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Default Warning Of The American Holocaust

Article on GNN site.

UNO UPDATE: You never ever knwo about the NWO
UNO UPDATE: Warning of the American Holocaust
B08914 / Mon, 12 Sep 2005 14:44:59 / "War on Terror"

Warning of the American Holocaust

I do feel from all the available information on the Internet from reputable sources that UN Troops are already in America. After Hurricane Katrina there are no witnesses coming forward with reports of UNMNTF and UNISF Troops working alongside the Army of the Republic of Mexico Soldiers.

When the day of Martial Law comes in America, do not expect Fox News Network, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, BBC News 24 or Reuters to give a full or accurate account of the truth. Mass genocide will occur like it has done in many other countries like Cambodia, Russia, China, Germany, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Belorussia, Hungary and the Ukraine over the past 100 years. The best option for alot of Americans is to leave your country and go and live in Europe or maybe Britain. When the day of Martial Law begins the 6 million UNISF and UNMNTF troops in America and Canada will be deployed to round up, gangrape and kill millions of Americans whos names appear on the CIA Red Hit List and the CIA Blue Hit List. Do not think it won’t happen, it most definitely will. You have been warned. The American Empire Pax Americana has come to an end and now the Thirteen Reptilian Illuminati Luciferian Families want to reduce the American and Canadian populations to a more manageable size and also want America to become a Fascist Police State under dictatorial rule. This obviously cannot be achieved if America stays the way it is. Only the people of America can stop the coming American Holocaust from occurring, so please, for Gods sake, wake up and do something to prevent this Luciferian insanity that will come true very soon all around you!

In Russia many local newspapers and news channels are printing articles concerning the huge troop movements leaving Russia at the moment.
The TASS News Agency and Pravda have given out endless reports concerning this issue.
According to various news reports the Russian Imperial Navy, which includes the Baltic Fleet, have now anchored themselves off certain US Navy Bases across America. Bases such as US Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, US Naval Station Everett and US Naval Station Bremerton, all of which are in Washington State, have reportedly accomodated thousands and thousands of sailors and ships from the Russian Imperial Navy and also the Chinese State Navy. These ships include aircraft carriers, mindsweepers, frigate ships and also a number of nuclear submarines. Nobody here really knows for sure what the hell is going on, but i feel these troops will come under UNISF and UNMNTF Troop authority jurisdiction and will eventually be used to round up and kill millions of innocent Americans. I think the Thirteen Reptilian Illuminati Families that run all the banking and finance on this planet have had enough of America and American people, who they feel have become to big for their boots. The Illuminati are all sick, violent psychopaths, who want to completely reshape America. They only want there to be around 140 million people in America by the 31st of December 2015, so this begs the question, how will they achieve this? I think most forum users here already know the answer to that.

I find it incredible that so many Americans, Canadians and Alaskans do not see the coming holocaust that is planned across the whole of North America.
It isn’t some sort of pipe dream or the mad wranglings of a bunch of fringe conspiract theorists. There is so much hard evidence out there, it is unbelievable. I know that alot of Americans must be feeling alot of fear, terror and paranoia, but you must snap out of it and wake up from the brainwashing your Illuminati media pumps into your heads all day long. Are you going to be a rabbit in the headlights? or are you going to stand up and say ‘enough is enough’? The US Government through the NSA, DOD, CIA, DIA, ATF, ONI, US Army, US Marine Corp, FEMA and the DHS has spent in excess of 12 trillion dollars building the massive, covert infrastructure for the coming One World Government and New World Religion over the past 40 years or so. In America alone there are over 368 Deep Underground Military Bases situated under most major cities, US AFBs, US Navy Bases and US Army Bases, as well as underneath FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS control centers.
There are also many Deep Underground Military Bases under Canada and Alaska.
Almost all of these bases are over 2 miles underground and have diameters ranging from 10 miles up to 30 miles across! I’ve previously mentioned the Deep Underground Military Base underneath Denver International Airport DIA which is over 22 miles in diameter and goes down over 8 levels. The holding capacity of such leviathanic bases is huge. These city-sized bases can hold millions and millions of people, whether they are mind controlled, enslaved NWO World Army Soldiers or innocent and enslaved surface dwellers from the towns and cities of America and Canada. There are over 600 FEMA Internment and Concentration Camps in America, Canada and Alaska. There is one such camp in Alaska that has a holding capacity for over 1.5 million prisoners. I guess most American will not beleive that an American Holocaust will happen until they see it happening with their own eyes. Till then, it is just another strange conspiracy theory for them to laugh at. Trust me, this is no laughing matter. When it happens, it will be to late to stop it! For the love of God America, wake up and see the truth starring at you in the face!
President George W.Bush has already said he will “use foreign troops” on the streets of America if another ‘fake Islamic terrorist attack’ occurs, because there may not be enough US Military personnel to cope with the massive urban chaos and panic that will obviously ensue if it occurs.
Lastly, the Luciferian US Government has been involved covertly in the creation of a genetically created amry of loyal, robotic, soulless soldiers of the future. These will have cybernetic and microchip implants and will fight anywhere in the world, without question, with total loyalty and without hesitation or fear. These evil Aryan Fascist soldiers were created at Brookhaven National Laboratories BNL, the National Ordinance Laboratories NOL and the Massachussetts Institute of Technology MIT and covertly transferred under DOD and NSA control and planning. Alot of these NWO soldiers then were stationed in Deep Underground Military Bases like the one under Denver International Airport. All of this information i give here is not fictional waffle coming out of my head, but well researched information that has taken alot of effort to fit together properly. Wake up America, before it is to late!

In Russia there has been huge troop movements over the past 2 years that have been transported up into Yamantau Mountain in the Lower Ural Mountain Range. Yamantau Mountain is located in the Bashkortostan region of Russia.
Within Yamantau Mountain itself is a huge Deep Underground Military Base that goes down over 10 miles underground and is over 18 miles in length. The base is also constructed over 12 levels. Currently there are over 1 million Russian personnel within the Yamantau Deep Underground Military Base.
Russian Army Volska Spetsialnolo Naznacheniya VSN or Spetnaz and Russian Army Vysotniki or Special Operations Teams are permanently based in the Yamantau Military Complex. Their are many mag-lev subterraenean train networks that stretch from the Yamantau complex and go out to Cheblinsk, Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Moscow. The RAKA or Rosavia Kosmos as it is known by the Western media which is the Russian Aviation and Space Agency built all the mag-lev train networks by using lazer cutting and nulcear powered tunneling equipment. All soldiers working there are microchipped and under total Psychotronic Mind Control all hours of the day and night. Beyond the Ural Mountain Range hundreds off out-of-date Gulags are being brought into commission by the Duma in Moscow. This refurbishment work started on the 20th June 1993. This was the date that tens of thousands of unemployed workers or unemployed Stakhanovites, were mass recruited by the Russian Army to start rebuilding and refurbishing these deadly and dreadful Gulags. Nobody knows what is going on in the Yamantau Military Complex, but day and night there are huge Russian troop movements in and out of this remote location which are witnessed constantly by the residents of Beloretsk, the nearest city to the Yamantau Military Complex. I feel that what is planned in America may well happen on a lesser scale here in Russia.

Denver International Airport has a 88.3 square mile Deep Underground Military Base underneath it. In other words this base is over 22 miles in diameter. This base goes down over 8 levels. Basically this Deep Underground Military Base is 8 cities on top of each other. The first level starts at around 1 mile undeground. On the eight level is a mag-lev train network that takes you out to hundreds of other Deep Underground Military Bases all over Mexico, America and Canada. This base is connected to the Los Alamos and Dulce Deep Underground Military Bases. There are over 330 such bases under North America and Central America alone. All these bases are run by the Satanic NSA. The CIA and DIA work with the NSA very closely. This base used to be used as a holding center for millions of adults and children who were kidnapped or abducted from the towns and cities of America and sometimes Canada. The Milk Carton Kids that the FBI used to post on milk cartons were all taken by the NSA for genetic experimentation, microchipping, psychotronic mind control and cybernetic implantations for future used as brainwashed soldiers of the NWO Illuminati. Every year in America over 1 million children go missing and over 450,000 adults go missing. Go to http://www.missingkids.com/ for further details. These slave children will be used as effective killing machines against innocent people in America and Canada in the very near future. As most of you now know there are already over 7 million UNISF and UNMNTF troops stationed across America and Canada readying themselves for the approaching day of Martial Law in America, where millions of Americans will be rounded up, gangraped, sadistically tortured and executed by these Luciferian UNMNTF, UNISF, UNPKF Troops. All these UN Troops are Chinese, Russian, German, Polish, Japanese, Ukrainian, Saudi Arabian, Pakistani, Mexican, Honduran, Salvadorean and Chilean. I know it all sounds like some weird, screwed up conspiracy theory, but i know in my heart that i am only speaking the truth. There isn’t much time left for America. Soon events will overtake your reality and what many of us have been warning about will suddenly be revealed to you. Your government is pure evil and does not care for any man, woman or child in America.
Remember also that the Illuminati want to reduce the population of America down to only
140 million people by 2015. How do you think they will beable to do this?

In Russia the Gulag or prison population is over 2.6 million people in size.
If the work and labour camp populations are added to this, it would amount to over 4 million Slavic Russians, Central Asians and Chechnyan Caucasian Muslims in incarceration in Russia. The NWO Illuminati want all people on this planet to be slave workers on low or nonexistent wages in the very near future. The creation of a Global Fascist Police State by the Luciferian Illuminati will become a reality on this planet in the 5 or 6 years if we do not all wake up and see what the world is becoming. To read about the horrific human rights abuses and work camps or Gulags if you like in Russia go to http://www.amnesty.org/, http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/, http://www.rightsinternational.org/ and http://www.prison.org/. I find it amazing that so many Americans, Scandanavians and Western Europeans refuse to believe that there are milions of UNISF and UNMNTF Troops in America. Under the Partnerships For Peace Program PFPP set up by President Bill Clinton in early 1992 around 25,000 troops a month have been coming into America for the past 12 years. The world needs to wake up and see how demonic and twisted all these Fascist criminals really are that parade as our friends and leaders while stripping away democratic rights that will be replaced with a Corporatist and Fascist Luciferian mindset that will break societies across the world in the very near future unless people wake up now.

This article is from the Above Top Secret Forum. The ATSF seems to have had alot of threads deleted in the past whenever really sensitive information is posted up. So fingers crossed this information is still available there.


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Default FEMA Camps

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Default United States Prepares For ‘Catastrophic Event’

November 26, 2005

United States Prepares For ‘Catastrophic Event’ As US Justice Department Orders New Crackdown on Journalists and Dissenting American Citizens

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

On a day that Americans strangely refer to as ‘Black Friday’, and which is a day that sees their descent into an orgy of consumption, spending money they do not even possess, Russian Scientists have issued one of their strongest warnings, and repeating earlier ones, that the fracturing of the North American Plate has accelerated in these past weeks, and leading to yet another violent volcanic eruption on the periphery on the Continent, and as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service in their article titled "Colombia's Galeras volcano erupts" and which says:

"One of Colombia's largest volcanoes has erupted, spewing huge amounts of ash and sulphur fumes. Pasto, the city that lies immediately below the Galeras volcano, is home to nearly half a million people. The evacuation of the area began days ago, but many farmers are still refusing to vacate their homes. The volcano, part of the Andes mountains, last erupted 12 years ago, killing nine people, including scientists who were monitoring it."

Occurring almost simultaneously to this volcanic eruption in Colombia was an antipode (a direct or diametrical opposite) counterpart in the Indian Ocean, and as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service in their article titled "Comoros volcano spews ash over capital" and which says, "A volcano spewed ash in its second eruption this year in the Indian Ocean Comoros islands, sending hundreds of villagers fleeing in fear the mountain could unleash a river of lava, witnesses said. Mount Karthala, a 2,361-metre (7,746-feet) volcano, sent clouds of ash and sparks flying late on Thursday, leaving the capital Moroni and other villages on the main island of Grande Comore covered in grey."

Further evidence of the continued stresses building upon the North American Plate we can see from these various reports over the past few weeks:

As reported by the Associated Press News Service in their November 17th article titled “Small earthquake strikes Massachusetts" and which says, "A minor earthquake shook a section of Plymouth this afternoon. Officials with the Weston Observatory, which monitors earthquake activity, say the two-point-five registered tremor was centered two miles south of the center of town. According the observatory's Web site, the quake was felt just after 12:30 this afternoon."

As reported by the Post and Courier News Service in their November 20th article titled "Quake surprises Summerville [South Carolina]" and which says, "The boom heard across much of Summerville, and the vibration that followed, was actually a little earthquake, the second this year in the area, according to Pete Jenkins, director of the Earthquake Center at Charleston Southern University. The quake, which struck about 3 p.m. Saturday, raised eyebrows and worried children, but caused no damage. The U.S. Geological Survey took note of the event but did not report its magnitude as of late Saturday."

As reported by the KOMO TV News Service in their November 23rd article titled "4.1 Quake Rattles Bellingham Area" and which says, "A small earthquake shook the area around Deming in Whatcom County Wednesday. There were no initial reports of any injuries or property damage. In the first half hour after the quake, 25 people reported feeling it, describing the shaking as moderate. Some people who called the media reported hearing a loud boom before the quake."

As reported by the Associated Press News Service in their November 23rd article titled "Tiny earthquake shakes St. Louis region" and which says, "No major damage was reported after a minor earthquake shook the St. Louis region. The tiny quake [2.5 magnitude], centered 10 miles southeast of St. Louis, struck around 11 p.m. Tuesday in East St. Louis, Ill., said Waverly Person, a geophysicist at the National Earthquake Information Center in Denver."

As reported by the Thunder Bay Chronicle News Service in their November 25th article titled "Big bang shakes up Dryden area" and which says, "What seismologists are calling a “small” 1.5 magnitude earthquake, also reported that the couple heard a deafening bang, like a sonic boom or explosion."

Not just to the increasing frequency of these earthquakes upon the North American Plate, but also to the ‘Boom’ noises being reported that are accompanying them are most significant according to these reports as these ‘booms’ are the indicators of earthquakes of massive plate fracturing, and not associated with normal earthquake movements.

More concerning are the reports from the United States New Madrid Fault Zone Region where these ‘Booms’ are being heard without an accompanying earthquake, and as we can read as reported by the KTVO TV News Service in their ‘sanitized’ November 25th article titled "Explanation found for mysterious boom" and which says, "The mystery surrounding a loud, explosion-like noise that had much of Northeast Missouri talking Tuesday afternoon is now solved. It was apparently a sonic boom, an explosive sound caused by the shock wave preceding an aircraft traveling at or above the speed of sound."

These reports further state that the only modern day comparison to the earthquake events occurring within the North American Plate today are those of this past years 9.3 magnitude Sumatra earthquake catastrophe, and of which we can read, "This was no small earthquake. It ruptured the planet along 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) of fault. Scientists estimate the Indian plate slipped 33 to 50 feet (10 to 15 meters) under the Burma microplate. The fault shook for at least eight minutes. A typical large earthquake lasts 30 seconds or so. Earth's very gravity balance was altered, and the North Pole shifted by an inch."

Not being reported to the American people are how rare in fact these earthquake ‘booms’ are, and as we can read as reported by the United States Terra Research Instituted in their report titled “Mystery of 'The Earthquake Boom’: a real earthquake" and which says, “Earthquake Boom is a very loud, deep sounding explosion, which emanates from the earth. If directly above emanation, directional determination may be difficult as sound is not from a distinct direction as it is from a wide area of earth’s surface. It is a higher frequency audio form of the traditional shaking earthquake even though current seismographs cannot ‘see’ or ‘record’ them.

Scalar devices are able to clearly ‘see’ these events along with the rest of the earthquake ‘family’ of earth-generated events such as the ‘silent’ or ‘slow’ earthquake. Another relative to the ‘family’ is the earth ‘lurch’ and a ‘fast version of slow’ earthquake – these yet to be discovered by mainstream science. These loud explosions have been witnessed by many over the years. They also accompany traditional earthquakes as these are part of the mix of seismic activity

City residents of Spokane, Washington in the summer of 2001 experienced a classic series of explosions (earthquake booms) and earthquakes in a flurry of shallow earthquake swarms. Seismologists were unable to record these booming events on seismographs.”

To the American people being warned of the pending catastrophic events soon to overcome them some of their officials have warned them, and as we had previously reported on in our November 2nd report titled "More Earthquakes and Fireballs Besiege Eastern American Coastal Regions as United States Orders Their Citizens to Prepare For Coming Catastrophic Disasters" and wherein we had stated:

“As the pressures building upon the North American Plate are increasing beyond ‘all measurable levels’, according to reports from the Russian Academy of Sciences, concern has mounted in the continually disaster hit nation of the United States to the point that their highest government officials have begun warning their citizens to prepare, even to the point of telling them it is their ‘Civic Duty’, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "Chertoff: Preparedness Depends on People" and which says:

"Stockpiling supplies and developing family response plans in case disaster strikes not only might save lives — it's also a civic duty, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Monday in an interview with The Associated Press. Two months of hurricanes ravaging the Gulf Coast should prove that people need to make preparations so emergency officials can focus on those who are poor, elderly or otherwise can't help themselves, Chertoff said."For those people who say, 'Well, I can take care of myself no matter what, I don't have to prepare,' there is an altruistic element — that to the extent that they are a burden on government services, that takes away from what's available to help those who can't help themselves," Chertoff said. "That is a matter of civic virtue."

In order to control the mass panic and chaos these catastrophic events will soon visit upon their citizens, the United States Government is also reported to be cracking down even further in their attempt to stifle internal dissent, and using both political and Bird Flu pandemic fears to mask their true motivations, and as we can read as reported by the Capitol Hill Blues News Service in their article titled "Feds ramp up spying on journalists, other Americans" and which says:

"Using powers granted under the USA Patriot Act, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has stepped up surveillance of journalists in an effort to plug leaks from a scandal-weary Bush administration.Wiretaps, intercepts of electronic communications and daily monitoring of reporters’ activities are part of a program authorized by Attorney General Alberto Gonzalesm, Justice Department sources say.

Increased surveillance of journalists is only part of a stepped-up federal efforts to monitor day-to-day activities of Americans. Last week, the Federal Communications Commission set an 18-month deadline for broadband Internet Service Providers to make their systems “wiretap-ready.” “This is like saying, `Everybody has to keep their doors unlocked because the FBI might need to get in,’” says Mark Rasch, a former Justice Department attorney who handled computer crime cases and now senior vice president and chief security counsel of Solutionary Inc., a computer security consulting company in Omaha. “The harm of everybody keeping their doors unlocked all the time is much greater than the benefit.”

In addition, the FBI is turning to outside “contract agencies” to not only supplement agency resources but also to provide less of a trail back to the White House. This includes exchanging information with U.S. “data brokers” which then sell that information to others. One such broker, Locatecell, was recently cited by Canadian authorities for selling cell phone numbers of public officials. Security consultant A.J. Howell says he was contacted by the FBI about aiding their spying on Americans but turned the agency down. “I don’t spy on my fellow Americans,” he says. Among the things he was asked to do was keep tabs on Washington-based reporters.

The government has contracts with private companies like Blackwater, staffed with former military special operations soldiers, to work inside American borders. Blackwater operatives were deployed in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrinia to provide domestic security but also has contracts for "information gathering" activities within the U.S."

On this day that these American call Black Friday, the evidence of their heeding the warnings for their preparing for these events, even those warnings from their own government officials, and who have told them it is their Civic Duty to be prepared, continues to show their non compliance. But, how soon they will be faced, not with just a Black Friday, but a Black World, they do not recognize. For as some Russian Scientists speculate, their time for preparation should no longer be measured in months, or years, but perhaps only in weeks….or days.

© November 26, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

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Default Re: United States Prepares For ‘Catastrophic Event’

From War Heads Closer To Home

Clif Droke
June 18, 2001

In a series of news reports from radio journalist Pam Schuffert of Germany (daughter of legendary former high level Air Force officer Jake Schuffert), the outline of this cruel and twisted quasi-military design on America has been revealed. Ms. Schuffert's reports have been confirmed and corroborated by a plethora of information from many reliable sources in recent months. Extensive quotes from her report follow:

"I have been researching in Germany for 5 months now, and everything indicates rapid training of our troops to work side by side with cooperating foreign troops for the coming conquest of America under martial law. As I read the European edition of STARS AND STRIPES almost daily, numerous military publications plus European news journals and newspapers, and interviewing actual military here, I am coming to realize the extent that the American people have been deceived and betrayed into the hands of the New World Order by her very own government and military!

"One military publication shared about a major operation involving three branches of the US military in which they were learning to work intensely together in a contingency exercise. contingency means martial law.

"Oh, yes, we know about our German troops in America, Fort Bliss and Holloman AFB..." I asked, "Do you know why they are there...for the hour of martial law, to help arrest Americans and seize their weapons and fire upon them if they resist?" The spokesman for the group said, "Yes, we have heard all this, and it is true."

"Looking at him intently, I asked him this question: "If martial law is declared in America..could you fire upon me?" He would not reply as he looked at me. His cold, steely eyes reflected the position of a professional soldier hardened by German military training and experience in Kosovo. Stiffening, he abruptly excused himself and his two companions and hurried off to their train. We understood each other perfectly.

"U.S. military are also being hardened through their experience in the Balkans. They are being conditioned to serving under UN blue and NATO..much as they will do in America under martial law. They are being conditioned to deal with "militants, insurgents, resisters, " which is exactly how all resisters under martial law will be labeled as by the U.S. government and military.

"As one military soldier (whom I interviewed in Germany), a previous trainer of foreign troops in MOUT exercises at Fort Polk La., admitted to me when he read through my book, "Premonitions of an American Holocaust" (regarding the coming martial law,) "Ma'am, everything in your book is true, and I am leavingAmerica with my wife and child as soon as I can...because martial law is coming...and it will be terrible when it comes."

Reports from our sources also confirm that railroad boxcars fitted with shackles have been spotted in many locations throughout the U.S. in recent months, most prominently in Montana and Texas (including recent sightings in Ashville, N.C.). A van full of eyewitnesses, missionaries traveling across America recently stumbled across these boxcars in Montana, near Columbia Falls in Glacier. They described boxcars, in this case painted black, with shackles welded into the walls inside the boxcars.

It has since been learned that Gunderson Steel Fabrication is under secret contract from the U.S. government to produce these prisoner boxcars. The company received an order from the federal government to build 107,200 full length railroad boxcars with the shackles inside. Gunderson has a satellite factory for making the boxcars with shackles in Texas. Interestingly, Gunderson became the launching pad where then-presidential candidate Governor George W. Bush introduced his plan for social security reform on May 16, 2000, a major part of the current president's platform. Apparently, Mr. Bush has some special relation with Gunderson.
Libertarians are very constitutional and don't take very kindly to the idea of nation states being subserviant to the United Nations. Dr. Ruwart commented on how the United Nations is a constitution instead of a treaty and thus possesses no legitimate rule over America even though people in its government want a close relationship with the UN. But Ruwart in his tirade against the United Nations made an astonishing comment about how American troops are being "absorbed" by UN forces.

"In 1995, U.S. soldiers overseas were asked to don the United Nations beret and insignia and report to a foreign military commander. The U.S. was "contributing" soldiers to the UN. These soldiers, who had voluntarily enlisted to serve in the U.S. military, were not asked if they were willing to be the fighting arm of the UN.

"To appreciate the significance of this "transfer," note the words of the new commander, General Jehu Engstrom. He claimed: "...a non-American officer or non-NATO officer has never before had command of an American battalion abroad." One soldier, Michael New, who had been decorated for service during a Persian Gulf deployment, believed that donning the new uniform was a violation of his oath to serve the United States and its Constitution. When his commanding officers were not able to satisfactorily reassure him, he respectfully requested a transfer to a non-UN unit.

"Michael New was, instead, dishonorably discharged. His individual sovereignty and choice of allegiance was not respected. In essence, U.S. soldiers who voluntarily enlist to serve in the U.S. military are being drafted into the UN army. (For further details, see www.mikenew.com).

"Almost by definition, the UN. threatens U.S. sovereignty and that of other countries.
At Bilderberg 2005, there were suggestions to bring UN troops onto American streets to fire on American citizens since the Christian patriots and the alternative truth movements are becoming a nuisance to the new world order.

According to Estulin's sources, Bilderberg are very angry at the alternative truth movement and its opposition and exposure of Bilderberg's agenda. More specifically, the Christian Patriot movement in America was highlighted as a nuisance that will have to be dealt with.

Bilderberg members postulated the necessity of wiping out American patriots who oppose the New World Order.

Some Bilderberg members expressed a wish to essentially invade the US with UN peacekeeping troops and confront Patriots. Bilderberg can't use the US military to carry out their dirty work because they are worried it would backfire as US troops would refuse to fire on their own citizens.

Many in the Christian Patriot movement have been saying that this would take place for a long time and have been ridiculed for doing so. However, this information lends credibility to an age-old warning handed down the generations, that one day the blue helmeted forces of world government would engage patriotic Americans sworn on defending their country.
Henry Kissinger at Bilderberg in Evian, France, on May 21, 1991 spoke of UN troops on America's streets:

Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will willingly be relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.
The following is from "Oregon Gas Chambers" a page I put up today in an earlier post:

In order to "keep the peace, all states will reaffirm their obligations under the UN Charter to refrain from the threat of use of any type armed force" (page 16, Paragraph eight) To support the UN Charter, the average citizen will need to be disarmed; so they cannot defend themselves against these "peace keepers." You don't have to watch much news to see that today, the UN forces are used as "peace keepers" throughout the world, disarming people so they can't defend themselves against oppressive governments.

To quote Sarah Brady, Chair of Hand gun control, Inc. "Our Task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed."

In 1963, the same year as the selection of specialists for this "Top Secret" study, President John F. Kennedy made an astounding statement. On November 13, while speaking at Columbus University, President Kennedy stated, "The high office of the President of the United States of America has been used to foment a plot to destroy America's freedom, and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of their plight! Ten days later, President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed.
I hate to keep harping on this, but don't forget about how Ashcroft wants camps for "enemy combatants." Of course, he's no longer the Attorney General, but so what? What we have is camps existing. Period. And what exactly is enemy combatants? As my topic "More on American concentration camps" shows, EC's and Terrorists are so loosely defined by the Patriot Act that gun owners and second amendmentist will qualify:

Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace.

Ashcroft's plan, disclosed last week but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants.

The proposed camp plan should trigger immediate congressional hearings and reconsideration of Ashcroft's fitness for this important office. Whereas Al Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens, Ashcroft has become a clear and present threat to our liberties.
So when you think about it, it's really a neat trick.
"Oh don't worry, these camps are not for you normal, mainly white middle class Americans. They're for terrorists. Don't look into the Patriot Act to see how loosely we define terrorists. Just go back to drinking beer, watching wrestling and believing we define terrorists in the correct manner you would."
Admit these camps exist, but admit it with an asterisk. It'll soothe and calm millions of people as the new world order grows.

Canadian and American camps
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Default Re: United States Prepares For ‘Catastrophic Event’

By Texe Marrs

Some nine years ago a French-Canadian reporter named Serge Monast called the ministry, desperate to speak with me personally. Mr. Monast stated he had come into possession of documents which proved the existence of a secret plan for a concentration camp system throughout North America. He sent them to me and, after a parallel investigation of my own, I became convinced the documents were authentic. Serge Monast was telling the truth. The horrible, horrible truth.

Not too long afterward, Serge Monast, a vigorous man in his 40s, died unexpectedly of a brief and mysterious illness. His friends suspected foul play, but there was no definite proof he was murdered. Just before he died, Serge wrote to tell me he would be contacting me soon to give me details of stunning new information he had discovered about the concentration camps, including a map pinpointing locations. Information which, Serge assured me, "will blow your mind." I never received that information. Serge Monast died before he could get it to me. I made a promise back then that I would get to the bottom of this matter and report the truth to you, the dear readers of Power of Prophecy newsletter, who truly care for humanity and are concerned about the rapid growth of the Police State.

Now, after years of intensive research and investigation, I have just released my latest video, Gulag USA—Concentration Camps in America. In this jaw-dropping new video, I present a mountain of new evidence and facts with many photographic materials. I encourage you to obtain a copy of this revealing and documented video. Judge the facts for yourself-and then act accordingly.


Another page about that french canadian journalist who died mysteriously.
"Those same people to make sure of full control of everybody are changing laws of different countries right now to make sure they will have full control of the vitamins. They are also changing laws right now about religion, and also about psychiatric disorders, in order to consider anybody with a violence potential as somebody who has psychiatric disorder and has to be put in a clinic to be re-educated.

If you keep in mind that this New World Order New World Government is a worldwide dictatorship you cannot forget that a dictatorship will do everything possible to make sure they will be in a position to control anybody everywhere on the planet. That's why the kind of new technology they're putting on right now everywhere is a technology for control of the people.

If you take, for instance, the technology that we had in the 1940s and the 1950s that kind of technology was made to help the people for an easier life. But the new technology - if you take the time to look at computers, microchips, new microchip cars, super highway... you'll notice, and this is evident, you'll notice that all that technology is built in a way to track down and control anybody everywhere. And as that kind of technology is made in such a way, it's made also for a purpose.

To refuse to see that purpose is not to want to see the evidence of a new kind of political power that want to establish themselves all over the planet.

John Ashcroft loved the idea of camps for "emeny combatants." Camps have already been discovered in California. All of those Executive Orders signed that I mentioned earlier give FEMA powers that override the constitution and basic American rights in times of a "disaster." (And another will happen. And like 9-11 Israel will be involved)

From here

Civilian internment camps or prison camps, more commonly known as concentration camps, have been the subject of much rumor and speculation during the past few years in America. Several publications have devoted space to the topic and many talk radio programs have dealt with the
However, Congressman Henry Gonzales (D, Texas) clarified the
question of the existence of civilian detention camps. In an interview
the congressman stated, "the truth is yes - you do have these stand by
provisions, and the plans are here...whereby you could, in the name of
stopping terrorism...evoke the military and arrest Americans and put
them in detention camps."
Whoa! So there's Ashcroft and a Congressman saying these camps exist. Interesting.

A biography on Mr. Sea, a man who knows about the plans of the camps.
From here:
Mr. Sea, a committed Christian, is a former inspector for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Defense, with 31 years of federal service in the military, nine with the Department of Defense, including two years with the Air Staff. He's a holder of the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, three awards of the Joint Service Medal, all of the Vietnamese awards, as well as the Joint Meritorious Unit Medal.

When he retired a few years ago, he was awarded the Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal. He's been around the world to 31 countries on four continents, and speaks five languages.

Mr. Sea spoke of the coming American Holocaust of the Government's plans for dealing with the non-New World Orderites. He spoke of the infrastructure that has already been set up to incarcerate and execute Americans, and the locations of the facilities that will be used for these purposes -- all with photographs, leaving little to the imagination.
He has been on Rense radio before and he has gotten the word out of how American police type forces will be overridden.
From here
Talking about the plans to subjugate America to the New World Order domination he says..."(they) intend to doublecross the Federal Government people. I was a Federal Official for 31 years. They will doublecross you. Under NWO plans, no American will be allowed to have weapons, and no American will be in any position of authority whatsoever. When you have finished your work for them, they will doublecross you. Be advised of that and understand it." Talking to a younger FBI agent who asked him, "Do you mean to tell me that they are going to replace us with foreign cops?!" "That's right", Mr. Sea told him. Talking with one state police commander who asked him, "What are they going to do with us American Policemen?" Sea responded, "Take your guns away from you and put you in the same prisons they'll be putting the rest of us into."
Whoa! Foreign cops? From there, he goes on to give a vivid description of how many Americans will be disposed of. He mentions other "facilities" he's seen and he outlines how Americans will be disposed of:

From here.
"These facilities, many in remote areas across our country, are set up to become concentration/detention camps, complete with gas chambers, for resisters and dissidents. Generally speaking, they're set up for dissenters who will not go along with the New World Order. The "resisters" are gun owners who refuse to give up their weapons; the "dissidents" are Christians, Patriots and Constitutionalists. These camps are set up. I've seen many of them.

"On August 6, 1994, I toured the Amtrak Railcar Repair Facility at Beech Grove, Indianapolis, Indiana. There are at least ten maintenance barns at this facility, covering 129 acres, with two separate fences with the tops leaning inward. The windows of several buildings have been bricked up. Hence, you have three levels of security for Amtrak repair barns!

"There are three helicopter 25-knot aviation wind socks (which aren't the correct ones to use for chemical spills which require 10-knot wind socks). There are high security NSA-style people turnstiles, and high intensity/security lighting for 24-hour operation. The box car (gas chamber) building fence is marked with special "RED/BLUE Zone" signs [visible in the photo ]. This corresponds to the "mission" of the RED/BLUE Lists which surfaced in June and July of 1996.
He goes on to explain what the RED Lists mean and what will happen to you if you are on it.
From here
"red" list includes those people who are to be picked
up before obvious preparations for martial law take place. They've got to
pick off the leaders, up front. The constitutionalists who are the leaders, the radio talk show hosts, teachers, organizational leaders, activists, etc are on the 'red' list. The 'red' list includes those people designated for execution. This is just like the Nazis did it. They will take you from your house at nighttime and take you out in a black van and take you out to a cul-de-sac at the end of a road. When you get there, there will be a helicopter waiting.

From there you will be flown to an intermediate point where you will be
loaded onto a big 64 passenger C-47 Chinook helicopter, all black,
unmarked and legally operating under the 'Treaty of Open Skies'. Then
they will fly you to one of 38 cities where you will board one of those
12 specially fitted, prisoner 747s (or a 737 or 727). I know a general
officer who flew on one of those 727s and it was flown by FEMA pilots.
They are using our own people to pull this thing off. They have got to
use some of our own people because they can't get enough foreigners into

When you are picked up on a red route, you will stay on that 'red' route
and be taken to a 'red' camp. I'm not exactly sure whether they go all
the way to Oklahoma City and then back to a death chamber, but you will
be executed. There are no re-education plans for people on the 'red'

The 'Blue' lists comprise those people who are maximum security risk
(i.e. Christians), and who might be 're-educated'. (In Vietnam, they
re-educated the South Vietnamese officers--but they killed most of
As one of the pages already linked says:
"Under martial law, this will become a death camp. They're only going to handle category one and two (RED and BLUE) people there. This box car facility will be used for execution.
So in other words, this can only happen when Martial Law is declared. Martial law will be declared and FEMA will take over thanks to all of those Presidential Orders that were activated so many years ago. General Tommy Franks even warned that martial law will replace the constitution after the next terror attack. Keep in mind of course that it will be a fake one with dirty hands of the Mossad all over it.

Finally, let's look at who these enemy combatants are that people like Ashcroft wish to contain. Look at The Patriot Act II.
SECTION 501 (Expatriation of Terrorists) expands the Bush administration’s “enemy combatant” definition to all American citizens who “may” have violated any provision of Section 802 of the first Patriot Act. (Section 802 is the new definition of domestic terrorism, and the definition is “any action that endangers human life that is a violation of any Federal or State law.”) Section 501 of the second Patriot Act directly connects to Section 125 of the same act. The Justice Department boldly claims that the incredibly broad Section 802 of the First USA Patriot Act isn’t broad enough and that a new, unlimited definition of terrorism is needed.
Under Section 501 a US citizen engaging in lawful activities can be grabbed off the street and thrown into a van never to be seen again. The Justice Department states that they can do this because the person “had inferred from conduct” that they were not a US citizen. Remember Section 802 of the First USA Patriot Act states that any violation of Federal or State law can result in the “enemy combatant” terrorist designation.
Well that's good then. All those pot smokers who harvest it for themselves will thankfully be put in prison.

SECTION 201 of the second Patriot Act makes it a criminal act for any member of the government or any citizen to release any information concerning the incarceration or whereabouts of detainees. It also states that law enforcement does not even have to tell the press who they have arrested and they never have to release the names.
You mean these people can not have access to a lawyer? Because that would be possible if information was released about their whereabouts.

SECTION 106 is bone-chilling in its straightforwardness. It states that broad general warrants by the secret FSIA court (a panel of secret judges set up in a star chamber system that convenes in an undisclosed location) granted under the first Patriot Act are not good enough. It states that government agents must be given immunity for carrying out searches with no prior court approval. This section throws out the entire Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures.
Don't you see? They're out to protect us. We have to give up our rights so that we can have freedom. What's that? What about Germans giving up their rights in the 40's for security after Hitler burned the Reichstag to blame the Communists? Oh right. That's different. This is America. Big Daddy government loves us and would never hurt us. What's that? What about patriot act enhancement having the death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over one year in jail? Nevermind. It's nothing really. Neither is the acts of protest being punishable by death.

Finally there is this:

Did you know? Public Law 87-297 calls for complete
disarmament so the UN can "maintain internal peace".
51 million American acres are now UN designated!
Military capacity of US is 65% and UN is 800% of
our 1991 levels. The UN Children's Rights takes
responsibility away from parents and gives it to the
state. No mention of God in the UN Charter. AIDS
was UN-induced for population control (House Bill
15090.) HB 666 crushes our 4th Amendment Rights.
UN command of US troops (PDD 25).
from here

Remember that Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) told the Washington Times that no member of Congress was allowed to read the first Patriot Act that was passed by the House on October 27, 2001. Also, Dick Cheney publicly managed the steamroller passage of the first Patriot Act, insuring that no one was allowed to read it and publicly threatening members of Congress that if they didn’t vote in favor of it that they would be blamed for the next terrorist attack. (From here). Finally I close this post with the following:
"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."
-- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials
From "American Concentration Camps"
"At some point, martial law will be declared. (Martial law is when the writ of Habeas Corpus to have a trial by jury is suspended. Instead, of going to the judge, you go straight to jail for a limited time,) I suspect there will be a major outage, or some other crisis which will be the reason to declare martial law. At this point, the BLUE listed people will be picked up. At that time, the country will be regionalized into ten regions, which are already designated by FEMA.

"Be advised that it has been proven (in Wyoming and at least one other location) that the black choppers have state-of-the-art radio (RF) frequency wideband jammers, and can jam cell phones and CBs while they're executing black operations missions (i.e., in your area). This means that your cell phone could be jammed just before and/or during any action against you.

"In June of 1996, an FBI agent got hold of the Region Three BLUE List (from a CIA agent), and found his own name on it, and those of several others he knew in Virginia. The Regional BLUE List stated that the names on the BLUE List would be picked up 'within six weeks of the actual martial law declaration.'

"This parallels the Nazi RED/BLUE List policy almost to the letter. The parallel Nazi plan was published by Heinz Hohne in his 1966 book, The Story of the Nazi SS: The Order of the Death's Head. (I've read this book and sent it to Jack McLamb.)

"People say, 'It won't work.' But it will work if the 300,000 Soviet troops which are ALREADY HERE can get the guns. The name of the game is to blackball the people to get the guns . . . make the militia look bad, make guns look bad, make everybody give up their guns. Once they get your gun, they've got you, UNLESS you've got the angel of the Lord at your door. If you've got the angel of the Lord out there protecting you, it's another story. "The ones doing all of this are operating out of the highest places in the Federal Government. They're cooperating with 'spirit guides and mediums' and using astrology and numerology. The spirit guides are telling them what to do, and the entire thing is being orchestrated at the highest spiritual levels. Every base has been covered. They've thought of everything.
"Who will be doing the actual picking up? Foreign 'cops' (United Nations Internal Security Forces). Over 30 foreign military bases under the United Nations flag are already set up in the US., all with the approval of special appointees in high Federal positions. These bases are already manned with over ONE MILLION troops from Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Great Britain, Nicaragua, and Asian countries.

"Why are they here? Because unlike our own troops many of which along with the Guard and Reserve of 24 states are being deployed overseas will have no qualms about firing on U.S. citizens when the time comes.

"There are more than 2,000 Russian tanks, military trucks and chemical warfare vehicles just outside Gulfport, Mississippi. They began arriving in January of 1994.

"There are 180 foreign troops at Fort Reilly which was confirmed to me by a Brigadier General. There are 300 who came into the Birmingham, Alabama airport on a big white Russian cargo plane on December 13, 1995.

"As of 1995, there were 10,000 plus foreign troops at Fort Chafee, Arkansas reportedly making preparations for 20,000 'detainees.'

"Also in 1995 at Fort Polk, Louisiana (U.S. Army Post), Russian and Eastern European troops were deployed under the U.N. flag. [When questioned about this, the legislative aide of the congressman who resides over Fort Polk, stated, "Yes, they were there undertaking broad, joint training exercises. And, yes, the U.N. flag was flying. There may still be some there today."]

"At the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, there are many Russian tanks. One of the NCOs told his father that he'd been maintaining them.

"This is going on all over the country. German troops are known to be at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, and Fort Hood, Texas. Chinese troops are known to be at the Long Beach Naval Station in California.
Just below those portions on that webpage you'll find scans of some documents which mention "civilian camps" and "civilian labour."

Furthermore, a man named Phil Schneider who died under odd circumstances exposed what was going on regarding the camps.
Now, I am very worried about the activity of the the federal government. They have lied to the public, stonewalled senators, and have refused to tell the truth in regard to alien matters. I can go on and on. I can tell you that I am rather disgruntled. Recently, I knew someone who lived near where I live in Portland, Oregon. He worked at Gunderson Steel Fabrication, where they make railroad cars. Now, I knew this fellow for the better part of 30 years, and he was kind of a quiet type. He came in to see me one day, excited, and he told me "they're building prisoner cars." He was nervous. Gunderson, he said, had a contract with the federal government to build 107,200 full length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles.

There are 11 sub-contractors in this giant project. Supposedly, Gunderson got over 2 billion dollars for the contract. Bethlehem Steel and other steel outfits are involved. He showed me one of the cars in the rail yards in North Portland. He was right. If you multiply 107,200 times 143 times 11, you come up with about 15,000,000. This is probably the number of people who disagree with the federal government.
Ronald Reagan and REX 84
FEMA was created with a series of Executive Orders. These orders became law whether or not they are Constitutional. They become law by simple publication in the Federal Registry. The key Executive Order Number 12148 created the agency that would interface with the Department of Defense. To date, FEMA has only spent 6% of it's budget on national emergencies. The bulk of their funding has been spent on secret underground facilities and internment camps. An Executive Order signed by President Bush in 1989 authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to build 43 primary camps having a capacity of 35,000 to 45,000 prisoners each and also authorized hundreds of secondary facilities...
FEMA's enormous powers can be triggered easily. In any form of domestic or foreign problem, perceived and not always actual, emergency powers can be enacted. The President of the United States now has broader powers to declare martial law, which activates FEMA's extraordinary powers. Martial law can be declared during time of increased tension overseas, economic problems within the United States, such as a depression, civil unrest, such as demonstrations or scenes like the Los Angeles riots, and in a drug crisis. These Presidential powers have increased with successive Crime Bills, particularly the 1991 and 1993 Crime Bills, which increase the power to suspend the rights guaranteed under the Constitution and to seize property of those suspected of being drug dealers, to individuals who participate in a public protest or demonstration. Under emergency plans already in existence, the power exists to suspend the Constitution and turn over the reigns of government to FEMA and appointing military commanders to run state and local governments. FEMA then would have the right to order the detention of anyone whom there is reasonable ground to believe...will engage in, or probably conspire with others to engage in acts of espionage or sabotage. The plan also authorized the establishment of concentration camps for detaining the accused, but no trial.
Remember how terrorist was defined in the Patriot Act II? No? I'll help therefore.
SECTION 501 (Expatriation of Terrorists) expands the Bush administration’s “enemy combatant” definition to all American citizens who “may” have violated any provision of Section 802 of the first Patriot Act. (Section 802 is the new definition of domestic terrorism, and the definition is “any action that endangers human life that is a violation of any Federal or State law.”) Section 501 of the second Patriot Act directly connects to Section 125 of the same act. The Justice Department boldly claims that the incredibly broad Section 802 of the First USA Patriot Act isn’t broad enough and that a new, unlimited definition of terrorism is needed.
And rememeber that the RFID chips are being promoted as something that will benefit Americans? Well it is. So logically if someone protests it and tries to ban them, the government can say they're "endangering human life" by trying to prohibit these chips and will thus could very well be deemed a terrorist. Fits right into the government desire of locking up critics.
And don't forget to check out that Carlin thread on Gulag USA. In the film, Texe shows a booklet which exposed the camps that was not widely distributed as the author mysteriously died.

FEMA: Child of the cold war
the expansion of FEMA's mandate during the I Reagan administration to include capabilities to detain American citizens, as had happened to Japanese-American citizens in World War II. This plan developed during a military exercise known as Readiness Exercise 1984, or "Rex 84."
In April, 1984 President Reagan signed Presidential Directive 54, authorizing FEMA to conduct a simulation of a "state of domestic national emergency" declared as a result of a U.S. military operation in Central America...
The first reports about Rex 84 appeared in the Miami Herald on July 5,1987 (this is the report referred to by Representative Brooks). According to the Herald, the plan the Rex 84 group produced called for the detention of up to 400,000 undocumented immigrants in internment centers at military bases around the country. (These would eventually become known as the "Rex 84 camps.") If necessary, U.S. military forces, including the National Guard, would be deployed for domestic law enforcement, and state and local military commanders could assume control of state and local governments if so directed by the president. Rex 84 also included plans for suspension of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution for the duration of the national emergency. While undocumented immigrants were the only ones targeted for detention during the Rex 84 exercise, the logistics of interning American citizens would essentially be the same.
Oliver North was the principal author of the Rex 84 plan ...
One aim of the Rex 84 exercise was to determine what types of national emergency would be severe enough to persuade the majority of Americans to accept even a temporary suspension of normal Constitutional government. Among the severe enough situations identified by the Rex 84 group were a nuclear attack, imminent threat of nuclear war, massive terrorist attacks in the United States, simultaneous rioting in major American cities, a widespread natural or environmental disaster, and a devastating economic depression.
So is there a current plan based upon the lessons learned during Rex 84 waiting to be put into effect with a presidential signature? We don't know, but in the wake of the September 11 attacks such a possibility must be taken seriously.
What's this? A nuclear attack? Well we all know the truth about that now don't we?

Apparently, there are concentration camps in Canada too.
The following email report comes to us from a reliable Canadian source, who is definitely RED-LISTED in Canada and marked for PRIORITY ROUND UP and TERMINATION under MARTIAL LAW. How does he know? The Royal Canadian Mounted Police TOLD HIM SO! And one RCMP officer, the one assigned to TERMINATE HIM under martial law, told him he would RESIGN rather then kill an innocent man!
Well holy shit. There's that key word RED again. Recall in my earlier post those on a RED list would be terminated? Here we see confirmation of it in the form of another person mentioning it.

I have a customer, who became a friend. He was in the Canadian Military and he was one of the most frightened people I'd ever known. He was VERY paranoid. His job, what he did every working day in the military, was converting abandoned military bases into concentration camps. At the time there were a whole lot of closures, ostensibly for economic reasons. Of course, military spending
didn't go down because of it. They were also tacking camps onto
operational military bases. They were telling people they were
internment camps for young offenders. He retired from the military just as they started adding OVENS to the camps. He knew full well what they were building. I got some really good tapes from him, ones he had purchased in the U.S. and smuggled into Canada. They had videotape of American camps and he said ours were identical...

He did give me the name of the Meaford Tank Range in Ontario as one
location where you could actually see the camp without crossing into
military space...

Another event of interest would be one day when I was visiting a
friend who owns a surplus store. While in there another customer and he were chatting about where the customer had been, since my friend hadn't seen him in a while. The customer was explaining how, since he was a contractor, he had to go where the contracts were...

Well he was puzzled over what he was building at all. He began describing how the areas were about the size of four football fields, all paved with fencing around them and only one small gate per fenced area. I stopped him cold at that point. I said, "Let me describe for you what you're building." He allowed me to do so. I described the 'one person at a time' type gates, with their curved bars extending from base to top so there was no way to climb over or under them once you were in the turnstile. I described the 'one way' concertina (razor) wire in generous supply on top of the very high fences, all pointing in, so as to keep whatever inside the compound. As I spoke and described he was amazed. He kept nodding in agreement and saying, "Yes, that's it." I went on to describe the guard towers, being careful not to say what they were. I described the huge buildings attached to the fenced areas with one small door leading to or from the fenced areas. At this point he interrupted
me and insisted I tell him what he was building. So I told him,
"Concentration Camps". His face fell, his jaw hung open and the look of recognition came over him as I have never seen it on any human before. "You're right!" he gasped, "They couldn't be anything else." He then went on to explain how they were so secretive and what great pains they took to assure that no one knew what they were building. He talked of the punishments for bringing cameras on site and all manner of restrictions.
Don't forget that Bush, Ashcroft and former Congressman Henry Gonzalez admitted these camps exist (I've already quoted Henry in this topic elsewhere). Back again I will return to FEMA the secret government
On July 5, 1987, the Miami Herald published reports on FEMA's new goals. The goal was to suspend the Constitution in the event of a national crisis, such as nuclear war, violent and widespread internal dissent, or national opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad. Lt. Col. North was the architect. National Security Directive Number 52 issued in August 1982, pertains to the "Use of National Guard Troops to Quell Disturbances."

The crux of the problem is that FEMA has the power to turn the United States into a police state in time of a real crisis or a manufactured crisis. Lt. Col. North virtually established the apparatus for dictatorship. Only the criticism of the Attorney General prevented the plans from being adopted. But intelligence reports indicate that FEMA has a folder with 22 Executive Orders for the President to sign in case of an emergency. It is believed those Executive Orders contain the framework of North's concepts, delayed by criticism but never truly abandoned.
Here is the dialogue that was in Texe Marrs' film American Gulag that was captured in a video where a Texan Democrat tried to get Oliver North to talk about camps. (Not a flattering description of Oliver North in that #4 post by the way)
During the 1987 Iran-Contra hearings, the following exchange took place between Representative Jack Brooks of Texas, Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, and Brendan Sullivan, attorney for Colonel Oliver North, during North's testimony before Congress:

REPRESENTATIVE BROOKS: Colonel North, in your work at the NSC, were you not assigned, at one time, to work on plans for continuity of government in the event of a major disaster?

BRENDAN SULLIVAN: Mister Chairman?

SENATOR INOUYE: I believe that question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area so I request that you not touch on that.

REPRESENTATIVE BROOKS: I was particularly concerned, Mister Chairman, because I read in Miami papers, and several others, that there had been a plan developed by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of emergency, that would suspend the American constitution. And I was deeply concerned about it and wondered if that was the area in which he had worked. I believe that it was and I wanted to get his confirmation.

SENATOR INOUYE: May I most respectfully request that this matter not be touched upon at this stage. If we wish to get into this, I'm certain arrangements can be made for an executive session.

Brooks, a crusty, no-nonsense Democrat from Texas, had touched upon what may have been the most incredible, but least discussed, revelation of the entire Iran-Contra investigation: a planning exercise for the detention of large numbers of American citizens, similar to the internment of Japanese-American citizens in World War II. This was Readiness Exercise 1984, or "Rex84."
APFN: American Concentration Camps
Pentagon Source confirms Gunderson Boxcars and Shackles Report
Photos: Prisoner or War Camps
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