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Old 06-04-2016, 02:06 AM
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Default If anything evil happens in the next 2 days.......

If anything evil happens in the next 2 days, you can bet your life it was planned a long time ago (just like 911). The synagogue of satan (Knesset) and their puppet freemasons use numbers and letters (i,e. letters that relate to numbers) to carry out their rituals. All numbers and words belong to God the Father and I will teach you how this deranged, dangerous cult (organised Jewry) has reversed and twisted everything to try and exalt the gay pretender lucifer (smile). These men-gods (haha) are the same Pharisee freemasons who want to boil Jesus in semen and human excrement. Do your research.......

What I am about to teach will help you to investigate anything evil that has ever happened. God and the devil use English Gematria as you will see. Yes I know all about the Greek, Hebrew, Chaldean, etc. Trust me, I am on your side and it is my role to spread the Good News.

Understand that any multiples of the numbers 3, 7, 11, 13 and 19 gets this satanic cult excited. They revere these numbers and also use them in their sick rituals. To them number 3 is their satanic trinity, number 7 is clearly the number of God (research Ruckman's Bible Numerics or Seven Sevens) but these fools think luci will be god and that number 7 really belongs to poofy luci. Number 11 is their number of death and destruction (research occultic number 11). The number 13 relates to the devil. Their number 19 is not good and too much to go into today (think "the last Adam").

Remember this satanic gang use duplicity i,e. 911/119 and the inverted 6 becomes 9, etc. Here we go, I am using the UK date system i,e. day before month. Today is Saturday 4/6/16, I have been out with my dog and the low-level masonic puppets are doing their gang-stalking on me. I knew they would as they always do on ocultic dates. Then at 13:51 (as I am typing this) the Glasgow Police Helicopter is circling low above our house (got it on on video). They have their bright searchlight on me (it's a sunny day) as I am at my bedroom window filming the masons in their flying machine (paid for by you). I get masonic intimidation on every occultic date (all documented). There are 156 days gone this year and divide 156 by 3 = 52. There are 210 days left to go and divide 210 by 13 = 12 (lot's of thirteens).

Tomorrow is Sunday 5/6/2016. This is 157th day of the year with 209 to go. Divide 209 by 11 = 19 and do the same divide 209 by 19 = 11. They love dates like this and will plan destruction or death (incidentally 911 was done with 111 days to go). Back to the 209 equation, 5/6 divide by 7 = 8.

Then on this same date 5/6/16 divide by 3 = 1872 divide again by 3 = 624 and again by 3 = 208 (triple 3 curse). Onto the dreaded 13, same date 5/6/16 divide by 13 = 432. Using the whole date 5/6/2016 divided by 7 = 80288. This date has even more thirteens for you, 5/6/2016 divided by 13 = 43232.

Now to Monday 6/6/16 (both 666 & 616 are associated with the antichrist).
Research the letters K and S (11/19), do you think the demon worshipper King Solomon (KS) will come back and hijack a man who lives in WarwicKShire?. Monday has 208 days to go and divide 208 by 13 = 16. Then take the 6/6 divide by 3 = 22 (number 6 or 66 or 666 are the same). The 6/6 = 66 and divide by 11 = 6 (trust me, I know how this evil thinks). The whole date for Monday is 6/6/2106 divide by 3 = 220672. The Knesset (KS) and their puppet freemasons are obsessed with King Solomon (and his star).

When will you wake up? the satanic Knesset and their duped masons are organised crime. They dress up as good in their media (how simple is that?).
If you do nothing today, they win.

I told you the nasty, despicable, perverted freemasons murdered our son. The Knesset planned it to happen on the 26/5/2012 divided by 11 = 241092. I have told you many times that they know who I am

I've been trying to tell you something. God is here right now and so is the devil. Stop looking for satanic Hollywood's version of God. I will not try to be different, I know my hair will be white in 3 or 4 years time. I'd better stop wearing trendy training shoes, I know what the school-kids think (ha ha).

By revealing this information to you, perhaps they may stop their plans. Or it is too late?. Whatever happens you must choose between the devil's dirty way or the Jesus Way. Do not think that God has not seen your darkness, ask to be forgiven, open the door to Jesus. I do not know the hour but I do know that I am into my last quarter of human time. I have had three major supernatural encounters that I posted online in the last 8 years.

The first was my divine encounter with God in Rochester 2008 (I was in a fierce spiritual battle but nobody told me). As I was leaving to go home, God was inside of me. My second divine encounter was being awoke in the early hours with a tablet held firmly between my thumb and forefinger (The Finger of God). My third divine encounter was on a bench up the local water works 7 years ago. I did not full understand it. As I sat there an invisible hand pushed into my back, just under my right shoulder blade. I was spooked and jumped up but I was definitely not afraid. Then recently in the first week of May 2016, I was told it was "The Hand of God" and soon another message followed that I was "the second Adam". The name on that bench is Evelyn (Eve) Law and that name adds up to 119. I do not care what you think, I just follow guidance. I had no plans to write this for you today.

Do not tar all Jews with the same brush, go to the brilliant http://henrymakow.com and educate yourselves, this website has comprehensive archives available or use the search facility. This is my favourite AKJV website http://www.timefortruth.co.uk Read how the devil and his donkeys fully intend to destroy the KJV (the Word of God) and true Christianity

Tomorrow morning I will still go to my favourite church. I love to thank and worship God the Father. Because of the occultic date, I know the puppet freemasons will be out in force to intimidate and harass me (yawn). How can you tell a dupe he's been duped? God already knew who would sell their soul to the devil, who do you think made the devil? (yes He did). Time is on God's side (not yours).

Pass this on to all genuine Christians and genuine good people (not those who dress as good). You know who I am.......

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