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Smile How Extraterrestrial Intelligence Regards Humanity

How Extraterrestrial Intelligence Regards Humanity

by Rudra Chakrin

ETI attitudes toward humanity are not very flattering. Humanity of the planet Earth is generally considered to be an inferior and unworthy species for a variety of reasons, which we are going to go into, but before we do that, you should be warned that you are probably going to find the truth of mankind and your own personal humanity rather upsetting and against your beliefs. Human beings cannot easily handle the truth about humanity because that is an integral part of the human condition. Ignorant pride cannot handle being told that it is an inferior individual with learning disabilities. If it could be shown the truth of ignorant pride and learning disability, it would no longer completely be in that state. This is particularly true of human beings who have risen to positions of relative intellectual superiority, professional expertise or political authority on the Earth, for a slight superiority here on Earth is still an inferiority elsewhere.

Of course there are cosmically adequate individuals within humanity on the Earth, sometimes called "Ultraterrestrials", but they are sociologically irrelevant, tend to remain hidden and disguised, and are statistically next-to-nothing as a social group because of their rarity.

So, who is this article for? It is for any human being who humbly and sincerely aspires to true learning in spite of the general state of humanity. Though this article may very well confront your present cosmogony, worldview or paradigm, your choice is whether to shift into a higher state of learning or to become resistant and upset. If you are going to be resistant, upset, and feel angry or threatened, then you should acknowledge that you are having a rough ride here and perhaps need to go elsewhere to other kinds of articles that are more resonant with your present level and type of knowledge and understanding about ETI. Also, you should not worry that lots and lots of people are going to take to my present views in neglect of yours, for most people are too stupid and silly to embrace my ideas and are more likely to adhere to yours, which are more their speed. You should also keep in mind that though I am your superior, which you will not wish to acknowledge, I do not feel superior anywhere in the Universe, but only on this, our planet Earth. And even this feeling here is more like a burden than a social pleasure. You would have to be in my position, in fact, to understand it, for I am a kind of Ultraterrestrial and you are not. And even this you cannot accept very much, even if you are not too far gone. It is too hard on your intellectual pride, questions your authority and devastates your present inadequate cosmogony. If you are not here to learn, how will you learn? Which explains why I avoid personal contacts with people who read my articles, for my students come to me through other means than responding to publicly produced articles. My articles are a public service, not an advertisement for selling things nor an attempt to organize a social movement that random persons could join and help to promote socially or politically. I do not care, for instance, who you will vote for in your nation-state elections because whoever you will vote for will be an ignorant, proud, silly and deceitful person whose private life is degenerate and unevolved. Collective trends of humanity and its criminally insane leaders will tend to be pretty much the same no matter which brand of criminally insane leader is put into office.

Now, for anyone capable of learning, here is a breakdown of five (5) critical zones of evaluation of humanity on the part of ETI in general, though emphasis changes somewhat from one ET race to the next, though all races (and they are uncountable zillions in the Universe) will tend to more or less agree with this general assessment.

1- Stupid Ignorance

ETI regards human beings as the most stupid and ignorant race on any planet that has written language and technology. Human beings are seen to be wholly lacking in Cosmic Knowledge, due to both the isolation-and-quarantine of Earth and the general tendency of human beings to reject genuine Cosmic Knowledge due to pride, prejudice and inability to learn. Earth Science is seen as crude, primitive and missing several important dimensions. Earth Theology is seen as a cluster of warring, pathetic fragments that lack coherence and full-blown mystical experience even among the best of mystics, who invariably labour under this or that cultural prejudice. Earth Philosophy is seen as virtually non-existent with a dreadful lack of genuine original thinkers.

ETI sees human beings as not just stupid, ignorant and incapable of learning, but almost wholly blocked by rigid belief and disbelief cognitive systems. Because of this, they see very few human beings asking the right questions or becoming receptive to superior sources of knowledge even when offered such knowledge or possible connection with the sources of it.

ETI, because of this deplorable cognitive state of humanity, find virtually all human beings of the planet Earth to be incredibly boring and pathetic. Intellectually and psychically, human beings are regarded as dull and undeveloped, lacking higher psychic functions, and hardly worthy of being called "human". Humanity is on average subhuman from the standpoint of ETI. When human beings from Earth are occasionally brought to other star-systems or taken on space voyages, they are treated more as pets or retarded imbeciles.

This also explains why there cannot be valid political negotiations of any socio-political group on Earth with any Extraterrestrial race or governing body of races on any scale of organization. Human beings are on too low a level of intelligence and lack psychic development. As an analogy, could you expect ranchers or farmers to politically negotiate with herds of cattle or flocks of sheep? Whatever "deals" the dominant bulls or rams might make with ranchers or farmers would only be plausible to herds of cattle or flocks of sheep, but would have nothing whatsoever to do with the real intentions of the ranchers or farmers. This is why, for instance, any "deals" made with ET's on the part of the secret American government (or any other Earth grouping, such as Bilderberger types, Illuminati or the like) are nothing but a pathetic farce from the standpoint of any ETI grouping, whatever their remit or motivation set.

2- Silly Egotism

ETI sees human beings and their leaders as false human beings easily given to pretending they are something they are not. Human beings are invariably self-enclosed, proud, vain, overestimating of their own importance, conceited, arrogant and ridiculous. They are not only stupid and boring, but almost always feel superior to one another, or look up with blind admiration to highly unworthy persons of religious, cultural or political authority. They will cast their vote for dull, uneducated and thoughtless movie-stars while feeling superior to their neighbours. They will criticize anyone who does not flatter or favour them, but cannot themselves hear constructive criticism.

ETI sees human beings as sadly out of touch with the truth of their human condition. ETI sees that human beings do not understand or acknowledge their own Souls or higher spiritual nature. ETI sees human beings as inauthentic people, as virtual herd animals dwelling each one in their self-styled fog of arrogant opinions inculcated into them by the leading political, business and religious leaders. Even the manipulating leaders are also seen as hypnotized fools carrying on with absurd beliefs they got from their predecessors.

Take a look at the various Star Trek episodes that portray humanity of Earth as the leading ethical intelligence of the Galaxy. They travel about the Galaxy as Lords-of-the-Galaxy sorting out all the supposedly defective and pathetic Extraterrestrial races. From the standpoint of ETI, these stories the American science fiction experts are telling are nothing but infantile aberrations of a deluded race of arrogant morons! A race of actually defective people from Earth travelling in space if and when the quarantine is lifted will tend more to be dreaded by ETI than warmly welcomed, even if ETI is in a compassionate mood. A group of sex-crazed morons waving pistols who tend to see Extraterrestrials as Alien Monsters are just not going to do well.

3- Biological Roboticism

ETI sees human beings of Earth as lacking genuine Free Will. Though human beings pride themselves on "thinking for themselves", "not belonging to cults", "making their own choices" and so on, it is hard to find an authentic human being who does real thinking, is free from prejudice and possessing an individual decision-system that acts with a freedom to act beyond mere habit, conditioning, routine or clinging to familiar things, people and ideas. Human beings are seen as something more like helpless robots running in programmed ruts than actual free spirits who can understand or do something unusual or "out of character" for them. Human beings, like herd animals, cling to conditioned norms and pseudo-moralities (like the "War on Terror") even when the norms and pseudo-moralities are destructive to their health and sanity. They tend to hate anyone who is "different", so various cultures, subcultures, nations, languages and peoples are all treated as virtual enemies. In fact, anyone who is "different" or "foreign" is even called "alien", as if they might as well be Extraterrestrials, who they also call Aliens. All over the globe of Earth, there are these divisions and conflicts of varying types of mechanical, conditioned habit-structure of body and mind.

4- Criminal Insanity

ETI sees human beings as mentally disturbed, usually suffering from unhappiness and negativity with tendencies toward violence or the support of violence and warfare of various Earth collectives against other collectives that are regarded as inferior or threatening. They also see pervasive dishonesty, tendency to cheat or steal, and general mistreatment of "loved ones" with harsh language or occasional blows or slaps of violence.

ETI sees very few of actually kind and loving people who will at least gently tolerate those who are "different". They see human beings as tending to be lazy, irresponsible, not doing the work they should be doing, often not doing the work right when they have agreed to do the work, and not willing to look at shared problems of the community or the world. ETI sees humanity as not sincerely wanting to solve or correct the destructive actions of humanity, which means that humanity is seen as generally self-destructive, suicidal and degenerate, both socially and personally.

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