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Old 10-13-2013, 10:38 PM
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Default Astrology - Sarah Palin by the Stars

The signs Leo and Aquarius define the horizontal line of Ms Palins scope, while Taurus Scorpio is the vertical axis, these are the fixed signs, since when the Sun occupies those places the seasons are in full swing.

Neither anticipating the next change nor recovering from the last, when they turn up on the angles as they have here, the native has fixed ideas as well .. Aquarius prominent in a woman's chart is testimony for great beauty.

Leo on the Cusp of the first brings stature and bodily form, and makes for a very warm individual, the conjunction with Mars adds heat, Jupiter and Venus in Aries strengthens the Mars placement .. the Moon / Mercury / Uranus connection bestows a very strong physical entity and similarly strong mental processes.

It would be futile to attempt to make this woman see another point of view, she knows what she wants and that is that, forget about trying to get her to change her mind, or telling her she is wrong, or that there is a better way, she does not want to know.

The Aquarius stellium from the sixth to the seventh, defines a strong work ethic to the point of labor, travail and purpose, that it has spilled over into the seventh of partnerships, means that her other half will have to be similarly inclined, or he is gonna be left behind.

The triple conjunction Sun / Mars / Saturn opposite the Ascendant or cusp of the first house, brings driving ambition .. the Sun as ruler of the Ascendant with Mars, means that her man helps keep her focused, it would be most unwise to be between this lady and the object of her desires.

Many US Presidents and Presidential hopefuls, have the he same Saturn opposite the Ascendant, or the very similar Saturn opposite the Sun.

Uranus ruler of the sign Aquarius, thus dispositor of the entire Aquarius stellium located in the first house, means she is well and truly in command, that it is conjunct Pluto is powerful testimony for super strength.

Mutual reception between Uranus in Virgo ruled by Mercury, and Mercury in Aquarius ruled by Uranus, means the affairs of both planets their signs and houses work very well together, Mercury does well in the sixth, since it rules Virgo the sixth sign, so her work ethic and her ambitions are in constant harmony.

Sun conjunct Mars is close relationships with men, Moon conjunct Mercury means the emotions are in perfect synastry with the mental process, Mars conjunct Saturn is a good fighter we are told.

Jupiter in the ninth in Aries is an overbearing know it all who will not be gainsaid, Venus in Aries brings impulsive and fiery love matches, that Jupiter rules the fifth house of children, by virtue of its rulership of Sagittarius the sign on the cusp of that house.

Her kids are gonna be fiery critters, the fifteen degrees of separation with Venus says they are gonna be great lovers .. the Aquarius instinct is toward humanism so they say, maybe this lady has the answers we are all seeking as to the fate of mankind?

Neptune in the fourth aspecting the MC is on the terms of the Moon, the natural ruler of that house since it rules Cancer the fourth sign, and on the terms of Pluto since it is in Scorpio, the conjunction Moon with Mercury adds a degree of mental acumen and physical stature.

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