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Old 03-14-2014, 05:56 PM
ManchurianDisclosure ManchurianDisclosure is offline
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Wink Illuminazi Global Network Agencies Exposed!!

This is going to get very DEEP right now....


A) Tupac Shakur and KIlluminazis EXCLUSIVE
Illuminazis told me they had to kill Tupac Shakur because he was teaching people not to fear the Illuminati and their power is greatest when feared and people are terrified of them, and he was singing about Killing Illuminazis, and that he was actually killing and whipping them out with his boys, and getting is fans to hunt them down. You know Trouble Some.

B) Illuminati Sex and women handlers AKA IVANAHUMPALOT, or OCTOPUSSY EXPOSED!!!!

Marrying persons and using sex important for Illuminati agenda, establishing themselves as direct handlers over their husbands, to unconsciously or even conscious make them seek illuminati objectives and subvert their private goals and influence towards Illuminati goals
Illuminati women agents getting pregnant from persons the Illuminati wants to acquire influence over (through affections for their child or through threats of harm, death, and/or torturing of their kids) Illuminati women agents seek to acquire full custody of these children, or acquire full custody to their families, or certain foster families, from their biological fathers under the guise of family court custody manipulations. This is a much easier and concealed manner of kidnapping children and making demands over the persons not just for ransom but compliance to Illuminati agenda. These children maybe used to blackmail politicians and threaten their political careers with publicity of "love children's" or children born out of wedlock and children born through infidelity. The threat of murdering, harming, or ritual satanic abuse and dismemberment is just as bad as having any child kidnapped from any family and held with conditions. In fact this illuminati method is far more greave and severe because they seek to acquire custody through family courts and maintain possession of these children with the protections of the law and enforced by the police.

C) My personal greavances: lluminati has my own Daughter
I fell in love with a woman who appeared to be my savior after my life went from flying high in everything I pursued with great accomplishments and recognition in many interdisciplinary fields and friends in high places to being completely destoryed and ruined into a nightmare. They ruined my life to accquire blackmail videos, and also make me desperate and vulnerable for comfort and love or a woman. This happened to me in Kanada, but as many people know this is a common Illuminati technique and Im sure many who read this will understand, including innocent people, counterintelligence agents, and especially Killuminazis.

D) Killuminazis only with TRUTH
Killuminazi not their scapegoats, or their Jewish and other mind controlled slaves, their Hierarchical chain of Command with evidence, proof, and fair courts of laws, proof not vigilantism and renegade operations. In custody their information would help locate their dorment global cells operating under the strictest secrecy and concealment around the world concealed under many guises and cult like organizations.

E) Many Humans bred in secret like animals
Save and Liberate Illuminazi victims and tortured accomplices
while, saving and liberating their victims and massive human slaves they breed in secret, torment, and traffic, and also freeing those poor souls tortured and coerced into doing Illuminati missions.

Yes Illuminati has largest human trafficking cells around the world, to do satanic ritual murder, torture, and abuse, harvesting an unlimited supply of organs and body parts, reward illuminati with sex slaves and pedophilia, even bloodlust. And I will tell you right now They had tried to get me disappear several times in these terriable cells they operate. In my case they tried to use bars they own that seemed to bee legit normal bars, where people disappeared through the backroom. I was very popular in those cities and powerful players were watching me.

MUTINY the Illuminati, rout them out, run away from the Illuminati give up their fight to destroy the world, their time is coming to an permanent end, all of them who don't get up out of the way and flee to normal good peaceful lives. Just use the brain washing that makes you evil to brain wash yourself to be normal good people permanently positive reinforcement for good behaviours and preferences with negative reinforcement for evil and bad preferences.

G) Illuminati Child Custody Manipulation, Kidnapping with legitimate Court Protection and Police Enforcement. They are well trained to lie, deceive, manipulate, and sway the normal proceedings of Family Court Proceedings, using efficient lawyers.

H) Illuminati Kidnapping Secrets EXPOSED
I'm sure Illuminati men do the same thing acquiring custody of children from women to torment their mother instincts to do anything and everything for the safety of their child. This is a terrible nightmare the Illuminati has caused me and a terrible nightmare many people are going through. If we are very lucky we get photos of our child, videos, and some people are fortunate to visit them or have limited visitations for complying witn Illuminati demands. Ive had no contact with my child since 2009, I cant let them accquire me for their evils, and I will never give into their demands which they only use to get more influence over people and keep perpetrating these terriable evils to others.

I did not even know she was illuminati until she told me directly she was illuminati after our love child was one and a half years old, while watching the Da Vinci code, and telling me of closely guarded Vatican secrets in biochemestry and directly telling me Illuminati activies in the news and how to understand them. Full custody of my child was transfer to her parents through court proceedings the Illuminati forced me to be unable to be involved with.

I) Illuminati tried to frame me and lock me in jail with their people to abuse me and break me down into compliance with the rapes, violences, and murders that happen there. Jails are a perfect enviroment for Illuminati to terrorize and mercilous break down people to force them to do anything and everything they want, including suicidal missions after their release or in jail.

The evils they want to accquire me for I can never give in to even though they already tried to murder by father and frame me for his murder for disclosing almost 2500 documents to the authorities in the morning just before I was leaving my home to delivery them. The cop who showed up and harrassed me many times before and told me I was under suspicion for trying to murder by dad gave me very clear Illuminati code words and laughing at me that I was screwed now and they were going to finally get me and make be their girlyman, that trigger intense paranoia programmeed into the mind through means such as Mind Kontrol Ultra.

J)Mind Kontrol ULTRA
K is often used for C in many German words.
I completely believe the origins of MK Ultra methods and secrets were developed of the endless victims the NAZIs did human research and experimentations on in the holocaust in the death camps on Jews. I think they have access to some kind of NAZI BLACK BOOK that was supposed to be destroyed or locked away from the world so the world would never benefit from the research and secrets derived from the black pure evils of countless tortured and murdered people.

Fortunately my dad survived and he told the Officer in the emergency room what really happened, and there was no grounds they could arrest me on.

K) The Infamous MK ULTRA ``KILL SWITCH``
I will let you in on another massive secret of the Illuminati MIND KONTROL Program, It doesn't always work, it can be challenged, resisted, reprogrammed, and erased, its harder for some than others to resist, the Illuminati programmer can program a person to kill themselves even if they dont want to. There are so many techniques and methods they use to program and activate the KILL SWITCH, making the person commit suicide in any way or a particular way, each person is different for the Kill Switch is People are all different and some people have characters and strengths that make the KILL SWIITCH useless no matter how strong the MK programming is. Every person is different so they have to program the person to their particular fears, beliefs, and weakness. Intense programming is mostly done when the person is completely unaware of it, other who are aware they are being programmed a Kill Switch may not realize what kind of programming is being done.
Some times the programming follows a type of dialectics that is obscured in many fragments that the subconscious mind puts together.

Illuminazis are the most insane anti-Semites like Nazis, in their delusions for a world order they want to whipe out all Jews like the Nazis because they believe they are the worst and most stiff-necked slaves of all the races.. And they use many MIND KONTROL SLAVE PUPPETS like Howard Huges (watch his documentary) to get people to blame them cover up themselves.

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