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Old 11-17-2007, 10:26 AM
George_Bush George_Bush is offline
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Default Re: There are individuals mocking and imitating my husband and I on this site. We ask that this stop.

BlueAngel wrote:
I think there are more negative contributing factors to your SAD WORLD than someone hiding behind another person's name.

In fact, GW isn't hiding.

He is impersonating real individuals.

I would think that is a crime.
You speak of crimes, yet you would dare use the subjunctive mode in such a criminal manner? doing violence to the queen's English?

I would think that this might be a crime, might'nt I?

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Old 11-17-2007, 10:32 AM
CathyObrien CathyObrien is offline
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Default Re: There are individuals mocking and imitating my husband and I on this site. We ask that this stop.

Shadow wrote:
It is a sad world when people are so pathetic that they have to hide behind other peoples names.
I would agree with Shadow concerning this point. To think that BlueAngel has such a low, base, repugnant self-concept that she feels compelled to impersonate and hide her cowardly soul behind my good name, is simply obscene.

Again, we ask that she please stop this ignoble, insufferable, immature fanaticism.
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Old 01-19-2008, 05:07 AM
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stompk stompk is offline
I work for God
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Default Re: There are individuals mocking and imitating my husband and I on this site. We ask that this stop

I would suggest the Illuminati's time is up.

The power of God has been place on earth in the form of a mustard seed of truth, that has taken root and grown like wildfire.

Time to run to your little underground cities, and hide.

I am here to help all those opposed to secret societies, oppressive government, and utter lack of respect for God, and each other.

My words are my sword, and I cut both ways.

I cut through the opression and satanic worship of our Governments and their shadow leader.

I cut through the hypocracy of the Religious leadership who have sold their souls to money and baphomet.

I am a warrior for the God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Jesus.

I am a Desert Storm vet, self employed individual with a family of four, and I represent the middle class of America.

Change is here.
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