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Smile True Heroes

True Heroes


"The conditions humans themselves have created will be what forces them to develop more brotherly feelings. For the moment, they have still not fully understood. Those who are able to take advantage of the material means placed at their disposal find them so amazing, they do not ask themselves whether what they find useful and of benefit others find equally so: they just make use of them and abuse them. They are always vying with each other to be first in all they do, and they become cruel and inhuman. These are the heroes the crowd wants to be like, without really realizing that these examples are often monsters!
Well, now we need other heroes, heroes for our time. True heroism is about conquering one’s selfishness, the selfishness that always ends in confrontation with others. If all these rich, powerful, influential people who control the planet and use their energies to succeed on a material level devoted some of that energy to the search for a little more brotherhood, then abundance and peace would reign throughout the world."

"For those who are capable of understanding its true nature, sacrifice is the highest form of religion. Yes, true sacrifice is not a deprivation; it is not a renunciation of material or moral satisfaction for the benefit of someone else. When we sacrifice, we agree to die in order to live – to live a different life, the life of God. It is the desire to die to your lower self, and in doing so not only do you not die, but you become truly alive. Sacrifice is therefore an act of heroism, since it is a kind of confrontation with death. True heroes are those who are not afraid to die to their dark, weak and limited selves and to be replaced by the light, power and immensity of God. In this sense, sacrifice is the highest form of religion."


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