Skull and Bones, a secret society.

We know that George Bush, Sr. was a sleeper since being inducted into the CIA after he graduated from Yale. We know that he threatened Congress with Martial Law when then CIA director wanted to inform congress, during the Iran Contra hearings, that part of the CIA had gone "rogue." We know that they installed George Bush, Sr. as CIA director making it appear as if he was independent of the agency.

We know that Prescott Bush helped finance the Nazi's. We know that Bush, Jr. was AWOL from the National Guard and in training with the CIA and his buddy James Bathe during his "missing time" in the Texas Air National Guard.

We know that Osama Bin Laden has not been apprehended; but that Goss, CIA DIRECTOR, recently stated that he had a good idea as to his location.

We know that both towers crumbled as if by controlled detonation.

We know that it was captured live on television, just as JFK, in order to replay the event over and over again to affect further traumatization of the masses.

We know that they PLAY on our fears in order to affect a "transference of power."

They have been traumatizing us for decades. PTSD creates many different psychological changes in one's mental state of mind.

We know that they are full of distractions. We know that technology is one way in which they keep us busy 24/7, without time to become involved in their activities. To investigate them.

We know they have perfected the art of distraction and all that they do into an art form, but that we are catching on to their "dirty deeds."

We know investigative reporting does not exist any longer in this country.

We know that repetition, as on news stations, is key into creating the "parroting" effect of the masses into believing their lies.

We know that the "rogue" CIA controls mass media, publishing, and that most corporate conglomerates are owned and operated by the Illuminati.

We know that due to 911, the Patriot Act, or so they call it, has been implemented, pushed through Congress so that our rights as freedom loving American's are stripped from us.

We know they use "catch phrases" like any good salesman would.

We know that we are learning how to live with daily fear of terrorist attacks at home and abroad. Becomming de-sensitized.

We know that we are learning how to line-up for search and seizure measures at airports, national landmarks, baseball stadiums. Another invasion of our privacy.

We know that the Supremes just ruled that our home is no longer our home. We are no longer secure in believing that we cannot be "tossed out onto the streets."

We know that the Bankers own us!!! We know that we are slaves!!! We know that Kennedy tried to preserve our freedoms and paid with his life.

We know that our President invaded Iraq based on lies and has killed and wounded thousands of innocent men, women and children all in the name of advancing the New World Order. However, I caution that after the New World Order which we are experiencing comes the One World Order.

One World!!

We know that jobs are being moved overseas, the economy is failing and that our government seeks to bring us to a third world country.

What else do we know???

Care to add your thoughts!

Oh, I forgot!!

I KNOW that many of them are pedophiles and worship Satan.

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