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Old 05-16-2010, 10:58 PM
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Default New Race Tensions at Concord Mills Mall in North Carolina

Alex Jones was right that Machete is sparking Race War! I can see it in certain neighborhoods now, more and more Mexicans giving me dirty looks. We have to stop the hate now (Obi Wan Kenobi even said on Star Wars it's never good to hate) or else bloodshed will ensue. This happened in my own states longest mall, concord mills mall.

Source: New Race Tensions at Concord Mills Mall in North Carolina - USWGO Alternative News

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Right after the American flag is considered offensive, A LA hate mongering Teacher asks all Mexicans to revolt against Americans for a communist Fidel Castro style revolution, American students being conditioned to remove their American flag Tees, Illegal Immigrants wanting to kill Americans with axes and shovels, and the rising tensions between illegal aliens and Legal immigrants, all I did was smile and wave at a small kids train driver and those on the Concord Mills Mall Train and they all gave me either weird and/or dirty looks.

Also the day that I was given dirty and weird looks from Latino-Americans I was wearing a American Flag Tee by Faded Glory 2009. Also at the Concord Mills Mall dollar store, titled A Dollar, where everything is a dollar, Latino-Americans where all running from me to the next isle because I wore an American flag TShirt, and even when I left the mall, and went to Burger King, some of the Latino-Americans there gave me dirty looks also because I openly wore the American flag TShirt.

I am not trying to be racial (It would be against my nature to be a racist) and I am not trying to demonize Latinos but the fact that I be nice everywhere to everybody and I'm given dirty looks because of my color of skin and the fact I proudly bare the American Flag TShirt shows that the propaganda departments of the world elite are working hard at turning people against the American flag and get people to want to either blow up and/or destroy America. During the Bush Administrations occupation in the white house there were those that were burning the American flag in protest of the destruction of the country under Bushs hands.

When dirty looks were given I knew this had something to do with the impending Race War thats starting because of the controversial trailer of Machete and the elite starting up race terrorism in Arizona, where illegal immigrants are causing car accidents and killing policemen.

My opinion is that the elite wants us turned against each other because then while we fight each other, while we hack each other with Machetes, while people are terrorizing each other, while we attack each other, and when people kill each other the elite will be able to conquer the whole world using divide and conquer and complete their depopulation scheme which was set by the Georgia Guide stones.

Divide and Conquer is perfect for communist and dictator revolutions against freedom and liberty especially racial division because then hardly anybody will stand up against anti-liberty and anti-freedom subversion tactics because people are too busy looking at each others race and attacking each othen when they should be attacking the ones pitting people off against each other.

It's like somebody starting bar fights and then sending in police to beaten, tazer, and whip those people into submission then take control of all bars under the guise of stopping racist or any kind of fights.

What all these racists don't realize was what I saw in that mall was not just a couple, yes thats right a actual couple, that was united no matter what race they were (Yes a mixed race couple and they were never given dirty looks because racist provocateurs had no reason to attack them because it would destroy them), but there's been races mixing throughout history so all these different racists don't realize is that that racist could have ancestors that have mixed with other races.

When my family has done ancestry research I am distantly related to Booker T Washington and he was a slave before he became a teacher and if you want me to prove it then start sending me emails demanding this proof and I will release it on this site for the whole world to see that I am related to Africans as a statement against racists that possibly many white people have African in them and many African Americans have white in them.

Racism is terrible and my article is proving how stupid and 'divide and conquer' type of tactic racism can be and racism can be used to anyones advantage to dominate and rule over communities.

Future the elites will bring:

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Obama Healthcare incites mass murder:

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