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Old 07-28-2013, 02:46 PM
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Smile Shambhala Versus The New World Order

Shambhala Versus The New World Order

by Rudra Chakrin

Shambhala works with Divine and Cosmic Power; the New World Order works with undivine and Earthbound power. Shambhala is a focus of supracausal force of the Total Universe, the Dharmadhatu. The New World Order is a focus of collective karma, which is a temporary causal force of transitional crisis of outer physical stupid and ignorant humanity. Shambhala works with Cosmic Command, the harmonious Power of Free Will within divinely awakened beings of Cosmic Consciousness. The New World Order backroom manipulators and secular government leaders and politicians are nothing but foolish puppets of dark karmic channels, which are sometimes characterized as “fourth dimensional reptilians” of demonic blood-lust.

The horrible Evil of blackhearted lying, mass hypnotism and military abuse of power presently controlling the world is an ignorant karmic discharge on the planet Earth that cannot and will not endure. The cosmic support for the present gang of criminally insane secular manipulators and leaders is completely temporary and carefully monitored by benevolent Cosmic and Divine agencies. The New World Order will only be allowed to go to a certain critical threshold in carrying out their hideous plans with police state surveillance, deliberate mass plagues and so on. The old saying, “It is always darkest before the dawn”, applies here.

The Evil New World Order is just a passing shadow of the permanent Light of Basic Goodness of Shambhala. A shadow has no effective battle against light. The shadow is simply something that points at the light as an educational exercise for causal bodied souls to awaken Inner Truth in their intellect and consciousness. The passing episodes of random torture along with collective oppression from excess government have no enduring future on the Earth or in our Universe. The New World Order is filled with the seeds of their own destruction. Harmonious people of ethical and humane conscience or Soul can therefore learn to have faith in Cosmic and Divine Power and Presence in spite of all outer appearances to the contrary.

A Cosmic Divine intervention from beyond will emerge from outer and inner Space at some point and sort-out humanity and the Earth. This will not happen through more and more members “believing in it” as a kind of growing social movement on the Earth. All idealistic social movements and their leaders will in fact have to become psychologically shocked in the end about their almost total unimportance and irrelevance to the Divine, Cosmic Plan. When the Great Intervention comes, they will just have to learn to keep quiet, stay out of the way and not interfere by force of their silly-headed bullshit. They will want to feel vindicated in their ridiculous belief-systems, so they will be rather upset at times that Divine and Extraterrestrial beings do not give them importance, attention, honors or special favors. In deepest truth, they will be quite fortunate to simply survive and undergo extensive re-education to restore them to basic sanity. For instance, groups like American members of Chögyam Trungpa’s Shambhala Warriors Training Courses who have stupidly identified themselves with Tibetan Buddhism, will have to discover that real Shambhala Warriors are not emotionally identified with Tibetan Buddhism and its culture, rituals and practices as such.

Though I Am Myself a lens or node of Divine Cosmic Presence and Power during this transitional crisis of Earth, I am not here to create a fervent band of emotionally disturbed idiots in some Ashram in the manner of a Da Free John, Sai Baba or current pseudo-Kalki’s operating in India. The proof of My Being will only dawn on a few selected individuals in crucial situations that will need their recognition, attunement and effort for the good of all. The Real People alone will recognize Their natural leader. Physically They are a scattered Brotherhood; psychically, They are a telepathic network of genuine Cosmic and Divine understanding. They do not have to convince anybody of Their inner reality in Being-Consciousness-Bliss, just as I remain private, anonymous and unconvincing.

The salvation of the Earth will not come through any organized belief, social movement or popular Web forum. Those who build up their social self-importance in such collective entities or networks are superficial and useless to the real Divine and Cosmic Presence and Power. When the idealistic socializers want “miracles” to convince them about Me or other Real People, they are missing the point altogether. The truly necessary intervening Miracles will arrive at the right time with the greatest efficiency for the education of awakening souls throughout the Earth (and beyond, for that matter). Such unusual and uncanny Great Phenomena will not be there to fulfill the petty, vain and selfish requirements of this or that frustrated human personality. Such a personality would not recognize a real Miracle if it appeared on their plate at breakfast. The most promising Miracles are usually hidden by their immediate unlikelihood plus their irrelevance to the silly and selfish agenda of those who want to witness or receive Miracles. However, if in spite of hearing all this, you would still like a reassuring Miracle that tells you We really care, just go outside, hug a tree and ask it to whisper something to you. If you really listen, openly and deeply beyond all your usual big opinions, an incredible, miraculous message may enter your consciousness. Give it a whirl!

Whatever you understand or do not understand about the Cosmic, the Divine or the Miraculous, you can at least learn and understand that however many human beings of the Earth affirm all this or deny all this, emotionally enthuse over all this or skeptically disparage all this, has absolutely nothing to do with what is really going to happen.

It should be clear that merely getting angry and upset toward manifestations of obviously ugly and rotten Evil, does nothing more than reinforce feelings of disempowerment in the Heart, the seat of the causal ego, the empirical consciousness. Schemes for a causal “good” to be somehow organized to overcome “Evil” simply play into the hands of “Evil”. The real solution to the problem of causal Evil in Time and Space in any sphere is to rise into a supracausal perspective that is relatively Timeless and Spaceless. A supracausal Self is not a worried, helpless and angry little causal brain-intellect of frustrated altruistic ego. The problem of Evil cannot be solved on its own causal, time-bound and local cosmic level. The genuine and natural all-corrective Good or God is found in a shift from causal consciousness into Supracausal Awareness. It is only by “rising above it all” that We bring to bear a Divine and Cosmic Light and Force on to the material plane of Earth and her humanity. There is a wonderful little anecdote about this from the Jewish tradition of Hasidism:

“Once they told Rabbi Pinhas of the great misery among the needy. He listened, sunk in grief. Then he raised his head. ‘Let us draw God into the world’, he cried, ‘and all need will be stilled’.

Martin Buber comments on this by pointing out, “God wants to come to His world, but He wants to come to it through man. This is the mystery of our existence, the superhuman chance of mankind.”

Sri Aurobindo elaborated on all this at length by adumbrating a Supramental Descent and transformation of the world through a dramatic new step to be taken by Self-realized people of Divine Oneness and Cosmic Consciousness. Indeed, it is just such beings who are the Real People and genuine Shambhala Warriors present to defeat and destroy the New World Order and similar organizations of Dark Evil on and within the Earth and its near surrounding space, such as the Moon and Mars.

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