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Old 07-14-2014, 03:58 PM
Ban Freekmasons Ban Freekmasons is offline
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Default Behead and slowly cook the serpent.

Behead and slowly cook the serpent.

25. The only way to stop freemasonry is to chop its head off. Here is the truth in a nutshell. All freemasons were conned when they joined. They have no idea how clever the false jews are. The false jew's false god is satan/luci and the only way they could get loyal soldiers (useless eaters) was to con them. Do you think anyone would have joined when they were told they would be threatened with violence (if you tell our secrets we will kill you slowly). No, not one person would have joined, unfortunately the same trick is still used today.

The fact is, all masons are living a lie (in fear for their lives). It is clever bullying by the false jews who have an agenda. This is why the crafty masons enrol anyone who believes in a god of square sliced sausages or a stone or wood carving or Sauron the all seeing eye or lady gaga ha ha, they can tell you anything in THEIR media, etc. Just give us your membership money and loyalty and we will help you get to the tickly bit (money, sex, promotion, self) as long as you perform. If you refuse, we will dispose of you.

Should any of our high profile masons (royalty) have an opulent wet fart, it is your duty (at your own expense) to go and lick it clean. My name is Jesus and I am talking to you in your own language and understanding. I have been asking you for almost 7 years to wake up. God want's to save all of you but not those who are as thick as a giant redwood or a rabid dog.

Warning, do not tar all Jewish people with the same brush. I need you to go to..... http://www.henrymakow.com/ and educate yourselves. Henry's website has a search facility for your enquiries and he gives most logical people a chance to speak.

I get masonic persecution every day even though I have done absolutely nothing to any of them. I fight for the masons and their families but they clearly want me dead. They even murdered our son and the masons in the police are actively covering up the investigation. I am not phased as the Beautiful Bible tells me this is exactly what the luci-lovers want and how hatred will manifest. The fools will think they are doing satan's victims a favour.

Welcome to Refined Part 3 (14/7/14) It is important that you know today is the 195th day of the year. This is a big occultic/masonic curse. More later, just know that all numbers belong to our Creator God.

Joseph Stirling Christie X X X X X X X (7 kisses for you)

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